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Chapter 425: Tiger Demon Rogue Ghosts

Outside the Holy Infant Temple, a few people on the street whispered to each other.

Lin Qiye sat on a tree by the road, speechless.

“Fortunately, I sent Lonemoon away just now.

Otherwise, if she heard this, Im afraid I would be in trouble.”

After this incident, Lin Qiye had a deep understanding of the power of words.

Lonemoon merely hugged him, but now, it had become a forbidden story unsuitable for children!

However, what he did not expect was that someone would give an in-depth analysis of these groundless matters.

“Although Lord Holy Infant is a Holy Spirit, who said that love can only be possessed by mortals Its obvious that Lord Fox Immortal and he are in love.

Theres no problem at all for them to do something!”

“Thats right.

Although most immortal spirits are abstinent, Lord Holy Infant is extraordinary at first glance! In my opinion, this is what great freedom is, much better than those fake Immortals in the Buddhist temple!”

“Yes, compared to the immortals worshiped in the temple, the Holy Infant has brought us good fortune! I dont dare to talk about him anymore!”

The news spread quickly, but the speed at which it was quelled was equally incredible.

Before Lin Qiye could do anything, the villagers had already thought of an excuse for him.

After all, the villagers of Tata Village had prayed to many Gods, but they had never received favor and care.

Only the Holy Infant had saved a group of children in the village.

The Fox Immortal had also saved many villagers.

As a result, with the cooperation of the villagers, the lewd story had turned into freedom not restricted by the secular world and was talked about with great relish.

Lin Qiye could only sigh at the villagers strong imagination, but he did not interfere.

Anyway, he had no intention of interfering in this gossip.

Those guys could spread it however they wanted.

After returning to the temple, Lin Qiye turned invisible.

He leaned against the statue and took out a formation compass.

There were two dots of light flashing on it.

Lin Qiye stared at the light and fell into deep thought.

It seems that Lonemoons plan has likely been exposed.

Lin Qiye had set up a surveillance formation on the mountain.

As long as anyone with cultivation entered or left, he would immediately receive a warning.

Therefore, the moment Lonemoon left the mountain, he already knew.

Moreover, after the two of them met, he found that she had a vengeful spirit attached to her that was extremely difficult to discover.

If not for Lin Qiyes mental power, he would have been fooled by the vengeful spirit.

Since that tiger demon sent vengeful spirits to keep an eye on Lonemoon, Lin Qiye had to change his plans.

Ever since he found that Lonemoon was watched by vengeful spirits, Lin Qiye did not dare to say anything more to her.

It was also the real reason he was in a hurry to let Lonemoon return and not let her leave the mountain.

If they had met more often, the tiger demon naturally would understand their situation more clearly.

At that time, their situation and plan would be exposed.

What chance of victory would they have if they fought

Although theres still half a year, who knows if the tiger demon will come up with some tricks

“It seems I have to break through to the late Golden Core Realm in a short time or even the Nascent Soul Realm.”

Lin Qiyes eyes flickered.

Since their plan had been exposed, the tiger demon must have come up with a countermeasure.

He had no idea when the tiger demon would attack them, so the only thing he could do now was to improve his strength as soon as possible.

As long as Lin Qiye advanced to the Nascent Soul Realm before the tiger demon took action, all of his means would not be able to pose a threat to him.

“If I cant even take care of you, I might as well give up on this simulation.”

Lin Qiye was full of confidence.

Holy light shone all over his body, lighting up the Holy Infant Temple.

The villagers who came to pay their respects were illuminated by the holy light, and their spirits were instantly lifted.

Every breath of air they took made them feel comfortable, as if their lives had been sublimated.

“Lord Holy Infant has appeared! The Holy Infant has appeared!”

The villagers near the temple all knelt and bowed in the direction of the statue.

Wisps of invisible energy quietly nurtured and surged toward the center of the temple without anyone noticing.

Lin Qiye, who was thinking about how to improve his cultivation quickly, was shocked.

It was the power of faith!

He had encountered the power of faith more than once in his previous simulations, but he couldnt explain this strange energy.

Even after he advanced to the Immortal Realm, he was unable to find the root of it.

However, one thing was for sure.

The power of faith contained a strong effect.

Although Lin Qiye didnt know how to control it, as long as he could obtain the power of faith, he could become stronger easily.

“Could it be that the merit in this world is the power of faith” Lin Qiye pinched his chin as he pondered.

With a sweep of his mental power, he could tell that the villagers prostrating themselves outside were indeed pious.

He could also vaguely feel an endless stream of power of faith pouring into his body.

“Forget it.

It seems like a waste of time to think about this.

However, now that I have the power of belief, it will be much easier for me to cultivate.”

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