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Chapter 23: Do I Have A Choice

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“I got 3!” Thank god!

“I got 3 too. Lets team up!”

“Haha! I got 1. Who else drew the same lot”

Everyone felt fortunate not to get the same number as Shi Jin. All of them sounded relieved and the atmosphere seemed good on screen.

“Little Flag, what number did you get” asked someone softly.

Shen Qi closed her eyes as she opened her lot. The instant she saw that it was 2 from the corner of her eye, she looked disappointed.

She had strong self-restraint and did not ridicule Shi Jin, but she remained upset in her heart. However, she could not force Shi Jin to pick another team with the camera rolling.

She was in a dilemma.

“Little Flag, shall we team up” asked Hua Xin. The guy was relieved that he drew number four. However, his joy did not last long when he realized that his team member was equally bad as Shi Jin. Hence, he promptly refused to team up with the contestant with the same lot.

Hua Xin was a pretty good singer with consistently strong results, so he was far more popular than Shi Jin and the contestant he had to team up with.

Shen Qi said, “Its up to Little Stone.”

Hua Xin glanced at Shi Jin. “What say you”

“I dont mind.” Shi Jin seemed nonchalant and left them to team up.

Shen Qi was clearly relieved and quickly walked away with Hua Xin. She seemed worried that Shi Jin might change her mind.

Everyone else had formed teams, so only Shi Jin and another girl were left.

Her name was Gu Qinghua. Since she had drawn number four, she was supposed to team up with Hua Xin. However, Hua Xin was insistent, so Gu Qinghua was forsaken.

Gu Qinghua was very good at songwriting and only that. She got nervous whenever she went onstage.

It was understandable that Hua Xin did not want to work with her.

Shi Jin was aware that Gu Qinghua was not an incompetent singer. Instead, her vocals were so good that they were recording quality.

She simply got anxious the moment she went on stage and had to face the audience.

Yu Guannan was powerless about her problem and had allowed her to perform whatever she could and kept his fingers crossed.

If masks were not used to shield her from the audiences eyes, she probably would not have even made it past the top thirty. Hence, Gu Qinghua was unconfident in nature. Despite her talent, she was too shy and introverted to speak.

In her previous life, she only ranked slightly better than Shi Jin. She ended up cultivating a career backstage and struggled for ages before she became a renowned producer and songwriter.

Gu Qinghua did not give up on her even in Shi Jins worst moments in life. Although they barely knew each other through this competition, she even wrote a song for Shi Jin.

It was not just a song that Shi Jin needed at that time. Instead, she was on her last legs. She merely managed to survive a little longer after Gu Qinghua gave her the song. However, Shi Jin felt forever indebted to her.

She touched her mask before she walked over to Gu Qinghua and reached her hand out to say, “It seems we have to work together.”

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“A-arent you worried that I would pull your results down” stammered Gu Qinghua a little when she raised her head to look at Shi Jin.

“Do I have a choice” Shi Jin smiled.

Even though Shi Jin sounded powerless, Gu Qinghua knew that Shi Jin was trying to save her from embarrassment.


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