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He would be even safer.

Hence, Lin Qiye slept on the bed leisurely.

As expected, Lin Qiye was safe and sound under the protection of the old emperor.

He lived through the third month of this world.

Lin Qiye woke up in the morning on the first day of the third month.

The notification of the Life Lantern Gem sounded in his mind.

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: Three months old.

You revealed your magical talent at birth.

The old emperor values you very much.]

[The palace maid who tried to assassinate you were killed.

You didnt become disabled.

Instead, you grew stronger.

You received 20,000 movement points, leaving a total of 660,000 movement points.]

“I received a reward of 20,000 movement points The reward is more generous in a more advanced spacetime! It seems I can make a huge profit by completing all the difficult tasks in this trip.”

Lin Qiye felt relaxed and happy.

His heart was filled with the joy of a bountiful harvest.

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After washing up and training and having breakfast, the old emperor came to receive treatment again.

The old emperor did not just come to receive treatment.

He also enjoyed the warm family atmosphere until today.

He was at ease here, without the intrigue and coldness of the royal family.

He was an ordinary old man.

He sat in front of Lin Qiye while Lin Qiye stood behind him.

Lin Qiye infused a hundred wisps of innate Qi into the old emperor.

The hidden injuries in the old emperor were finally completely eliminated!

The old emperor felt comfortable.

“Its done! Its all done! Thank you, Little Seventeen!”

In the old emperors weathered eyes, there were a few drops of hot tears.

He wanted to reach out and touch Lin Qiyes head.

But he suddenly realized he couldnt reach it!

Lin Qiye, who was only three months old, already had the height of an ordinary four-year-old child.

He was a full one and a half meters tall.


The old emperor raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“You grow so fast…”

He sized up Lin Qiye and suddenly realized that there was a ball of dazzling light in Lin Qiyes heart.

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It was so dazzling that even the old emperor was stunned.

The old emperors mouth hung open.

“Good kid, youre like a monster!”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“Next month, my bone structure will transform.”

The old emperor was stunned again.

“Its already so heaven-defying.

How can it transform again”

At this moment.

The old emperor felt excitement strumming in his heart.

He rubbed Lin Qiyes head and chubby face.

As expected, the innate true Qi in Lin Qiyes body had exceeded 30,000 wisps in the fourth month.

They surged into his spine and condensed into a divine level spine!

It was as if a divine dragon was lurking in Lin Qiyes spine!

How shocking!

At the same time, wisps of innate Qi were automatically nurtured from the divine spine.

It could nurture roughly 200 wisps of innate Qi daily.

Together with Lin Qiyes active or passive cultivation of the Dao Repository Technique, he could condense 500 wisps of innate Qi daily!

It was 15,000 wisps in a month!

He only needed two years to outline his Innate Divine Body.

“I feel better now.” Lin Qiye felt refreshed.

He had not only condensed a divine spine, but his First-turn Dragon Elephant Body had also reached 8% potential.

With this, Lin Qiye could defeat a Fifth Level Qi Refinement Realm cultivator just by relying on his physical strength.

He was no longer a powerless child!

However, Lin Qiye didnt get carried away.

After all, there were many cultivators in this world.

The old emperor had a powerful cultivation base.

He was already a half step to the Nascent Soul Realm.

The Heavenly Lords of the Wolf Tribe should have the same cultivation, while the Young Lord is already breaking through to the Nascent Soul Realm.

There were also ten Gold Practitioners lurking in the dark.

Therefore, Lin Qiye didnt get carried away.

Instead, he continued to linger in the Yisui palace, cultivating the Dao Repository Technique and refining his divine bones.

He was accumulating strength for his future cultivation.

Lin Qiye believed that as long as he condensed the Innate Divine Body and awakened the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body, he could even defeat a Gold Practitioner.

The fifth month.

Seeing how smart Lin Qiye was, the old emperor began to teach him how to read and write.

In a short day, Lin Qiye had learned the common characters.

The old emperor was ashamed.

He had underestimated Little Seventeens wisdom!

The next day, the old emperor brought some historical records to Lin Qiye.

After Lin Qiye finished reading, the old emperor immediately asked some questions to test him.

Lin Qiye answered fluently and even had his different opinions.

He could argue with the old emperor methodically.

The old emperors eyes were filled with shock, and he no longer treated Lin Qiye like a child.

Instead, he treated him like a discussant.

“Little Seventeen, the Qin Dynasty is currently facing internal and external problems.

Wolf Tribes are eyeing the northern mountains.

Millions of soldiers are ready to break through and invade at any time.

“Within the country, there are six great sects that have been around for 2,000 years.

They are deeply rooted and are like vassal kings.

Their power cannot be underestimated.

Even I dont dare to touch them, and I need their help sometimes.

“How are you going to solve this situation”

The old emperor looked worried.

“Father has always wanted to solve this problem.

However, there is a high possibility that there is more than one half-step Nascent Soul cultivator hidden within the six great sects!

“They are not willing to fight for the human race, but they will risk their lives for the interests of their sect.

“The key point is… Its one thing if they dont fight for the human race.

However, they were still using all sorts of methods to gain benefits in the dark.

“They had done many heinous things, causing the people to complain.

“Under such circumstances, they will become more and more poisonous and endanger the Qin Dynasty if I let them be.

If I try to drag them down, the Qin Dynasty will immediately fall.

What do you think I should do”

The old emperor sighed.

When he had succeeded to the throne, the six great sects were already out of control.

After he tried to conquer one by force, he discovered that the six great sects were insanely strong!

He could only use an excuse to stop the war with dignity.

However, the six great sects became even more powerful after the war.

The old emperor had a headache about this.

As for the old emperors question…

Deep within Lin Qiyes eyes, there was a light of contemplation.

“I remember that in the original version of my life, the internal strife of the Jianghu sects caused the Qin Dynasty to be attacked from both sides, and the barbarians to trample over the imperial city…”

It was an incredibly tragic scene.

On the frontlines, soldiers fought with their lives on the line, spilling their blood.

At the rear, the Jianghu sects unscrupulously disrupted the Qin Dynastys foundation for their benefit.

Apart from refusing to help, they made themselves a burden.

In the end, the soldiers blood was wasted, while the scums in the sects enjoyed their lives.

A cold light blossomed in Lin Qiyes eyes while thinking about this scene.

He thought of the simplest method, but he didnt say it.

Instead, he smiled and didnt say anything.

Seeing this, the old emperor thought he had stumped Lin Qiye.

He rubbed Lin Qiyes face.

“Its okay if you cant think of it.

Father is also helpless.

The temporary plan is to have the six great sects balance each other.

“Speaking of which, maintaining balance is also a skill every emperor must know.

You must make good use of it.”

Lin Qiye nodded.

However, he actually had a countermeasure in his heart.

His countermeasure was to kill!

No problem in this world could not be solved with one slash.

If there was, two slashes would suffice.

As the saying goes, the strongest person would be the emperor, and the place where iron hooves charge is the absolute.

No matter what scheme or trick would break down in the face of violence.

As long as his blade was sharp enough, who would dare to disobey

Could the necks of the six great sects be as hard as his blade

Of course, such words filled with killing intent were not suitable for a five-month-old baby to say out loud.

Therefore, Lin Qiye kept quiet.

In the following period, Lin Qiye continued to cower in Consort Nings palace to practice the Dao Repository Technique.

Spring passed, and autumn came.

The sun shifted, and the Moon set.

In a blink of an eye, Lin Qiye was two years old.

Lin Qiyes height skyrocketed, reaching 1.5 meters.

At this moment, his Innate Divine Body was finally formed!

Lin Qiyes body became flawless, spotless, and pure.

The bones in his body were as fine as jade, and divine light flowed around them.

It was a top-tier physique for cultivation!

Not far away, the old emperors left eyelid twitched wildly, and his heart filled with ecstasy.

“Good fellow, is this the final form of a divine level bone structure

“It has only been two years, but his bone structure has upgraded several times!”

“With this bone structure, even the Young Lord of the Wolf Tribe should be worried!”

The old emperor laughed loudly.

The officials also revealed a smile in the dark.

However, Lin Qiye was calm.

His body was still not mature, soit was not the final form.

Once his body matured to fourteen years old, he would be invincible!

“In four years, I will mature to fourteen years old.

At that time, it will be the beginning of my descent!”

As he spoke, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, revealing a restrained smile.


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