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Young Master Fus Incredible Real Heiress Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Burns Her Identification Card

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Moments later a servant shouted anxiously, “Fire! Theres a fire!”

Everyone in Repulse Bay Villa came over.

Chaotic footsteps could be heard.

Fu Xiuyuan heard the commotion as well while he was on his way to his room. He walked over looking cold and annoyed.

His assistant, Song Fan, replied softly, “Mr Fu, its nothing. We have already put out the fire.”

Fu Xiuyuans eyes turned dim as he thought about the fire.

Before Song Fan said a word, the servant shouted, “Miss Shi burned her ID and documents!”

A chill went down Song Fans spine as he watched Fu Xiuyuan walk over to the fire.

“Oh no.” He said in his heart before heading over as well.

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Deng Yufei knelt in front of some ash. The still burning documents in her hands were so badly burnt that they were unidentifiable. She choked as she spoke, “Im sorry for not keeping an eye on Shi Jin. She had already started burning it when I discovered what she did.”

She looked at Fu Xiuyuan guiltily with tears running down her face.

“Im sorry. I didnt think Shi Jin would do this so that you couldnt marry her…”

Fu Xiuyuan looked even more furious as veins popped up on his face.

A cold silence filled the atmosphere engulfing the place like a blaze and felt like it was going to kill everyone present.

Not a peep could be heard, and no one dared to make eye contact with Fu Xiuyuan.

Only Deng Yufei kept looking at him bravely as she waited for him to be completely disappointed with Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin were supposed to register their marriage today. By law, the minimum age for consent to marriage was 18 years in Country S.

Fu Xiuyuan was waiting to marry Shi Jin on the day she made it into university.

However, Shi Jin entered the entertainment industry for the sake of her fiancé, ignored her studies, and kept getting retained at school. By now, she was already 20 years old but still a high school sophomore.

He finally gave up waiting and brought her home and decided to get married today. However, Shi Jin ended up setting her identification card and documents on fire!

“Xiuyuan…” Deng Yufei stammered as she spoke. “Its very easy to get replacements. I will talk to Shi Jin and tell her to get it done asap.”

She deliberately held her hand up so that he could see the injuries on her palms. Since Shi Jin was such a disappointment, Fu Xiuyuan was bound to turn his eyes to her.

“What are you talking about” A lovely silhouette appeared on the stairs and walked down slowly.

It was Shi Jin. She had taken a shower and changed into a soft blue, long cotton dress and looked slim and lovely. There was a mask on her face, so only her calm, beautiful eyes were visible.

She was holding a purse and looked like she was on her way out.

Was she going out right after she burned her identification card

Song Fan moaned in his heart and broke out in cold sweat when he detected how furious his boss was.

Instead, Deng Yufei was delighted. Shi Jin was indeed foolish. Despite how mad Fu Xiuyuan was, Shi Jin kept making it worse!

Was she all dressed up to see her fiancé

Deng Yufei would be doing herself injustice if she did not jump on the opportunity.

“Shi Jin, are you going out to see Chu Ling Please dont go. Xiuyuan is truly in love with you!” said Deng Yufei before she waited for Shi Jin to blow up.


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