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Young Master Fus Incredible Real Heiress Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Reborn in His Embrace

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Pain ripped through Shi Jins body and mind causing her to hastily open her big eyes in confusion to see a mans gorgeous face in close up. The flickering light made his face look cold, violent, and decisive.

It was Fu Xiuyuan! How could it be Fu Xiuyuan Did he not already die when he tried to save her

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Shi Jin only realized how badly her fiancé and friend hurt her at the moment of her death. She finally woke up to the fact that the only person who truly loved her was Fu Xiuyuan, whom she kept running from.

She could not help running her hand over his arms. The sensation stabbed her in her heart and made her regain consciousness.

The familiar sights flashed through her mind with intense clarity.

She was not dreaming. He was still alive! She was still alive!

Was she reborn Was she reborn on the night that he tried to touch her It was also the fateful night when she broke up with him!

Tears trickled down Shi Jins cheeks as she hugged Fu Xiuyuan tightly.

Now that god had given her the chance to be reborn, she was not going to be a fool this time!

Her warm tears fell on Fu Xiuyuan. His dark eyes instantly looked somewhat annoyed.

“Would it really kill you to be with me”

Cold words echoed by Shi Jins ears in the chilly wind.

“No, its not that…” Shi Jin stammered tearfully.

She was reveling in joy after she got reborn, but all Fu Xiuyuan heard was rejection!

She rejected him again! She had refused him countless times! He kissed her cheek hard, gritted his teeth, stood up without looking at Shi Jin again, and left. Loneliness hovered over his cold, proud silhouette.

“Fu Xiuyuan!” Shi Jin reached her hand out. However, the utterly disappointed man strode out without turning back.

A smile appeared on Shi Jins tear-stained face. It was fine now that she was back. She had plenty of time to let Fu Xiuyuan know how much she loved him!

“Shi Jin, are you okay How could Fu Xiuyuan do this to you” Deng Yufei opened the door, walked in quickly, and looked at Shi Jin worriedly. Jealousy and resentment rose in her eyes when she saw the messy bed sheets and the love bites on Shi Jins neck.

Deng Yufei was Shi Jins best friend in her past life.

Deng Yufei stood by Shi Jins side to support her when the truth came to light that she was not biologically related to the Shi family. The Shi family wanted to drive her away and forced her to break off her engagement with her fiancé, so Deng Yufei kept helping her to win her fiancés heart.

However, in reality, she was using Shi Jin to get close to Fu Xiuyuan in an attempt to become his wife.

Shi Jin smiled at the thought. Was she still an innocent little white rabbit

No, the innocent little white rabbit was long dead! All that remained before Deng Yufei was a cunning fox out for revenge.

“Shi Jin, Fu Xiuyuan is too much! How could he keep disregarding your wishes and forcing you He is even forcing you to marry him today! Give me your ID and documents for safekeeping. If you really become his lawful wife, you will have a hard time divorcing him!”

Shi Jin nodded. She took an envelope and handed it to Deng Yufei as she said, “Im counting on you!”

Deng Yufei felt smug when she got her hands on the envelope and said, “Dont worry. Just leave it to me!”


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