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Chapter 10: A Love Letter

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Shi Jin stepped forward and gave out all four copies of her work to the instructors.

The other three instructors were stunned. In the past, Little Stone always submitted her work to Chu Ling and picked his team. Whenever the other instructors showed interest in Shi Jin, she disregarded it.

It was clear to everyone that she was Chu Lings fan, so the three other instructors had lost hope in her a long time ago.

Chu Lings fans even aptly called her a desperate dog.

However, she surprisingly prepared four sets of manuscripts this time.

After Shi Jin handed in her work, she stood by the side calmly.

Deng Yufei merely thought that she was trying to hoodwink the public by giving all the instructors her song.

She was certain that Shi Jin had given Chu Ling a love letter and patronized the rest of the instructors by giving them some random song.

She hurriedly took a picture, sent it straight to Fu Xiuyuan, and told him about Shi Jins love letter.


Fu Xiuyuans eyes felt chilly as he sat outside the filming studio.

Despite how spacious the car was, it felt so claustrophobic due to Fu Xiuyuans low spirits that Song Fan had trouble breathing.

Song Fan felt that Shi Jin was really asking for trouble when he watched the show on Fu Xiuyuans phone.

She claimed that she was just going for filming, but look what happened

Did she not end up throwing herself at Chu Ling Was the marriage license just decoration to her

Fu Xiuyuan almost warped the phone as he held it in his hand.


Meanwhile, on set.

The four instructors looked surprised when they saw Shi Jins work.

After discussing her work softly, two of the instructors pressed the light.

However, it was accompanied by a cross and two sharp beeps, and they did not choose Shi Jin.

It was as the crowd expected.

All the contestants remained quiet.

Chu Ling pressed the bell, and a green light lit up to indicate he had passed her!

Shi Jin was able to stay on the show as Chu Ling had given Shi Jin the green light a few times. Since she occasionally performed well, no one had a problem with it.

The crowd was disapproving and felt that he was trying to be nice because Shi Jin was his fan.

From the looks of it, Shi Jin could stay on in the show.

At this moment, the other instructor, Yu Guannan, pressed the light as well. A tick with a green light appeared.

Although Yu Guannan was not a singer, he hailed from a family with a lot of history in music. He graduated from top schools and had a refined and intelligent aura. Even though he was not commercially successful, he was highly professional.

His green light was an acknowledgment of Shi Jins ability.

According to the programs rules, all four teachers could choose a participant, but it was up to the contestant to pick the instructor they wanted.

Now that Chu Ling and Yu Guannan both approved Shi Jin, it meant that she had to choose between the two.

“Im sure she will pick Chu Ling without hesitation.”

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“Im absolutely sure.”

The crowd gossiped softly. Even the film crew was certain of it.

“Little Stone, the choice is in your hands, and I hope you will make the right one,” said Yu Guannan warmly.

After he saw Shi Jins manuscript, he was awed by her talent!

Even though he was a songwriter, only the work he did at the prime of his life could compare with the one that Shi Jin had submitted.

Chu Ling smiled and looked gorgeous. “Dont do anything you will regret.”

“I choose…” Shi Jin did not finish her sentence. Instead, she walked up to the instructors seats.


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