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Chapter 411: Horror In The Mountains

The fat monk didnt kill him because he hadnt degenerated into an evil spirit.

It meant that as long as Lin Qiye showed kindness, he would not come to find trouble with him.

As expected, after hearing this, the fat monk revealed a smile.


Its truly a cause for celebration for this young Almsgiver to have such awareness.”

A cause for celebration

Lin Qiye raised an eyebrow.

Why did the monks words sound so strange What was there to be happy about

“If you could maintain this thought, this poor monk will have completed the Wang family patriarchs request.


The fat monk looked at Lin Qiye with a smile, his eyes squinting into a line.

Soon, his narrowed eyes opened slightly, and a soul-stirring cold light burst out from within.

“However, if you dare to do evil, I will hunt you down even for thousands of miles and destroy your body and soul.

You will never be able to reincarnate.”

These words were spoken unhurriedly, but the killing intent within was unconcealed.

The word “threat” was almost written on the monks face.

Lin Qiye frowned.

“That will depend on your ability.”

The fat monk nodded slightly and didnt say anything else.

He drove the carriage and left with the money he had obtained from the Wang family.

Lin Qiye watched the fat monk disappear at the end of the field, feeling even more puzzled.

The monk looked righteous on the outside, but there was a terrifying baleful aura hidden within.

Moreover, as a monk, he seemed to be full of righteousness and compassion on the surface, but he was thinking about worldly wealth.

Lin Qiye had witnessed everything in the Wang familys courtyard.

The monk said the treasures were tainted, but Lin Qiye did not sense any evil aura from them.

He was now a ghost, and no one was more sensitive to the aura of evil than he was.

Moreover, with the fat monks cultivation, getting rid of the evil Qi was just a matter of waving his hand.

Why would he need to do any ritual

Therefore, in Lin Qiyes opinion, the fat monks trip was simply to help the Wang family patriarch, and the money was his reward.

“Theres something strange about this monk.

Although he doesnt seem to have any ill intentions towards me, its better to be careful.”

After the fat monk left, Lin Qiye returned to cultivating the Immortal Consciousness Soul.

Since he possessed the skinny youth in the village, Lin Qiye realized that although he had temporarily suppressed the resentment, the power that had entangled him had not completely dissipated.

Just the little bit of evil energy that leaked out was enough to have a significant negative impact on ordinary people.

If he didnt strengthen his soul and absorb pure energy to expel it, it might breed a more powerful and terrifying evil force that would attract other cultivators.

At that time, even if he revealed his innate Qi, he would probably be attacked by the people of the righteous path.

Just like that, Lin Qiye spent a few months cultivating near Tata Village.

It was worth mentioning that many low-level vengeful spirits were wandering around Tata Village.

During Lin Qiyes cultivation period, he killed many spirits and saved several villagers.

“Have you heard Recently, many people in the village have encountered dirty things in the mountains.”

“Ive long heard of it.

A few days ago, my second uncle went to the mountains to gather firewood.

He even saw a legless guy floating in the air!”

“F*ck! Is that true Dont scare me!”

“Why would I lie to you It was what my second aunts father told me.

Moreover, he was chased by that thing at that time!”

Under the big tree at the top of Tata Village, a group of young men gathered and chatted.

“What are you guys doing here instead of working” A middle-aged man walked toward the group with a stern face.

The young men were excited when they saw the middle-aged man.

They quickly went up to him.

“Uncle Liu! Youre just in time.

We were talking about you!”

“Second uncle.”

The two young men who had been talking the most rushed to the middle-aged mans side.

“Me Brats, when did you become like those gossiping women”

The middle-aged man thought they were badmouthing him, so he rolled up his sleeves and was about to beat them up.

The two young men quickly dodged.

“Hey! Uncle, listen to me! We didnt say anything bad about you!”

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged man stopped and looked at the two young men in the lead.


What are you talking about”

“Hehe, uncle, didnt you tell me what happened in the mountains two days ago I just told them, but they didnt believe me and said I was bragging!”

One of the young men chuckled and explained the situation.

Everyones eyes fell on the middle-aged man as if waiting for him to confirm.

Upon seeing this, the middle-aged mans expression gradually became serious.

He glanced at the crowd and spoke in a low voice.

“It seems that I have to tell you about this matter.”

The middle-aged mans serious expression made the group of young men could not help but feel nervous.

“A few days ago, I went into the mountains to gather firewood and encountered some terrifying things.

It was morning when I entered the mountain.

When I took a bundle of firewood and was ready to leave, the sun was still at its highest point.”

As the middle-aged man spoke, he pointed at the gloomy sky.

Everyones eyes followed him, and they all held their breaths, not even daring to breathe loudly.

The middle-aged man continued.

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