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“What is it”

Lin Qiye had many things to think about recently.

He finally came to a realization after thinking for a long time.

“I got it!”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye took out a Formation Stone from his Life Lantern Gem.

The milky white Formation Stone was like an imperial seal.

It contained mysterious patterns and strange fluctuations.

“The world formula is stable in a Golden Spacetime, and it has a suppressive effect on everything in the world.

Its extremely difficult to open a teleportation array.

I need a certain number of Formation Stones!

“Before this, I only had five Formation Stones.

Thus, I subconsciously didnt think of constructing a teleportation array.”

“But after plundering fifty Formation Stones from Wang Liu, I have met the basic requirements to construct a long-distance teleportation array! Thats why I noticed only it now.”

Lin Qiyes eyes flickered as he pondered, quickly sorting out the cause and effect.

“However… A long-distance teleportation array requires forty-nine Formation Stones and 80,000 movement points.

“With my assets, I can only construct it once.

“It seems that I have to use it at a critical moment.

Lin Qiye pinched his finger bone and pondered.

“Im not far from the Asura Hall now.

I can get there in a day.

Theres no need to construct a teleportation array.

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“As for the Heaven Zen Sect, the Divine Monument Sect, and the Sword Alliance, theyre all in the Southeast region.

“Itll take two whole days to get there at full speed! If I build a teleportation array, I can save two days.

“If I rushed there two days earlier, I can totally catch them off guard!

“Even if they get the news, and the Wolf Lord sent his army to the south immediately, he wouldnt be able to save them.

“By the time the Wolf Lord reaches the border, I will have already destroyed the six great sects.”

At this point in his analysis, Lin Qiye smiled confidently.

He was playing a lightning war.

He would destroy the enemy before anyone could react!

Next, it would take one day to destroy the Asura Hall.

It would not take time to teleport to the Heaven Zen Sect, but it would take one day to reach the Divine Monument Sect.

It would take another day to destroy the Sword Alliance.

In other words, the remaining four sects would be wiped out in three days!

Lin Qiye was playing the fastest lightning war.

“However, the teleportation array.

is indeed a good thing.

It can save me two full days.”

Lin Qiyes eyes were filled with surprise and joy.

Without a doubt, the teleportation arrays existence made the lightning war even more worthy of its name!

Lin Qiye nodded slightly and stored the Formation Stones into his Life Lantern Gem.

More than 20 seconds passed after he finished thinking.

After that, Lin Qiye flapped his lightning wings and rushed toward the Asura Hall.

At the same time, the Life Lantern Gems battle notice just so happened to shock the eight surviving Gold Practitioners a second time.

This time, they were in a daze for longer than the last time.

There was even a deep sense of shock in their eyes.

“There was a battle notice yesterday, and now theres another one”

“Its only been seven years, and the two Gold Practitioners are gone”

The son of the Wolf Tribes Ghost Heavenly Lord, Xiao Can, was stunned.

His heart raced faintly.

“Luckily, Im not those two unlucky fellows.”

Xiao Can sighed and shook his head.

Not far away, Tang Song, the Wolf Lords 50th son, had a flash of thought in his eyes.

He was speculating about the battle situation.

“From the two consecutive days of battle notices, we can confirm the situation at that time.

Three Gold Practitioners must have been born to the same minor sect.

“Then, one of the Gold Practitioners used his status and background to kill the other two unlucky fellows.

“Luck is too important to us Practitioners.

“Some people are born at the finish line.

For example, as long as the two of us change our fate slightly, we can win against dozens of successors and easily get an S grade.

“However, some unlucky fellows have been gone forever!”

Upon hearing Tang Songs words, Xiao Can deeply agreed and nodded heavily.

“These two kills were purely due to that persons good luck.

But how can he be luckier than the two of us

“We started with a perfect opening.

Were just one step away from complete victory!

“In this simulation, well emerge as victors! The advantage lies in our hands!”

As they spoke, Xiao Can and Tang Song laughed.

Then, they started to eat and drink, no longer paying attention to the battle notices.

At the same time, in the Asura Hall closest to the Dragon Snake Sect, Chen Jies brows furrowed.

His eyes flickered with a flickering light.

As the Lords personal disciple, the two consecutive battle notices made his expression quite complicated.

The first time was a coincidence.

Was the second time also a coincidence

Chen Jie couldnt help but doubt it.

However, he smiled in relief after thinking about it for a while.

“Other than coincidence, what else could it be Its only been seven years.

All Gold Practitioners are still maturing and could only rely on external forces to kill someone else.

“For two days in a row, the Gold Practitioners that died must have been born into the same sect.

They were then killed by the luckier one.

“There are too many coincidences in these battles.

Theres nothing to worry!

“But after this lucky guy killed two Gold Practitioners, he must have become filthy rich.

Plundering two Gold Practitioners could earn him millions of points!

“Even if he returned immediately after breaking through the limits of his life, it would still be a bloody profit!”


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