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Chapter 16: Could Not Be Bothered

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No one would be envious of a bad student.

Deng Yufei moved closer to Shi Jin and tried to eavesdrop. She wanted to know what lyrics Shi Jin would use. Sadly, she did not catch any details even after listening to them for some time.

Later that night, the contestants would stay to hone their skills. Only Shi Jin was leaving. Since she had just gained Fu Xiuyuans trust, she did not want to lose it.

It was only natural that some of the contestants rolled their eyes sky-high at the news.

Shi Jin strode out nonchalantly. In comparison to what she experienced in her past life, the contempt was chicken feed.

Deng Yufei hurried over and held her arm, “Jin, have you finished writing your lyrics Do you want me to go over it for you”

“Its all set.” Shi Jin handed her a copy. “I have to head back to practice and so do you. So go back.”

The moment Shi Jin left, Deng Yufei hurriedly looked at the lyrics.

It was a moving love song that spoke of boundless love and sadness. The part about standing in the darkness waiting for the comet to strike felt exceptionally touching.

She must have written it for Chu Lings ears. Hence, Deng Yufei was in no hurry to send it to Fu Xiuyuan or release it online.

Since they were lyrics, their power could only be truly sensed when the song was performed live.


Three days passed in peace for Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan. However, Song Fan and the butler felt that this was just the peace before the storm. The event that would finally light the fire would be the first live telecast of “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter”.

Shi Jin had already used all kinds of ways to get Chu Lings attention and express her admiration during the show.

This helped to put the show on the map and make Chu Ling even more popular. Hence, Shi Jin certainly would not pass up the opportunity to do this on the first live telecast.

Song Fan and the butler were terribly worried. The closer it got to the live telecast, the more anxious they became. Fu Xiuyuans fury also kept intensifying as time progressed.

A battle was on the brink of breaking out.

Shi Jin was keenly aware that Fu Xiuyuan was waiting to see her live performance. Her live performance would determine his attitude towards her from now on and how close they would end up.


The social media account that the film crew had created for Little Stone was filled with anti-fans.

Chu Lings fans kept cursing Shi Jin and called her a stubborn stone from the latrine pit.

Even Yao Jiahong was incapable of stopping them and could not do anything about it. Even if he could, he could not be bothered.


The first live telecast of “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter” finally aired.

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All 30 contestants would go onstage one after another to perform their original work and wait for the audience to vote for them.

Then based on the outcome of their votes, they could rise through the ranks and appear on the next episode.

Shi Jin always had an average performance and so was always on the borderline.

On the other hand, Deng Yufei had great singing technique, so she always came in second and was rather popular. She always showed restraint when she interacted with Chu Ling and called him “Mr Chu”, so his fans liked her a lot.

Shi Jins legion of anti-fans were raring to go. The moment Shi Jin tried to seduce Chu Ling on stage, they would vote for some other contestant like Deng Yufei so that Shi Jin would fall to rock bottom.


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