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469 The Immortal Self

“Zang Jiuyou, unknown life.

Tens of thousands of years had passed since the invasion of the alien races, and he had gone alone to stop the enemy.

He joined hands with the Second Self and massacred countless alien races, killing hundreds of Higher Immortals.

Finally, he held the alien races leader hostage and broke through the void.

His whereabouts are unknown.”

Lin Qiye looked at the records in the manual and was shocked.

According to the records, every Great Ones who obtained a Second Self killed Higher Immortals as if they were chickens!

The Higher Immortals of this world should be comparable to the celestials of the main world in strength.

Just thinking about it made Lin Qiyes blood boil.

“This group of big shots is terrifying.

If theyre all so strong because they have a Second Self, doesnt that mean I can also reach that level, or even stronger”

He looked at his tiny fist and was secretly excited.

Was his current strength strong enough

He had the Thunder God Aspect, Immortal Consciousness Soul, Thunder God Domain, and so on.

These were all impressive and had much room for growth.

boxn ovel.


However, even all of these combined couldnt compare to his Second Self!

“If I have a Second Self, I can duplicate all these abilities, and the speed of my cultivation law comprehension will be doubled.

I can also have an infinite loop of spare life.

By then, whats so scary about the demons”

The more he thought about it, the more excited Lin Qiye became.

He grabbed the manual and quickly flipped through the pages.

The ninth page still did not talk about how to cultivate an Outer Dao Dharma and how to fuse the Dharma Body.

However, Lin Qiye was not in a hurry to flip to the next page.

The contents of the ninth page were explanations and conjectures about the formation of the Outer Dao Dharma.

“If I know more about this, it might be helpful for me to master the Outer Dao Dharma and merge with my Second Self.

I should read it carefully first.”

He slowly read the records in the manual and soon realized how lucky he was.

If one wanted to obtain an Outer Dao Dharma, one had to possess something that could obtain the power of faith and was related to the original body in some way as a foundation.

This condition was extremely harsh.

It wasnt impossible to gain believers and the power of faith for an object.

For example, some villages would reminisce and offer up ancient items.

Such items could gain the belief of the local villagers and obtain the power of faith.

However, things that obtained the power of faith in this way would not become an Outer Dao Dharma.

At most, they would give birth to spiritual intelligence and a Holy Spirit.

And if that thing was owned or represented by someone, and the villagers prayed for it because of that person, the power of faith born from it would be attached to that person and would have nothing to do with the offerings.

To put it simply, it was like the buddha statue worshipped in a temple.

People worshiped the buddha statues, not the piles of golden-painted stones, but the Gods behind the buddha statues.

The power of their faith would be transmitted to the Gods and Buddhas behind each statue.

The Buddha statue was only a medium, and no one would believe in that pile of stones.

Naturally, it was impossible to derive an Outer Dao Dharma.

According to the deduction in the manual, if the people who believed in God and Buddha also believed in the pile of stones that made the statue, it could possibly obtain the power of faith and eventually evolve into an Outer Dao Dharma.

But all of this was merely speculation.

Throughout the long river of history, only a handful of people have done it.

“It seems like Im really lucky.

I didnt expect there would be a believer of that pile of stones among my believers.”

While Lin Qiye rejoiced, he couldnt help but have a strange expression.

Believing in him was to seek peace and wealth.

Why did someone put faith in the pile of stones

It was as if a person wanted to ask someone for help but ended up begging a picture of that someone.

Lin Qiye did not know that it was because he had never shown his face in front of anyone other than the villagers of Tata Village.

Therefore, most foreign worshippers thought the statue was the true body of the Holy Spirit of Tata Village.

Believing in the main body of the Holy Spirit and believing in the wisdom of themain body coexisted without any conflict.

Most of the existences who had a Second Self in the past had similar experiences to Lin Qiye.

However, this misunderstanding was too wonderful to describe.

Even the Higher Immortals could not get in their dreams.

After a deep understanding of the Outer Dao Dharmas origin, Lin Qiye had a rough idea of what was going on.

Just as he was about to continue reading the rest of the manual, a burst of noise came into his room.

“What happened Is this still the Holy Infant Temple”

“Oh my god! This was a miracle! A miracle has descended!”

“Lord Holy Infants merit must have touched the heavens.

The heavens must be congratulating him!”

“Something has happened, my Lord! Quickly come out and take a look!”

The voices of Chang Shi and the others rang out in the courtyard.

Lin Qiye frowned and pushed open the door.

The moment he saw what was outside the room, he was instantly stunned.

The small courtyard, which was only 20 square meters, had now expanded to more than 100 square meters.

There was nothing missing in the courtyard, but the space had expanded several times.

After a short moment of shock, Lin Qiye suddenly remembered that last night, the fat monk had told him the Higher Immortals wanted to bless and reward him.

Could this be

“My Lord, you should quickly take a look at the temple.

The entire place has changed.

Everyone outside is saying that you have touched the heavens, so they are giving you blessings and rewards.”

Chang Shi and the others were a little excited.

They had seen the changes in the surroundings when they came over.

Lin Qiye was also curious.

His figure flashed and appeared in the sky above the temple.

He looked down and was shocked.

The Holy Infant Temple, which only had a few branch halls, had expanded to several thousand square meters.

The number of branch halls had not changed, but the area had increased greatly.

There was also a large open space, which seemed to be the foundation for future buildings.

Other than that, the layout of Tata Village had also changed.

The temple was placed in the center of the village.

Although the buildings of the surrounding residents were pushed outwards due to the expansion, none of them were damaged.

The light of Buddha shone, and immortal charm surged.

The village was shrouded in a peaceful atmosphere.

“This is a true miracle, my Lord!”

Chang Shi and the others followed Lin Qiye, all of them ecstatic.

To be able to complete such a magnificent feat of reconstruction without alerting anyone!

Other than a miracle, what else could explain it

Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

He couldnt help but have a new understanding of those Higher Immortals.

At the very least, this technique was something he couldnt even imagine when he was at his peak.

“Lord, look! Our Holy Infant Temples name has also changed.

Now, theres the wordCity God.\'” Hou Tu pointed at the sign at the main entrance of the temple and said.

Lin Qiye turned his head.

As expected, the signboard of the temple had disappeared.

In its place was a plaque twice as big and had the words “Holy Infant City God Temple” written on it.

It was grand and solemn.

Lin Qiye smiled as he looked at the excited Chang Shi and others.

“The few of you should move in in the future.

There are many empty spaces in this temple, and its quite unsightly to be idle.”

Chang Shi and the others were stunned, but then they were overjoyed.

“Thank you for your grace, my Lord!”

They excitedly ran to the open space below.

Even Butcher couldnt hide his excitement.

He began to discuss with Chang Shi and the others how to allocate the base.

However, there were still two people who hadnt made a move.

One was Luo Xiaobei.

He was about to break through to the Embodier Realm and leave to carry out Lin Qiyes mission.

The other was lonemoon.

She stood beside Lin Qiye and looked at him with a whiny expression.

Lin Qiye seemed to have sensed something.

He turned around and looked at Lonemoon.

“Arent you going to pick one”

Lonemoon bit her red lips, her face flushed.

Whats wrong with this guy

After bullying her last night, he was acting like nothing had happened!

“Im not going!” She tilted her head and tried to express her dissatisfaction.

After what happened last night, Lonemoon finally realized.

Lin Qiyes tiny soul was definitely not an ignorant baby.

The way he dealt with people was simply skillful.

He seemed to understand her body better than herself!


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