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The Golden Dragon of Fortune was still on its last breath.

Seeing this scene, Lin Qiye shook his head.

“I might as well help you.”

Hence, he pressed his palm on its head.

5000 wisps of innate Qi surged into the dragons body.

As it rampaged, the innate Qi dispelled all the black energy left in its body.

Then, Lin Qiye left the 5,000 wisps of innate Qi in the Golden Dragon of Fortunes body.

The dragon was overjoyed.

It greedily devoured 5,000 wisps of innate Qi, healing its wound on the head at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Finally, the dragons head recovered its vitality.

It opened its weak but brilliant eyes and rubbed its head against Lin Qiye with gratitude.

Just as the dragon head was rubbing against Lin Qiye, he unexpectedly found that the innate Qi in his body had entered a strange boiling state.

It seemed to be completing a qualitative leap!


Lin Qiye was stunned.

At first, he was puzzled as to why this was the case.

Then, he realized this was the Golden Dragon of Fortunes special effect!

“It seems that the Golden Dragon of Fortune can improve the quality of my innate Qi!

“As long as the Golden Dragon of Fortune stays by my side for twenty years, it will be able to produce a wisp of Holy Violet Genuine Qi, which is of higher quality!”

With that thought in mind, a little surprise appeared in the depths of Lin Qiyes eyes.

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He could not help but chuckle and gently patted the Golden Dragon of Fortunes head.

“I happen to want to destroy the five other sects, so just stay by my side! I will save your other body parts.

How about it”

What evil thoughts could Lin Qiye possibly have

He only wanted to save the Golden Dragon of Fortune!

Hearing Lin Qiyes words, the dragon hurriedly nodded and turned into a streak of light, drilling into his heart.

At this moment, Lin Qiye felt the innate Qi in his body boil even more!

“Eighteen years.

I only need eighteen years to produce a wisp of Holy Violet Genuine Qi!

“Even if its just a wisp, it will still be a terrifying boost to my strength!”

Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

Holy Violet was the imperial star.

The high-quality innate Qi named after the imperial star was the Grand Emperor Qi!

The innate Qi could condense an Innate Divine Body, and it was mainly used for recovery and endurance.

However, the Holy Violet Genuine Qi was a level higher than the innate Qi.

On top of the innate Qis effect, it also had a fierce killing intent and could even protect his fate!

“The Holy Violet Genuine Qi strengthens my killing intent.

Mixed with the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi, I cant even imagine the effect!”

Lin Qiye couldnt help but feel delighted.

He felt that if he could produce a wisp of Holy Violet Genuine Qi, his Wind and Thunder Sword Qi could be renamed as Holy Violet Sword Qi.

Its attack prowess would increase by at least fivefold!


Lin Qiye had never thought that destroying Qing Xuan Sect would not only earn him a fortune from the Gold Practitioner but also such a shocking harvest!

He felt refreshed and relaxed, thinking of the Golden Dragon of Fortune delightedly for more than ten seconds.

Then, Lin Qiye quickly thought of the remaining parts.

“My intuition tells me that every part of the Golden Dragon of Fortunes body can reduce the incubation time by two years!

“Its remaining five parts can reduce the incubation time by ten years!

“In other words, as long as I gather the complete Golden Dragon of Fortune, I only need eight years to nurture a wisp of high-quality Holy Violet Genuine Qi.”

Lin Qiyes eyes were burning while he analyzed.

“My next target is the Dragon Snake Sect!”


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