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Unfortunately, they had to accept the truth.

On the other side, inside the palace of the Lord at the back mountain, the Asura Hall Lords heart suddenly jumped.

He had reached the half-step Nascent Soul Realm, but he felt as if his heart was going to break.

Then, blood flowed out of the seven orifices, and he vomited a mouthful of Blood Essence from his heart.

The Asura Hall Lord, realizing that something was wrong, widened his bloodshot eyes and gnashed his teeth in anger.

“Who messed with the foundation of Asura Hall”

“Who dares mess with our foundation”

The Asura Hall Lord roared in anger as ripples of sound waves shook the surrounding palaces.

He quickly took out several heavenly treasures and a bottle of spiritual herb with a rich fragrance from his storage ring and stuffed them into his mouth.

The thrumming medicinal power nourished his meridians.

Not long after, the Asura Hall Lord had almost fully recovered.

He immediately rushed out of his underground cultivation room where he was in seclusion.

He hovered above the sect and glanced around with a fierce gaze.

“Who is it who dares to mess with my Asura Hall Come out and face your death!”

His booming voice was like a clap of thunder that spread throughout the Asura Hall.

“The Lord has come out! The Lord has come out!”


“Haha, the Lord has come out! The Asura Hall will be at peace! We will be saved!”

The Asura Hall cultivators threw their heads back and laughed.

However, Lin Qiyes afterimage hit the Asura Hall Lords back before their laughter faded.

A thin saber light flashed and disappeared.

The Asura Hall Lords head was instantly sent flying several meters by the boiling blood from his neck.

“Youre looking for me, right Asura Hall Lord.

“Unfortunately… Youre too weak!”

Lin Qiye clicked his tongue and shook his head.

He swung his long saber and easily caught the Asura Hall Lords head.

The Asura Hall Lord was speechless.

“You… How could I have been instantly killed”

He was in disbelief, and his face was filled with shock.

At the same time, he looked regretful.

He regretted it.

He regretted jumping out directly.

How could this be

No one in the Qin Dynasty could kill him.

Who was this young man

The Asura Hall Lord was filled with regret!

Unfortunately, it was too late.

His eyelids gradually closed.

Boundless darkness poured in from all directions, corroding him and making the depths of his scalp feel ice-cold.

There was even a sense of fear that his life had been sucked out, magnifying endlessly in his mind.

A few seconds later, the Asura Hall Lord was dead!

“I never thought that I am the Asura Halls natural enemy.

Its too simple to wipe them out.”

Lin Qiye was amused.

He muttered curiously.

“Why did those sculptures collapse upon seeing me Is it because of the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body and the lightning white-jade dragons”

However, he did not waste his movement points to deduce the reason.

He only flapped his wings and found Chen Jie, the Gold Practitioner in the Asura Hall, with the speed of lightning.

As one of the experts who had attacked Lin Qiye, how could Chen Jie not recognize him

The moment he saw Lin Qiye, he was stunned at first, then shock filled his face.

After a while, intense fear appeared on his face.

Because he saw the Asura Hall Lords head on the tip of Lin Qiyes saber!

The Lord was a supreme expert who had lit up the Four Gates of Heaven.

He was actually killed by Lin Qiye

At this moment, Chen Jie was so terrified that he fell to the ground.

His face dripped with fear.

“You… Youre a Silver Practitioner How could you come to the Golden Spacetime

“Also, how did you cultivate the half-step Nascent Soul Realm in only seven years”

What a pity.

Lin Qiye couldnt be bothered to answer.

He waved his long saber and slashed out blue light as thin as a cicadas wings.

Chen Jie died on the spot.

His head rolled to the side, eyes wide with regret and disbelief.

“Repent pulling a sneak attack on me with your life!”

Lin Qiye crushed Chen Jies head.

After that, a series of notifications resounded in his mind.

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have killed the Gold Practitioner Chen Jie!]

[You have seized all of his possessions and his movement points.

(The spoils of war this time can be taken away independently as long as you return.

They will not be affected by the score.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized the Gold Practitioner Chen Jies Life Lantern Gem energy!

[The quality of your Life Lantern Gem has increased by a small grade! When you cultivate in the main world, you can use your movement points to smoothly break through to the Third Level of the Nascent Soul Realm.]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized 150,000 movement points (You have a total of 790,000 movement points after obtaining it.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized a gold-tier cultivation technique – Jade Mountain Technique (Sufficient to cultivate to the Third Level of Nascent Soul Realm.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized a silver-tier Physique Card – Berserk Bull Body (Sustained minor damage three times.

It could still manage seven more times of damage.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized a silver-tier weapon – Tarsal Bone Blade.]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized a gold-tier martial arts technique – Berserk Bulls Embrace (Defensive Martial Arts… Cannot be used in combination…)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized a silver-tier Wisdom Card – Excellent Comprehension (Sustained minor damage three times.

It could still manage six more times of damage.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have obtained a silver-tier martial arts technique – White Smoke Footwork (When perfected, your movement will be as ghostly as smoke.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have obtained fifteen Formation Stones (One of the necessary materials to construct a Formation.)]

As Lin Qiye listened to the crisp notification sounds, he felt refreshed, andeven his soul was trembling with joy.

His eyes twinkled.

“After killing Fish Mouth, my Life Lantern Gem has upgraded by a grade! I can use the movement points to break through to the First Level of the Nascent Soul Realm without any obstruction.


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