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You Are My One! The Car Ride

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Fast forward, to the weekend being over before Chenxi realized it. She spend the whole night yesterday working on that English project.

"Good Morning!" Ren Siyuan walks into the class and sat down next to Chenxi.

"Morning," Chenxi said in her tired voice.

"Stayed up all night yesterday again?" he said and takes out a cup of hot soy milk for her.

When Chenxi sees the drink, she quickly takes it and warms up her hand.

"Omg, you

e my life savior!" Chenxi said and then takes a small sip.

Ren Siyuan smiles and takes out his also.

"How do you even have time to get breakfast? I can even wake up early to not be late for class," Chenxi said and then takes a steam bun from him also.

"You could also. If you start your homework early," he said and didn forget to roast her.

Chenxi glares at him but then went back to eating. "I don think thatll ever happen."

"After class, do you want to go to the dealership with me? Ive been eyeing this motorcycle for so long and I think its about time," Chenxi said with her eyes full of glow as she thinks about her dream motorcycle.

"Ill think about it. I promised to call Fang Er later and if I don , you know what will happen."

Chenxi rolls her eyes, "how could I forget? Don worry, Ill find someone to go with me." She pats him on the shoulder and drinks her soymilk.

All three of them, her, Ren Siyuan, and Fang Er are childhood friends. And just last year, Ren Siyuan and Fang Er finally admitted their feelings to each other before Fang Er went to exchange in Japan.

"I don get how you guys could talk 24/7. And shes going to be back next week anyway," Chenxi said as she doesn understand them.

"When you start dating, youll be like this too."

Soon, all of Chenxis classes finished. She quickly packs her bag before the dealership closes.

Chenxi tries to speedwalk before she misses the last bus or else shell have to wait for another twenty minutes.

"Excuse me… Excuse me," she said as she tries to get through the crowd.

Because she was in a rush, Chenxi didn notice where she was walking too and bumped into a tall figure.

She hisses from the pain in her forehead and looks up.

Its Song Lanxi.

"Im sorry Professor." And then she notice the bus already at the stop and without saying anything further, she ran.

Song Lanxi watches her run for the bus and shakes his head with a smile. As he was about to walk, he noticed her card holder on the floor.

Inside has her ID and bus card. And the next moment, he saw her getting off the bus.

Chenxi realized that her cardholder wasn inside her jacket pocket. And started to panic. But didn want to hold up everyone inside the bus so got off. She stood there as she rummage through her bag but couldn find it.

She checks the time on her phone and its already 4 pm. The dealership closes at 5 and if she doesn get there on time, she won be able to get the motorcycle.

"Looking for this?" Song Lanxi holds it out to her and saw that she was on the verge of crying.

Chenxis eyes were about to tear up when she saw someone holding out her cardholder.

"Yes! Thank You," she said with gratefulness and realized it was Song Lanxi again.

She quickly wipes her eyes and looks back up at Song Lanxi.

"Why are you in a rush? Did something happen?" he asks her.

Chenxi looks at her with an unbelievable look. Chenxi never heard him talking to anyone like that.

"Whats wrong?" Song Lanxi asks her as he saw her not talking.

Chenxi shakes her head. "Its nothing. Im going to go home now. Thanks again," she said and then starts walking home.

As she walks home, she takes out her phone and calls the dealership. The motorcycle that she has been eyeing seems to be very popular and unique. But now shes going to lose the spot.

Chenxi walked so slow that a car beeps at her.

She jumps a little and looks up. A black jeep drives up to her and rolls down the window.

"Get in," Song Lanxi said.

Chenxi looks at him dumbfounded. Is this even the Song Lanxi she knows? But the next second it shattered her fantasies.

"Don think Ill open the door for you," he said in his stern voice.

Now, this is the Song Lanxi that she knows. She didn know what gives her the gut to get on, but now she doesn know what to say.

"Where do you need to go?" he asks her.

"Huh?" Chenxi looks at him confusingly. But then said home.

"Are you sure? Last chance?" he said and gives her a stare before focusing back on the road ahead.

Chenxi swallows and nervously looks at him. It seems like he could see right through her or something.

"I need to go to the dealership." She finally said and looks at him. But Song Lanxis eyes are still focused on the road. When she thought he would say something or even ask why would she wants to go to the dealership, he didn .

In less than 20 minutes, they arrived outside the dealership. Chenxi quickly said thank you and runs out of the car.

At that moment, the boss of the dealership was selling the motorcycle to another customer. Chenxi quickly stops their conversation.

"BOSS! Hold up!" she yells out to him.

The dealerships boss saw her and didn seem to be happy. "We made an appointment at 4:30 and now it has passed." He said to her.

Chenxi checks the time and its 4:32.

"Its only been 2 minutes. Just sell it to me. Please?" she asks with a pleading face.

"If you do then Ill give you my uncles autograph and one of his biking shirts. The one that youve been wanting for so long?" Chenxi even brought up her uncle just to get the motorcycle.

Le Ze who was at home drinking his tea suddenly sneezes.

Song Lanxi who stood by his car looks at Chenxi who was talking to the dealership boss. He has never seen her this motivated before and finds her interesting.

The bosss eyes sparkles when he heard that hell get Le Zes autograph and one of his specialty t-shirts. Le Ze has never given autographs to his fans before. He would be first if he agrees to this deal with Chenxi.

Chenxi looks at him for an answer. Even though she doesn have any hope, bringing up her uncle should increase the chances of changing his mind.

At this time, Le Ze sneezes again and Gao Ting walks out of the kitchen. "Are you sick?" she asks him and brings out some warm water for him.

"I don think I am," Le Ze said as he blows his nose.

"Deal!" the boss said.

"YES!" Chenxi said happily.

The customer angrily walks away and left with Chenxi taking out her card. This was her savings just for this.

In just 10 minutes, they finished all the paperwork.

"Are you driving this back or do you want me to deliver it to your house?" he asks Chenxi.

Chenxi didn bring her helmet so she can drive it. But if she brings it back home, her parents will know. Even though her parents allow her to drive, her dad is very protective. And never allowed her to get her own. The one shes been driving is one of her uncles.

She got too excited that she hadn thought about where to put it. As Chenxi scratches her head, she saw Song Lanxi. An idea then pops up in her head.

"Professor Song, can we make a deal?" she asks in her nicest voice along with a smile.

Song Lanxi looks at her and knew this is not something good.

"Let me hear what you have to say."

"Can I put my motorcycle at your place for now? I haven told my parents yet and if I just bring this home, my dad would return it. Once I find a time to tell them, can I just place it at your place for the moment?" She said and gave him her best-begging face.

He pushes his glasses up and looks at her. "What do I get out of this?" he said with a cold voice.

Chenxi thought for a sec, "What do you want? Ahh, do you like to listen to Jackson Wangs music? I just got two tickets to his concert. I was planning to go with a friend, if you don mind, we can go together?"

Song Lanxi looks at her. Chenxi looks at him expectantly.

"Just a concert?" he asks her.

Chenxi looks at him with shock. She almost spends her whole pocket money on the tickets. And he just asks if thats it. She calms herself down, "what do you want then?"

"I haven thought about it yet. Going to save it first and when I know, Ill tell you."

Hes such a scheming little devil, Chenxi looks at him and said inside her head.

"Theres something wrong?" he asks her.

Chenxi quickly shakes her head.

After getting his address and told the boss to ship to Song Lanxis house.

"Don forget about the autograph and t-shirt!" he calls out to Chenxi.

Back in the car, Chenxi forgot about the deal that she did with Song Lanxi. All she can think of is her new bike.

"Can I come over tomorrow?" She asks him. "To ride the motorcycle. Youll be home right?"

Song Lanxi nods.

Chenxi said yes under her breath.

"But before that, you have to finish all your homework."

Chenxi gives him a side stare, "don you worry. I will make sure Ill finish it." Now she has no mood to talk to him anymore.

Song Lanxi gives her a glance as he realized that she wasn talking. And saw how unhappy she was. He slightly smirks.

Song Lanxi didn know understand what got into him. He was supposed to have a meeting with one of the professors, but after seeing Chenxi, he canceled the meeting and drove her to buy her motorcycle.

He must be going crazy, he thought to himself.

After Lanxi dropped her off at home. Chenxi went to her uncles house first.

"Chenxi? Is there something you need?" Le Ze asks her.

Chenxi saw how her uncle wearing a jacket at home. "Its this cold inside?" she asks her uncle confusingly.

"Your uncle has been sneezing so, I made him wear a jacket. You know how he gets sick easily," her aunt said.

Chenxi nods and quickly walks up to him.

"Uncle, can I get your autograph and one of your champion t-shirts?" she said in her lowest voice possible.

"Why do you need it?" he asks her.

Chenxi told him everything and now Le Ze understands everything.

His niece sold him out. He wasn sneezing because he was getting a cold.

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