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Lin Qiye was stunned for a second because he saw a group of figures.

There were more than a hundred of them.

They sneakily crept behind the White Tiger King.

When the White Tiger King was immersed in the joy of burning his life and increasing his strength, they rushed towards the White Tiger King.

Some hugged its neck, some hugged its legs, and some hugged its arms.

Then, at the same time, they detonated their Dantian!

Lin Qiye did not have the time to stop them.

In an instant, hundreds of terrifying explosions hit the White Tiger King.

The White Tiger King was stunned, and shock flashed through its eyes.

They self-detonated Were they not afraid of death

Were they all madmen

After the White Tiger King was momentarily flustered and exasperated, it suddenly sneered.

Then, a layer of golden eggshell protection shield appeared around its body.

The eggshell was extremely thin, but it was sturdy.

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The Divine Tiger Phantom appeared on top of the eggshell, blocking the shock waves of over a hundred explosions outside.

The White Tiger King was unscathed!

“Is this all youve got A mere Third Level Golden Core ant dares to dream of shaking our Divine Tiger Clans secret art”

The White Tiger King laughed sinisterly as the corners of its mouth reached its ears, looking all the more arrogant.

An invincible aura circulated its body.

At this moment, it proudly raised its head.

“If it werent for the fact that Im addicted to women and wasted my cultivation, I would have stood shoulder to shoulder with the Sacred Lord long ago.

How could I allow ants like you to humiliate me!”

As he spoke, the White Tiger King glanced at Lin Qiye and then looked at the Death Warriors, who were eager to give it a try.

“Come on, self-destruct! If you can hurt me, Ill kill myself!” The White Tiger King sneered.

“Ants, self-destruct quickly! Come and die!”

Seeing the White Tiger King laughing wildly, Lin Qiye frowned, and his command, which contained supreme dignity, resounded across the battlefield.

“Dont participate in my battle! Retreat a few thousand meters and kill the others.

Kill them all!

“Do you understand my orders”

Lin Qiyes words made the Death Warriors who wanted to self-destruct stop and struggle on the spot.

They did not dare to disobey the orders, but they were afraid that King Lin would suffer a grave injury!

However, Lin Qiyes facial features were aboutcold, and his tone was so calm that it sent chills down peoples spines.

“Its just a White Tiger King.

Whats there to worry Scram to other battlefields!”

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Hearing this, the Death Warriors gave up on the idea of self-destruction.

They quickly retreated a few thousand meters.

The White Tiger King was stunned and glared at Lin Qiye.

“You dare to look down on the Tiger Gods Burning Blood Secret Art You frog at the bottom of a well.

What a joke!

“Even the Sacred Lord had to retreat when I sacrificed my life force.

Today, Im going to injure you heavily!” The White Tiger King laughed madly.

The ten-foot-tall Divine Tiger Phantom behind him suddenly entered the White Tiger King.

The White Tiger Kings muscles and body were covered in a layer of golden light.

At this moment, the White Tiger King had become a statue made of gold.

He had metal armor, and golden light flashed.

It was as solid as steel and filled with pressure.

Furthermore, the White Tiger Kings speed, physical strength, and the speed and density of the spiritual energy in his body had all increased by twentyfold.

The White Tiger King, whose combat strength had skyrocketed, had confidence written all over its face.

Its mindset had swelled!

From passively taking a beating, it took the initiative to attack.

The golden muscles on its arms tensed as it swept the heavy Heavenly Halberd.

With a sweep of the Heavenly Halberd, a blade ray several meters wide shot out, enough to destroy a mountain.

The buildings within a radius of a thousand meters had vanished into thin air.

The unlucky Golden Core cultivators of the Divine Tiger Clan were even cut into two pieces.

Before they died, they covered their wounds with their mouths agape.

“Tiger King… You killed the wrong person.

We are your comrades…”

The White Tiger Kings heart did not waver regarding the matter of killing its comrades.

It swung its Heavenly Halberd and dashed toward Lin Qiye with a cold face.


With every step it took, the earth and mountains shook while sand and rocks flew.

In the White Tiger Kings hand, the Heavenly Halberd split open space and spat over ten meters of blade ray.

With the aura to split open the sky and earth, it hacked towards Lin Qiyes face.

The blade ray had yet to arrive, but the stone slab under Lin Qiyes feet had already shattered under pressure.

However, Lin Qiye was expressionless and did not dodge.

The thousand-foot Dragon Elephant Phantom appeared behind him.

It was ten times more powerful than the Divine Tiger Phantom.

With the support of the First-turn Dragon Elephant Body, Lin Qiye raised his blade in an instant.

With a swing, his blade hit the Heavenly Halberd.

The collision of the blade and halberd was like a comet hitting the earth.

The large explosion resulted in a mushroom cloud that blotted out the sky.

The Golden Core cultivators in the Imperial City were all stunned on the spot.

They were shocked by the terrifying impact.

The Divine Tigers widened their eyes and looked for the White Tiger King, while the human Death Warriors quickly looked at Lin Qiye.

They saw that amidst the explosion, the White Tiger King flew back over a thousand meters.

The indestructible golden eggshell shield on its body shattered inch by inch.

Meanwhile, Lin Qiye stood unmoving on the spot.

His expression was so calm that no fluctuations were seen.

“Your secret art isnt too strong!” Lin Qiye mocked lightly.

The moment he finished speaking, a thousand lightning dragons appeared out of thin air behind Lin Qiye and entered his body in the blink of an eye, turning him into a God that controlled lightning!

In the next second, Lin Qiye disappeared.

When he reappeared, it was behind the White Tiger King like a ghost.

A light flashed with lightning and blue flames on his blade.


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