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461 Repent For the Rest of Your Life!

Butcher didnt care about him.

He only stared at Chi Jin and said, “Go back.

Its not easy for you to cultivate to this level.

Repent for the rest of your life, and you might be saved.”


Seeing Butcher acting like an elder trying to persuade a lost young man, the armored demon immediately pointed at his nose and wanted to scold him.

However, Chi Jin, who was at the side, stopped him.

He turned into his human form and flew close to Butcher to look at him.

“My guy, arent you being too nosy”

When Butcher discovered Chi Jins army, Chi Jin also noticed his presence quickly.

He could feel that Butchers aura was much stronger than his.

At least, in a one-on-one situation, he had no chance of winning.

Therefore, he didnt want to make an enemy of them easily.

Butcher looked at Chi Jin, his expression still unchanged.

“Im here on Lord Holy Infants orders to stop you.

If you dont listen to my advice, dont blame me for being merciless.”

boxn ovel.


Behind Chi Jin, the demons heard Butchers words and burst into laughter.

They could sense the terrifying aura on Butchers body.

He should be in the Embodier Realm, just like lord Chi Jin.

However, this was not a one-on-one battle between them.

If a battle broke out, how could an Embodier Realm expert withstand the combined attacks of so many demons

“Hmph, what an arrogant fellow.

I am only giving you face.

Do you really think I am afraid of you”

Chi Jin was so mad that he laughed instead.

He didnt want to provoke Embodier Realm experts, but that didnt mean he was afraid.

Moreover, there were so many demons under him right now.

If he were to show his fear, what prestige would he have in the army

“If thats the case, I can only kill you here.”

Butchers voice was cold.

The aura around him suddenly became sharp.

A boundless black mist spread out without any warning.

In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of Chi Jins soldiers, including him, were shrouded in the black mist.

“Whats going on Where did the moon go”

“Its the black mist.

Theres something strange about this black mist!”

Soon, the demons shrouded in the black mist found that their field of vision had been reduced to less than half a meter.

They could hear the voices of their companions around them, but they could not see anything beyond half a meter.

Chi Jin was also shocked.

He had thought that Butcher was only slightly stronger than him in cultivation.

He didnt expect him to have such a strange trick.

That was tens of thousands of lesser demons!

They occupied tens of thousands of square meters.

But now, this guy of unknown origin had summoned endless black mist in the blink of an eye, restricting all of them within it.

Even he, an Embodier Realm expert, couldnt figure out what the black mist was.

“Dont panic! Lets form a line and immediately break through this black mist!”

Some demons noticed that the black mist did not seem to have any offensive abilities other than vision blocking and detection.

Thus, they immediately shouted and tried to walk out of the black mist in a straight line by grabbing each other.

At the same time, Lonemoon, Chang Shi, Hou Tu, and Gui Nian couldnt help but look shocked.

They had personally experienced the power of the black mist.

If Lin Qiye had not been there, they would have been trapped in the black mist, unable to escape.

“Is that guy crazy Wouldnt his energy be sucked dry rapidly if he were to maintain such a huge domain”

Although Chang Shi marveled at Butchers power, he was also worried that Butcher would be exhausted to death in a very short time.

After all, it was a black mist that covered an area of tens of thousands of meters.

If he were to use a similar domain, he would probably be sucked dry into a dried corpse in an instant.

“What should we do Are we just going to wait”

Hou Tu was slightly anxious.

If Butcher died here, they would be to blame.

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