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“For now, only the Eastern Palaces crown prince can learn the stealth technique.


“Kill the maid! Investigate all the palace maids.”

“Men, pass down my imperial edict.”

The old emperor drew up an imperial edict.

[Crown Prince Xu will supervise the kingdom.

From tomorrow onwards, he will come to Taiji Palace daily to read memorials with the emperor.]

The servant received the imperial edict and left carefully.

After that, the old emperors eyes shined with a cold light.

“Empress, Crown Prince, you must hold on to this chance.

Let me see how capable you are in seizing the throne and power.”

The old emperors gaze looked towards the Eastern Palace.

There seemed to be some pity in his eyes.

At this moment, Lin Qiye, who was sleeping soundly, woke up.

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He suddenly felt that the palpitations and insecurity in his heart had dissipated.

“From my premonition, the vicious maid must have been plucked out by the old emperor to be dealt with.

“And the few palace maids that arrived today are not dangerous although they are at the Golden Core Realm.

They are here to protect me.

With them around, I can safely grow up for some time.”

Lin Qiye laughed heartily.

As expected, his guess was correct.

What the old emperor needed was not a successor who only knew how to play political battles.

Instead, he needed someone born with a supreme bone structure.

They must know how to ride a horse to conquer the world and dismount to rule the country.

After all, the Young Lord of the Wolf Tribe was too ferocious.

If the successor of the Qin Dynasty were lacking, they would be beyond redemption.

The old emperor understood this clearly.

Lin Qiye also gave in to his desires and satisfied the old emperors needs.

At the same time, he used the old emperor to protect himself.

They were in a mutually beneficial relationship.

After removing a bomb from his side, Lin Qiye finally cooperated with Consort Ning and the palace maids.

He revealed an innocent and childish smile.

The maid who played with Lin Qiye for a long time exclaimed, “Consort Ning, the little prince is smiling! Hes smiling so beautifully.”

Consort Ning also smiled.

She couldnt help humming a little tune, and happiness was already overflowing from her face.

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In her arms, Lin Qiye smiled and then stopped.

He contemplated the 690,000 movement points he had.

“Deduction of Genesis.

What do I have to achieve if I want to get an SSS grade rating”

In this life, he had many enemies.

The situation was complicated.

The princes in the Imperial Palace, the Wolf Tribes Young Lord, the ten Galaxy Practitioners, and even the old emperor and his officials.

He had to take precautions against all of them.

Therefore, Lin Qiye had to predict events in advance.

If he knew about important events, he could make preparations accurately and efficiently in the shortest time possible.

Thus, he could obtain an SSS grade rating.

After all, he had almost 700,000 movement points.

He had to know how to invest in the right place.

With that thought in mind, Lin Qiye did not hesitate to start the Deduction of Genesis.

[This deduction requires 50,000 movement points (Currently, you have 690,000 movement points remaining)]

[Deduction successful: The requirements to obtain an SSS grade rating are-

1: To change your fate;

2: To save the Fated Empress;

3: To find the ancestral land of the Qin Dynasty, rescue familiar people and juniors, and obtain the mysterious inheritance in the ancestral land;

4: To lead the Qin Dynasty to complete victory in the war between the humans and the savage wolves;

5: To break through the current universes peal level and reach the Nascent Soul Realm;

6: To kill five Galaxy Practitioners;

7: To devour the lightning in the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool]

After seeing this series of tough events, Lin Qiye fell silent.

“Changing fate alone is enough to keep me busy.

In the end, there are still six difficult events waiting to be done

“It seems that the SSS grade isnt easy to obtain.

However, who is this Fated Empress

“Why didnt she appear in the original version of my life Was she dead Or did she only rise after Qin Dynasty was destroyed

“Also… In the ancestral land of the Qin Dynasty, is there someone I know”

Lin Qiyes heart was filled with curiosity.

However, as an infant, Lin Qiye couldnt do anything for a while.

He could only continue to concentrate and cultivate the Dao Repository Technique.

The next day, the innate Qi in Lin Qiyes body reached 30 wisps!

His body became whiter and healthier.

Consort Ning liked him even more, and she held his face and kissed him.

Lin Qiye had a look of disgust.

However, he had heard some news from Consort Ning and the palace maids.

The crown prince had started to supervise the kingdom, and he had even started to read memorials.

It shocked Lin Qiye.

“No way.

The Qin Dynastys God of War started supervising the kingdom Doesnt that mean that the incident of the two million elites of the Qin Dynasty and the third generation generals of the Meng family will be brought forward by a few years”

Lin Qiye frowned.

However, he was soon relieved.

He could understand the old emperors intentions.

“The old emperor is a ruthless person.

What a cold emperor…”


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