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“For the Golden Dragon of Fortune, Im going to destroy the Dragon Snake Sect.”

Flames flickered in Lin Qiyes eyes as he thought of the Dragon Snake Sect.

The Golden Dragon of Fortune was too much of a power-up.

At this moment, the more than 100,000 wisps of innate Qi in his body were boiling in excitement under the dragons blessing.

Its quality was increasing!

Although the rate was like a turtles crawl, innate Qi was a divine-tier treasure!

It was sufficient for Lin Qiye to use until he became a Diamond Practitioner.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to meet the Golden Dragon of Fortune and raise his innate Qi by another grade!

Even Platinum Practitioners might not be able to encounter such a heaven-defying opportunity!

Diamond Practitioners would be ecstatic if they get it!

At this moment, in the depths of Lin Qiyes heart, wisps of excitement, joy, and happiness were spreading wildly.


Although Lin Qiye tried his best to restrain himself, the happiness at the bottom of his heart could not be suppressed no matter what after a while.

Lin Qiye could only take a deep breath and smile lightly.

He gave up pretending.

Its so satisfying!

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The corners of Lin Qiyes mouth curled up.

His heart had already drifted thousands of miles away.

‘To the Dragon Snake Sect! To the Dragon Snake Sect! I cant delay condensing my Holy Violet Genuine Qi!

With that thought in mind, Lin Qiye flapped his wings filled with lightning and thunder, dashing out of the abyss at lightning speed.

He had no spare time to spare for Zhu Yuheng.

Zhu Yuheng was speechless.

She looked at Lin Qiyes retreating figure and fell into deep thought.

“This guy has more than 100,000 wisps of innate Qi Whats going on”

Zhu Yuheng was puzzled.

Didnt innate Qi dissipate quickly after a baby was born

Why did this guy have 100,000 wisps

Zhu Yuheng couldnt understand it!

She recalled the scene of Lin Qiye crushing the Dragon Suppression Spike and felt a little sullen in her heart.

A hundred years ago, she wanted to challenge the Dragon Suppression Spike, but in the end, she was tainted with bad fortune and became unlucky for a hundred years.

However, Lin Qiye managed to turn the seven Dragon Suppression Spikes into ashes!

Wouldnt she lose face if she was unlucky for a hundred years

Zhu Yuheng, who had a strong desire to win, took in a slight breath.

“I admit that I suffered a little defeat in this competition.”

Her phoenix-like eyes lowered slightly.

She didnt want to admit she had lost, so she secretly used the word “defeat”

Just a little defeat, not much.

Of course, the deflated feeling in Zhu Yuhengs heart only lasted for an instant before she immediately raised her arrogant chin.

Her desire to win began to grow again.

“Well! Using the Dragon Suppression Spike as a reference could not reflect his combat ability.

“Although his innate Qi is numerous, it has no lethality.

At most, it can make his recovery ability a little stronger.

In terms of strength, I am in the lead.

I still win.”

Zhu Yuheng analyzed orderly, and her phoenix-like eyes shone with a proud light.

She was no match for Ji Qinghuan because her strength was not enough, and she was weaker than Ji Qinghuan in all aspects.

However, she was proud of her strength when it came to Lin Qiye!

“But… What are those wings on that guys back

“They look like Magic Artifact, martial arts technique, and natural growth.

They look pretty good.

“If I can have a pair of wings like those, my strength might double.”

Zhu Yuheng suddenly felt a little curious.

At first, she only wanted to return a favor to Lin Qiye.

But now, she realized that things had become interesting.

As a self-proclaimed empress, there were still things that she could not understand!

Moreover, two things appeared at once.

Zhu Yuheng couldnt accept it.

She had decided that from now on, she would follow Lin Qiye and observe him.

On one hand, she would find an opportunity to return his favor.

On the other hand, she wanted to comprehend the method to obtain the wings and innate Qi.

With this in mind, Zhu Yuheng quickly flew up the abyss and looked at the Qing Xuan Sects stone gate.

Over there, Lin Qiye landed in front of Eunuch Cao.

At this moment, Eunuch Cao looked at Lin Qiye, who had returned, and his eyes were filled with worry.

Would the seventeenth prince become a bloodthirsty tyrant who would slaughter an entire city at any time

After all, the seventeenth prince was only seven years old.

At such a young age, it would probably cause his character to be distorted and even affect his martial arts progress if he killed too much.

Eunuch Cao could not help but feel uneasy.

He opened his mouth and wanted to speak but stopped several times before saying, “Your Highness, do you feel unwell Is your state of mind okay”

Lin Qiye looked at Eunuch Cao in confusion.

“What problem can there be with my state of mind”

Suddenly, he seemed to have understood the subtext and silently glanced at Eunuch Cao.

“Eunuch Cao, do you think that I am a bloodthirsty pervert

“You are gravely mistaken.

“I have flowers in my heart, a sword in my hand, a merciful heart, and mighty means.

In the future, when I become the emperor, I will also be a kind and benevolent Father who treats my people like my children.”

Lin Qiye was frank and magnanimous, revealing a restrained smile.

His smile was indifferent, and his cold face looked handsome and dignified.

He was a completely different person from the tyrant who had slaughtered four hundred thousand cultivators just now.

However, Eunuch Cao was drenched in a cold sweat even more.

“Its over.

Doesnt all bloodthirsty tyrants hide their emotions They could be smiling, but they will create millions of corpses in the next second!”

Eunuch Caos heart was in a mess.

He decided to immediately rush over ten million miles and write a letter to report the situation to His Majesty.

He would let His Majesty think of a way.

Eunuch Cao could not distort the seventeenth princes state of mind in his cultivation in any case!

Just as Eunuch Cao was feeling fearful in his stomach…


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