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Lin Qiye had a premonition that when he was three months old, the maid who had secretly harmed him was already planning a vicious scheme.

“Ive already displayed a different talent in front of the old emperor.

I hope that the old emperor will pay more attention to me and send someone to protect me.

“Otherwise, a three-month-old child wont be able to withstand a Foundation Establishment Realm expert at the Peak.”

Lin Qiye felt quite troubled.

Of course, what was even more troublesome was that Lin Qiye was afraid the evil maid would make a move in advance.

If she moved in advance, his life would collapse.

Thinking of this, Lin Qiye helplessly sighed.

Before entering, he had carefully analyzed the situation.

In this world, the princes of the Qin Dynasty were all unable to satisfy what was required of them.

As such, to suppress the rise of the Wolf Tribes Young Lord, the old emperor had to lead an expedition to fight against the Wolf Tribe personally.

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In the end, the old emperor could not defeat the young and terrifyingly talented Wolf Tribes Young Lord and injured his foundation.

Based on all this information, the old emperor definitely wanted a successor who could look down on the world, defend against enemies, and protect their people.

Thus, Lin Qiye had unscrupulously displayed nine wisps of innate Qi in front of the old emperor.

He was only an infant and couldnt deal with the hidden danger of a Peak Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator with his own strength.

He could only avoid death by making the old emperor pay attention to him!

“Old emperor, quickly send someone to protect me!”

While praying in his heart, Lin Qiye rolled his pitch-black gem-like eyes to examine the palace maids.

At the same time, he activated the Deduction of Genesis.

[This deduction will consume 500 movement points.]

[This deduction will consume 500 movement points.]

[This deduction will consume 500 movement points.]

[This deduction will consume 500 movement points.]

Lin Qiye went through the backgrounds of the palace maids through four consecutive deductions.

The fat-faced maid was harmless; the broken-browed maid was harmless; the bean-eyed maid was harmless; the thin-lipped and narrow-eyed maid was harmful!


Lin Qiye was on high alert.

He couldnt help but look at the thin-lipped and narrow-eyed maid a few more times.

She had thin lips and narrow eyes.

She also had a mole at the bottom right corner of her mouth and under her left eye.

Judging from her looks, she wasnt a good woman.

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“It seems that she wants to harm me secretly.”

“It was definitely her who made my scalp go numb just now.”

“I have to think of a way to drive her out of the palace.

I cant let her stay by my side every day.

Its too easy for her to kill me!”

Lin Qiyes eyes were burning.

Although he had already attracted the old emperors attention, it was not enough to pin all his hopes on him.

What if the old emperor made a mistake

To save himself, Lin Qiye decided to take advantage of a childs only advantage – crying.

Every time the thin-lipped and narrow-eyed maid came over, Lin Qiye would bawl.

At the same time, he would throw out all his acting skills, giving people a sense of déjà vu where he was scared to the point of trembling by her.

The first time he cried abnormally, Consort Ning and the other maids only treated it as an accident and did not take it to heart.

They hugged Lin Qiye and comforted him for more than ten minutes, not realizing something was wrong.

Lin Qiye, who cried until he was mentally and physically exhausted, felt depressed.

“Dont take it lightly! This evil maid wants to harm me! She has cultivation and has noticed that I have extraordinary talent.

She will make a move ahead of time.

Quickly replace her!”

Lin Qiye wanted to speak, but he couldnt make a sound.

The depressed Lin Qiye could only drink milk.

Then, he continued to save himself.

The second time the evil maid approached Lin Qiye again, he wailed.

At the same time, he raised his chubby finger and pointed at the maid, shivering.

It was already clear.

What thoughts could a child have

It must be the fault of an adult!

Therefore, Consort Ning frowned.

Her distressed gaze was mixed with a reprimand to the evil maid.

“Yun Lu, what did you do Why did you scare the seventeenth prince twice”

The maids heart tightened.

She also did not understand.

“Consort Lin… I dont know.

Maybe its because Im ugly.

Please punish me!”

Consort Ning waved her hand.

“Forget it.

Ill change you to another post! Go to clean at the outer hall and dont go near the inner hall during this period to avoid startling the little prince.”

The thin-lipped and narrow-eyed maid lowered her eyes, hiding half her face in the dark.

She said calmly, “Thank you, Consort Lin.”

After that, she cupped her hands and bowed respectfully, then stepped back and left the palace.

The moment she turned around, adangerous light flashed in her eyes.

“Could he sense danger already He is indeed a prince with extraordinary talent!

“In the past two years, Consort Ning has been pampered.

Now that she has given birth to a prince with extraordinary talent, she may become more and more difficult to deal with in the future.

“It seems I have to find an opportunity to kill the seventeenth prince.

Even if I have to risk my life, I cant leave such a disaster for my mistress.”

The maid pursed her lips, and an extremely sinister flame appeared in her eyes.

When she was plotting in the depths of her heart,Lin Qiye felt his scalp go numb in the palace!

It was over.

His premonition of death was getting stronger!

That maid was probably going to make a move ahead of time.

Lin Qiye frowned.

“I still have to think of a way to save my life… Deduction of Genesis! Save me!”

[This deduction requires 100 movement points (Currently, there are 698,000 points left.)]

Looking at the Deduction of Genesiss answer, Lin Qiye immediately understood.

Using his talent to make the old emperor pay attention to him was the best solution.

Otherwise, it was impossible that only 100 movement points were needed.

However, Lin Qiye would not cry until he saw the coffin.


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