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Chapter 20: If She Said You Did, Then You Did

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“M-miss Shi! Calm down!” Despite everything Song Fan had encountered in his life, he was so shocked that his voice trembled.

What on earth was going on Why did she suddenly revert to her old ways She didnt use to throw things when she was angry in the past!

However, Shi Jin completely disregarded him and threw another Song dynasty glaze vase at the television set!

Song Fan was stunned and deeply regretted! He should not have told Shi Jin about Fu Xiuyuan smashing the television set in their room! If Fu Xiuyuan asked about it, that would be the end of his career.

After Shi Jin was tired of throwing things, she finally spotted Fu Xiuyuans long slender legs standing at the top of the stairs.

She reached her hand out and grabbed Song Fan by the sleeve with her eyes red, and a large tear instantly gathered in her eye.

Song Fan felt indignant. “What do you mean I swear I didnt do anything to you!”

Shi Jin sadly choked as she shook Song Fans neck powerlessly, “Who said I wroteGet Lost for Fu Xiuyuan Why would I sing that to my hubby Why did you tell him that Boohoo… I clearly wrote it to sever ties with Chu Ling. Why wont you believe me Even Chu Lings fans knew I was writing about him!”

Song Fan wanted to help support her since she was so emotional that she could not stand straight. However, he did not dare touch Shi Jin, so he left her swaying. He swore he never uttered anything to that effect before!

“Miss Shi… are you mistaken I didnt…”

“Why did you say that Boohoo… Chu Lings fans curse me, and even you misunderstand me. I…” Tears trickled down Shi Jins face.

Tears trickled down her big bright eyes like pearls and made her look absolutely pitiful.

Fu Xiuyuan strode towards Shi Jin. He strode over with a dignified aura as Shi Jin cried.

Shi Jin let go of Song Fan, lunged into Fu Xiuyuans arms, and choked without saying a word.

Song Fan was at a loss. He hurriedly explained, “Mr Fu, I never once said the song was about you. Miss Shi has misunderstood. I said nothing about the song since she got back…”

“If she said you did, then you did.” Fu Xiuyuan lowered his eyes slightly. He let go of his tightly clenched fists and placed them on Shi Jins waist.

Song Fan could tell that Fu Xiuyuan was being overprotective. He knew it was useless to say anything now, so he shut up.

What had he done

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Shi Jin raised her head and looked at Fu Xiuyuan teary-eyed. “No one believes me, but you do, dont you”

From the moment she lunged over, Fu Xiuyuan had lost all temper. Although she was being unreasonable, he remained patient. “I believe you.”

“Who do you think I was singing the song for” Shi Jins eyes misted over with tears brimming in her eyes. Fu Xiuyuans heart trembled at the sight. He narrowed his eyes to conceal his guilt. He should not have misunderstood Shi Jin.

“Is that what you think of me too” Shi Jin pouted and was about to cry.

“Chu Ling. You sang it for Chu Ling.” For the first time, Fu Xiuyuan was not disgusted by his love rivals name.

Now that he had said these words, the doubts in his heart disappeared completely.

This was the effect she wanted. Nothing was more trustworthy than realizing it on his own and saying the truth out loud.

Shi Jin: [(hands on her waist) She was a genius!]


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