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435 Peeling Off His Soul Layer By Layer

He then tried to use the power of faith to strip away the drop of pure spiritual energy.

The method was still the same as when he was stripping away the demonized part of his body.

If there was demonic Qi in the spiritual energy, it should have been extracted.

“Phew.” Lin Qiye took a deep breath, and his eyes lit up.

He focused his mind and directed all his attention on controlling the power of faith.

He began to screen every energy particle in that drop of spiritual energy.

Although it was only the size of a pea, Lin Qiye did not dare to split his attention on such a meticulous operation.

Even so, it still took him an entire day to finish examining every part of that droplet.

When the last beam of power of faith swept over, there was still no change in the spiritual energy water bead.

“Eh Nothing”

Lin Qiye looked at the fluorescent light green water droplet in surprise.

He had already checked it and could confirm that this water droplet was absolutely pure.

There was no sign of contamination.

“Could it be that the spiritual energy in this world was not contaminated”

Lin Qiye was a little puzzled.

If his demonization earlier wasnt due to him absorbing spiritual energy, what else could it be

The power of faith

It seemed even more impossible.

After all, when Lin Qiye stripped away the demonized portion, he relied on the power of faith.

However, other than that, there was only spiritual energy.

But mental power was related to ones soul and thoughts.

If there were a problem with Lin Qiyes mentality, his thoughts and soul would definitely be affected.

For example, the souls of those who had been corrupted by the demons were contaminated, and their thoughts would become closer to a demon or even fully demonized.

They would start to show the characteristics of demons.

Greed, bloodlust, slyness, and viciousness would all be reflected in the corrupted.

However, he had no problem with it.

In Lin Qiyes current state, seeing ones true nature was the key.

If he was eroded, he would notice the abnormality even if he could not detect the source.

“Its not spiritual energy, nor the power of faith or mental power.”

Lin Qiye pinched his chin as if he had suddenly thought of something.

“If its not because of the energy, then the problem might very well be this soul of mine!”

He suddenly recalled the conversation Lonemoon had with him.

Lonemoon told him that every soul would naturally know how to create a physical body when born.

However, he didnt know about that.

From the looks of it, his existence seemed to be different from other soul bodies.

“Thats right.

Since this world was set up by demons to assimilate me, they would definitely try to do something to me.

“It must be like this! Those demons must have done something to my soul!”

Lin Qiyes eyes glinted.

He could almost confirm that the root of all the problems was in his soul.

“Hmph, it seems like the purification of the power of faith was not thorough enough.”

Lin Qiye sneered.

Previously, when he was absorbing the power of faith, it automatically cleared out a lot of demonic Qi from his body.

At that time, he thought that the power of faith had helped him get rid of it.

But now, it seemed there was a hidden danger he didnt know about.

Even the power of faith could not detect it.

However, that was only limited to the power of faiths automatic probing.

He did not personally control it.

Now that Lin Qiye was aware of his condition, Lin Qiye immediately mobilized the power of faith and began to examine his soul from in to out.

No abnormalities in his head.

There was nothing unusual about his neck and torso either.

He then checked his limbs.

Under Lin Qiyes meticulous control, he used the power of faith to screen his body.

However, he did not find anything unusual.

“You want to play hide and seek Id like to see how deep you can hide!”

Lin Qiyes eyes turned cold.

What he did just now was the simplest routine check, and he only checked the surface.

It was like going to the hospital for a physical examination.

Some major problems might be discovered.

However, there was no way to detect the parts that had yet to transform into an infection source.

Lin Qiye once again activated the power of faith in his body.

This time, he even used his mental power.

“I dont believe that I cant find you after I tear my soul apart inch by inch.”

Lin Qiye gritted his teeth.

His mental power suddenly transformed into a sharp blade and began to separate his soul layer by layer.

This operation was like using a scalpel to peel off his skin layer by layer.

The level of pain would only increase.

The only difference was that after the soul was stripped, the damage became insignificant.

As long as it wasnt completely torn apart and annihilated, even if his soul was separated into dozens of layers, Lin Qiye would be able to recover quickly and not suffer any fatal injuries.

However, the pain he had to endure was not something ordinary people could bear.

“No Then lets continue!”

The first layer of his soul had been stripped off.

Lin Qiye carefully inspected every inch of his body but did not find anything unusual.

He continued with the second layer, the third layer, and the fourth layer…

Since his soul did not have flesh and bone and was purely made up of spiritual energy, Lin Qiye could only peel it off layer by layer.

By the time he reached the tenth layer, his soul body was only the size of a walnut.

The outer layer was scattered to the side, ready to be absorbed at any time.

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