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Chapter 21: She Wasnt Mentally Prepared

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Shi Jin sneered at Song Fan, “Hear that Serves you right for blabbering nonsense.”

Song Fan went speechless, “…”

Life was hard sighed the assistant.

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at Song Fan, who straightened his back promptly. “I wont ever say such things again. The two of you are a perfect couple… Even the way you threw things at the TV was exactly the same. Youre meant for each other!”

Fu Xiuyuans expression gradually became gentle. He did not know how to coax Shi Jin, so he hugged her. His actions seemed a little stiff and he seemed worried to hurt her or afraid that she might attempt to run.

Shi Jin reached her head out to look at Song Fan. “Thats more like it!”

“Im so sorry.” Song Fan swallowed his pride.

Fu Xiuyuan stared at him sternly. “You are going to Africa…”

Song Fans face paled. He did not want to go to Africa! Shi Jin really got him in trouble now!

Shi Jin hurriedly interrupted Fu Xiuyuan, “Xiuyuan, why dont you just punish him to make me three cups of juice since he looks sorry as it is”

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Before Fu Xiuyuan looked over, Song Fan hurriedly said, “Im right on it! Be right back!”

Shi Jin glanced at the chaos on the ground and said softly, “Xiuyuan, what do we do about this”

In hindsight, she sensed a heartache. Even though it did not cross her mind when she was smashing the stuff, it finally dawned on her that these things were worth an astronomical sum. She seemed to have smashed tens of millions worth of antiques. It pricked her heart.

“Its fine. If you like the throw things, theres more,” said Fu Xiuyuan without even breaking a frown.

“No thanks. It breaks my heart to smash them.”

The moment Fu Xiuyuan held her hand, Shi Jin held it back. His dark eyes seemed calm and bright.

Shi Jin had to admit how pleased she was with the outcome. The act was certainly worth it. Otherwise, it would be impossible to appease this angry lion.

It would not have occurred to him how much Shi Jin cared about it.

It was too bad that Song Fan had to take the fall.

Song Fan quickly came back with fruit juice. Shi Jin passed him a glass. “I cant drink that much. Why dont you drink this glass”

She spoke quickly in a hushed tone when Song Fan took the juice, “Im really sorry. Allow me to offer you this juice as an apology. Dont worry. I will never let you get posted to Africa as long as I am around.”

Song Fan was stunned. He instantly felt emotional when he looked at Shi Jin once more. Was his career going to meet with advancement

Shi Jin took the juice and went upstairs with Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan lowered his head when they got upstairs to see blood oozing from the back of her foot.

He looked angry and swiftly bent to carry her.

“Hey, Xiuyuan…” Shi Jin held his shoulder nervously.

Was this it Was this the start of their marital life She was not mentally prepared yet! They still had to work on their relationship!

She went limp and finally felt secure when she sensed the firm bed beneath her. Fu Xiuyuan grabbed her foot and wiped the blood off with cotton buds.

Shi Jin then realized that she was injured.

Shi Jin rubbed her face. She was honestly overthinking it. Fortunately, it was just a minor abrasion.

Shi Jin exclaimed softly as he cleaned it with alcohol. “Ow.”

It seemed as though a storm was brewing in Fu Xiuyuans eyes so Shi Jin said softly, “I wont ever smash things again. Its fine to break stuff, but if I get hurt, both of us will be in pain.”

Fu Xiuyuan was holding a band aid but his hands paused.


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