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The two fighting styles each had their strengths.

In an instant, afterimages filled the sky.

At times, the old emperor took the chance and unleashed hundreds of swords, forcing Lin Qiye to defend.

At other times, Lin Qiye suppressed the old emperor and instantly slashed down tens of thousands of dragons, causing the old emperors face to turn solemn.

In an instant, the forest was shattered into ashes by the flashes of swords and sabers.

The river water in the distance soared into the sky and turned into a hundred-meter-long fountain.

As for the mountain range, it was pushed to the ground.

The two half-step Nascent Soul Realm experts fought until the sky was dark.

They plowed a hundred-meter-deep ravine on the ground.

An hour later.

The more the old emperor fought, the more thrilling he felt.

“Although I didnt use my full strength, Ive already used ninety percent.

But Little Seventeen fought for half an hour and still doesnt seem to be tired at all!”


The old emperor was not only amazed at Lin Qiyes terrifying combat prowess, but also his endurance.

He continuously slashed for an hour.

No matter how strong Lin Qiye was, he should still stop for a second to catch his breath, right

However, Lin Qiye didnt.

It was as if he had endless endurance.

The old emperor was secretly speechless.

“Little Seventeen, Im going to use my full strength.

Lets see where your limit is!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old emperor unleashed his full strength.

In an instant, his sword aura became sharper than ever before.

At this moment.

The old emperors swordsmanship became even more agile and graceful.

Every three attacks, he would be able to hit Lin Qiyes fatal spot and force Lin Qiye to defend.

In almost ten breaths time, Lin Qiye felt heavy pressure.

Rays of sword light enveloped him tightly.

It made Lin Qiyes scalp tingle.


A few crisp sounds rang out.

The golden bell Lin Qiye had just condensed shattered.

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Even giant lightning dragons were torn into powder by the sword light.

However, the golden bell and lightning dragons had already bought Lin Qiye a second.

Furthermore, they had also created the illusion that the sky was filled with lightning.

Lin Qiyes face was cold and stern.

With a roar, a ball of wind and thunder Sword Qi spat out from his mouth.

The Sword Qi was modified by the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body.

His lethality and attack speed had increased by several times.

Even the old emperor felt a sense of danger.

He hurriedly condensed an indestructible golden bell.


A loud sound shook the sky.

With the old emperors golden bell as the center, the sound waves spread within a radius of 1,000 meters, and shockwaves visible to the naked eye rippled.

The old emperors golden bell shattered.

The old emperor opened his mouth and spat out another Sword Qi, colliding with Lin Qiyes.

However, Lin Qiyes wind and thunder Sword Qi was extremely overbearing, and it instantly shattered the old emperors Sword Qi.

Fortunately, the old emperor once again formed a golden bell instantly.


After the earth-shattering collision, the old emperor sent Lin Qiyes wind and thunder Sword Qi flying with a single strike.

However, Lin Qiyes Sword Qi was exceptionally tyrannical, breaking the longsword.

Fortunately, the old emperor changed the direction of his Sword Qis attack.

A ball of wind and thunder Sword Qi brushed past the old emperor and crashed into the distance, creating a thousand-meter deep pit.

Seeing the terrifying lethality of the wind and thunder Sword Qi, the old emperor blew his beard and immediately threw away the broken sword.

He slapped the back of Lin Qiyes head lightly.

“Good son, how filial are you!”

“Do you want to kill the emperor on the spot and ascend the throne ahead of time” The old emperor cursed.

Although he was scolding Lin Qiye, there was a smile on his face, and his tone was full of affection.

Lin Qiye laughed and quickly touched the old emperors back to appease him.

“Calm down.

I didnt expect the wind and thunder Sword Qi to be so fierce.

I underestimated my innate ability…”

After listening to Lin Qiyes explanation, the old emperor stroked his beard and smiled.

“Well… Not bad! The wing and thunder Sword Qi is suitable for you.

Under a sneak attack, even an expert who has lit up Four Gates of Heaven would be flustered.

“It would be great if your Sword Qi could be stronger.

“In that case, you could even gravely injure an expert who has lit up Four Gates of Heaven.”

As he spoke, the old emperors tone was mixed with a little regret.

“If your wind and thunder Sword Qi were twice as fierce, perhaps it would allow you to kill someone of a higher level.

Unfortunately… Its such a pity…”

The old emperor could not help but shake his head.

A restrained smile appeared on the corner of Lin Qiyes mouth upon seeing the old emperors regret and pity.

“Actually, its not a pity.

In the battle just now, I seemed to have some enlightenment enough to raise the lethality of the wind and thunder Sword Qi to a higher level!”

With that said, Lin Qiye sat down cross-legged.


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