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Lin Qiye smiled.

“I will join the battle!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a dense power of spacetime energy appeared on the soul anchoring square.

It wrapped the spiritual energy in the square into a giant egg that gave off the spacetime energy.

[Let the simulated life begin! The gold-tier Life Lantern Gem is burning to illuminate your life-]

[This world is an ancient world with many countries competing for hegemony.

It is rich in spiritual energy and is full of geniuses.

However, the universal laws are more stable and powerful, and the restrictions on cultivators are greater.

Crossing the universe is extremely difficult, but cutting mountains and rivers is possible.]

[You are 0 years old.

You were born in the Qin Dynastys imperial palace and are the Emperors seventeenth son.

You are cute and well-behaved.

Both the Emperor and your mother love you very much.]

[When you are three months old, your mothers opponent, fighting for favor in the harem, ordered a Foundation Establishment Realm traitor hiding by your mothers side to stab you in the leg with a steel needle secretly.

You became disabled and lost the right to fight for the throne.]

[When you are 1, your mother was depressed, making the emperor loathe her.

She was thrown into the Cold Palace and lost the emperors favor.

The empress raised you.

However, she despised your mother and also you, a good-for-nothing.

You were disliked.]

[When you are 2, you were bullied, even by the palace maids and eunuchs.

Your monthly allowance was deducted.

Your life was miserable.

You became autistic.]

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[When you are 5, you studied in the Imperial Academy.

You were autistic and clumsy.

You couldnt even continue your basic studies.

The Imperial College teacher couldnt be bothered to say more about you.]

[When you are 6, your mother died of illness in the Cold Palace.]

[When you are 7, your young maid took good care of you.

You have each other to rely on.]

[When you are 8, the emperor injured his roots after battling the Wolf Tribes young genius.

The great lord of the generation has entered old age.

He is no longer as mighty as he was in the past.]

[When you are 9, the fight for the throne among the princes got more and more serious.

The road to power dripped with blood.

It is a tragic sight.

Fortunately, you are a cripple and have escaped the disaster.]

[When you are 12, the emperor gave a portion of his power to the crown prince.

The battle between the crown prince and the other princes became bloodier.]

[When you are 15, the crown prince led his troops to battle in the prime of his life.

Two million of the Qin Dynastys elites were annihilated! Three generations of the Meng family died on the battlefield to protect the crown prince.

The emperor was so angry that he coughed up blood.]

[When you are 16, the emperor faked his death.

The young lord of the Wolf Tribe led his troops south and was besieged by the emperor and his court officials.]

[Both sides suffered losses, and the young lord retreated to the north and went into seclusion.

From then on, the emperor no longer attended morning meetings, and the crown prince was in charge of the country.]

[When you are 17, many sects in the Qin Dynasty conspired in secret, and rebellions rose everywhere.

Smoke rose, and the people had no way to survive.]

[When you are 22, millions of elite soldiers of the Wolf Tribe broke through the imperial city, and the crown prince was at war.

You couldnt escape, so you and your maid took poison and committed suicide together.]

[Remarks: Smart people deduct what would happen next, while ignorant people could not sense death until it is at their door.]

[How terrifying were the schemes in the palace You were only three months old but were harmed and turned into trash.

You lost the right to compete for the throne.]

[Your mother died tragically, and you had no way to live well.

You lost miserably in the competition for the throne.

Is there anyone more cowardly than you]

“What… A cultivator at the Foundation Establishment Realm peak tried to harm me when I was three months old”

“Even if I had the First-turn Dragon Elephant Body and the Dao Repository Technique, I wouldnt be able to face the attack of a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator at three months old!”

Lin Qiyes body went numb.

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It was a dead-end!

No matter how he racked his brains, there was no way he could break the situation!

However, if he couldnt break the dead-end in three months, he definitely wouldnt have the chance to get an S grade rating.

What was the use of a lousy reward below an S grade

He might not even be able to take away the fourth page of the Qi Refinement technique he had deduced at that time!

Lin Qiye pinched his fingers and thought gloomily.

“In this life, I will face the most intense fight for the throne in the palace.

Even if I avoid the disaster in three months, four months, five months, or even until I reach adulthood, I will have to spend my time amid fighting and hidden dangers.

“For the throne, anyone can go crazy.

As a prince, I am born to be a competitor! I must be careful at every step.

I will be crushed into pieces with one misstep.

“This is a bit exciting! This life is more dangerous and intense than the previous two lives.

“However, I have defied the heavens and changed my fate in the previous two lives.

Who was to say I cant pass the third life

“I will rush forward despite any obstacles!”

Lin Qiye, who had gone mad with killing in his previous two lifetimes, had a confident glint in his eyes.

The higher the difficulty, the higher the grade he could obtain.

What rewards could one obtain with an SSS grade He still didnt know!

Of course, he had to challenge it!

Moreover, he already had a preliminary method to break the situation without using the Deduction of Genesis!

With that thought in mind, Lin Qiyes eyes were burning.

He immediately started the simulation.

[Simulation begins.

Your life has officially started!]

In the nine regions, the Qin Dynastys imperial palace.

Yishui Palace was Consort Nings bedroom.

A loud and clear cry of a baby sounded in the bedroom.


Lin Qiye wailed loudly.

He used crying to expand his lungs and breathe in the air rich in spiritual energy.

At the same time, he circulated the Dao Repository Technique and contained a mouthful of indestructible innate Qi.

Nine wisps of innate Qi quickly gathered in the depths of his heart, emitting a light rarely seen by ordinary people.

They were refined by the Dao Repository Technique.

Lin Qiye could freely control them, and they would never dissipate.

Then, the nine strands of innate Qi quickly circled Lin Qiyes internal organs.

A strange power nourished his internal organs.

All of this happened in a flash.

It only took about ten seconds.


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