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The Golden Core Death Warriors scattered over the mountains and plains, covering the sky and earth as they rushed over.

The Divine Tigers picked up their weapons and collided with the million Golden Core Death Warriors.

In the first collision, the Divine Tiger Clan suffered a great loss.

After all, they reacted hurriedly and were somewhat caught off guard.

Furthermore, the human race had Lin Qiye and Ji Qinghuan as the vanguard, but the Divine Tiger Clans Sacred Lord and Tiger Kings had not yet arrived.

Lin Qiye and Ji Qinghuan turned into a sharp knife with their army and stabbed into the Divine Tiger Clans camp, killing any enemy they met!

It caused the Golden Core cultivators of the Divine Tiger Clan to cower a little subconsciously.

But soon, the Sacred Lord, generals, and Tiger Kings in the center of the camp keenly heard the battle cries.

“Whats going on Are the scouts all useless Why wasnt the enemy attacked notified”

The Sacred Lord flew into a rage, and his aura soared into the sky, shattering the tent.

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The next moment, it carried the two-and-a-half-meter halberd and descended to the front lines.

In the distance, Lin Qiye and Ji Qinghuan, cutting out a bloody path, were extremely eye-catching.

The Sacred Lord looked like he was about to explode.

It bared its fangs.

However, when it took a closer look, its scalp immediately went numb!

That was because the cultivation techniques Lin Qiye and Ji Qinghuan cultivated was the Qi Refinement technique!

Behind them, the generals and Tiger Kings were also stunned, their bodies trembling.

“They cultivated the Qi Refinement technique Its over.

They are from the Xia Universe!”

“Sacred Lord… Do we still fight”

Facing the Xia Universe, the elites of the Divine Tiger Universe, even the Sacred Lord, were subconsciously fearful.

They had been taught since they were young that the humans of the Xia Universe who cultivated the Qi Refinement technique were undefeatable!

The heaven-defying Qi Refinement technique they cultivated could increase their fighting strength in all aspects.

Their Golden Core cultivators had a fast recovery, high defense, and strong damage.

Even the Divine Tiger Clan at their peak would be beaten to the point of fleeing.

In the past, they swallowed half the sky and universe of the Divine Tiger Universe!

As a result, the laws of the Divine Tiger Universe were disrupted, and they had no choice but to flee to space.

They had thought that after fleeing for 200,000 years, they would never see their ancestors nightmare again.

In the end, they still met on a narrow path!

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The Sacred Lords scalp went numb.

He recalled the words recorded in the history books of his ancestors.

If they had encountered cultivators from the Xia Universe, they should immediately run!

At the same time, in the depths of the hearts of the other Tiger Kings and generals, a single word emerged.


“Sacred Lord… Shall we immediately start wandering the universe”

“In any case, running is a traditional skill of our Divine Tiger Clan.

Two hundred thousand years ago, our ancestors fled! Why cant we do the same now”

The Tiger Kings were shameless.

The Sacred Lord gritted its teeth at this, its face full of hatred.

“Flee Dont tell me we have to wander in space for another million years, or ten million years!

“Originally, our ancestors had the chance to break through the shackles of space, giving birth to elites at the Nascent Soul Realm! But in the end Half of our ancestors universe was eaten.

It has fallen to this state!

“If we continue to run, we will have to retreat to a miniature universe!

“Our Divine Tiger Clan used to be an enormous and prosperous universe, but now, we are in such a miserable state.

Dont everyone feel sad”

The Sacred Lord was furious, and the spiritual energy in its body surged.

“Follow me and kill! Our Divine Tiger Clan must have the courage to die without fear too!”

The Sacred Lord roared, and it took the lead and charged at Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows slightly, and the lightning wings behind him shot out.

In an instant, Lin Qiyes speed doubled.

The next second, hedisappeared, leaving behind only an afterimage.

In the blink of an eye, hisafterimage and the Sacred Lord collided heavily.

The blade collided with the halberd!

The huge shockwave of the explosion swept through the mountain range a few thousand meters away, and the river instantly evaporated.

The Sacred Lord was dumbstruck and flew backward!

It was terrified.

It felt like half of its chest was burned by fire, burning with pain!

“The geniuses of the Xia Universe are as the ancestors recorded.

They are undefeatable…”

The Sacred Lords heart was in turmoil.

“No, I dont believe it!”

The Sacred Lord roared in its heart and instantly activated the Tiger Gods Burning Blood Secret Art.

A Divine Tiger Phantom appeared behind it and quickly entered its body!

In an instant, golden light covered the Sacred Lords muscles and turned him into a Golden Sacred Lord.

Its battle power increased by twenty times!

A terrifying aura turned into a pillar of light and shot into the sky.

Even space itself shattered.

Within a thousand meters, the experts of the Divine Tiger Clan and the human race were torn into pieces and exploded into a bloody mist.

“Ive burned three hundred years of my life.

I dont believe that I still cant beat you!”

The Sacred Lord gritted its teeth, and its voice sounded like thunder.

Lin Qiye looked solemn.

The Sacred Lord who had burned its life force to activate a secret art did indeed have the strength to fight him!

Hence, Lin Qiye let out a breath and gripped his blade tightly, preparing to go all out!


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