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Chapter 25: Little Stone Was a Stepping Stone

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It did not matter if Deng Yufei enjoyed greater success for now. It would hurt more if she fell from a greater height, right

Shi Jin smiled. “Shall I send it to you now”

“Nope. Why dont you print a copy for me tonight Also, I can take the opportunity to help you ask Chu Ling out,” said Deng Yufei hurriedly.

No matter how Shi Jin sent Deng Yufei the music, it would leave evidence behind that might prove detrimental to Deng Yufei in the future, so she always insisted on Shi Jin giving hard copies.

“Okay,” agreed Shi Jin.

Deng Yufei felt delighted inside when she saw Shi Jins eagerness to see Chu Ling.

Shi Jin would keep writing songs for her and become her stepping stone as long as she could bait her with Chu Ling.

Little Stone was the perfect name. Was she not asking to get stepped on by Deng Yufei


At night, at the well-concealed backstage of the program.

Chu Ling was here early.

Deng Yufei had told him that Shi Jin was coming over to apologize for shaming him by performing “Get Lost”.

Chu Lings fans were all angry with Little Stone and scolding her nonstop. Chu Lings competition picked up on this and kept mocking him, so Chu Ling felt embarrassed.

Chu Ling made time from his busy schedule when he learned that Shi Jin wanted to apologize to him. Even though he had completely broken up with Shi Jin, he could not allow her to trample on his dignity.

His agent had already set up a hidden camera to record Shi Jins apology. After they had the recording, they would pose as paparazzi and spill it online to prove that Shi Jin was still Chu Lings diehard fan.

It certainly did not dawn on Chu Ling that Shi Jin would truly sever ties with him.

Ever since Shi Xuexin had returned to the Shi family and gradually won Chu Lings heart, Shi Jin never stopped at doing her utmost to win him back.


Shi Jin was at the Repulse Bay Villa, drinking juice while enjoying the air conditioning and waiting for Fu Xiuyuan to come home.

Fu Xiuyuans tall silhouette finally appeared in the villa.

His tall form was dressed in a custom-made suit that fitted his perfect lines flawlessly to accentuate his broad shoulders, thin waist, and straight long legs.

The fabric on his legs would tighten slightly to show off the strong muscles under it when he walked.

Song Fan followed closely behind him.

After entering the door, Fu Xiuyuans body stiffened, and he instantly halted when he caught sight of the couch.

Shi Jin was dressed in comfy homewear sitting on the couch barefooted with her slippers off as she hugged a pillow. She was smiling with satisfaction after having some delicious juice.

The motion from her long legs and her cute pink toes left Fu Xiuyuans heart racing and sent ripples through his mind.

Although there was no expression on his face and his eyes were filled with restraint, his breathing had quickened.

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He turned to walk out.

Song Fan was stunned as he followed behind Fu Xiuyuan.

Shi Jin saw Fu Xiuyuan as well. However, he left without coming over. The juice nearly slipped from her hand. What was going on

Fu Xiuyuan inhaled deeply at the door before he turned to enter.

Just as Song Fan was about to follow behind him, he stopped Song Fang. “You may go.”

“Mr Fu, didnt you say you had work to do”

Fu Xiuyuan: [The only thing I want to do is Jin.]


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