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Chapter 410: Horror In The Mountains

Lin Qiye looked at the fat monk suspiciously but did not move.

He knew that with his current strength, he could not resist the monk.

Upon seeing that Lin Qiye was staring at him and no longer trying to escape, the fat monk put his palms together and continued, ” “Young Almsgiver, I was entrusted by your birth father to come and purify your soul, but it seems that there is no need to do so now.”

Biological father Lin Qiye was stunned when he heard this.

He had never seen what his father looked like in his life.

But now, he heard that his father had hired this monk to purify his soul.

It was obviously not simple.

His cheap father knew about his death.

Lin Qiye then thought of the womans disgusted expression when she abandoned him and fell silent.

What kind of parents would be so cruel as to throw their child into the river to drown

Seeing that Lin Qiye was silent, the fat monk stared at the faint layer of light on his body for a while.

Then, he slowly asked, “Young Almsgiver, are you wondering what happened behind the scenes”

Lin Qiye raised his head and looked at the fat monk.

“Do you know”

The fat monk turned his head and looked up at the sky, his face full of pity.


Little Almsgiver, its a long story.

Please listen to this poor monks explanation.”

After the fat monk nagged for a while, he explained the cause and effect of this incident.

It turned out that Lin Qiyes birth was a mistake made by the Tata Villages Wang family patriarch.

About half a year ago, Tata Village had invited a mage to dispel the evil because of the intrusion of an evil spirit.

After clearing the evil stuff, the Wang family patriarch held a banquet to celebrate.

Perhaps he had drunk too much that day, but the Wang family patriarch was in a daze as he got together with a single woman in the village.

After the incident, he was worried that the matter would be exposed, so he helped that woman and told her not to spread it.

That woman had always been taken care of by the Wang family patriarch.

She was grateful and didnt make a big deal out of it.

She chose to keep it a secret.

However, unfortunately, that woman got pregnant.

Seeing that her stomach was getting bigger day by day, the neighbors around her noticed her abnormality.

All sorts of rumors began to spread in the village.

Her pregnancy could no longer be hidden, and the childs father naturally became the main topic of discussion in the village.

Many people were suspected, but no one had ever suspected the Wang family patriarch.

After all, his kindness was known by all the villages in the surrounding area.

The villagers would never suspect him.

However, in this way, the pregnant woman became a slut in the villagersmouths.

Overnight, she became the object of everyones disdain.

The woman couldnt bear the humiliation and had thought of aborting the child, but she was told that her body was too weak and she couldnt take the abortion medicine.

Otherwise, she would lose her life.

The Wang family patriarch couldnt bear to see her suffer, so he found her and told her to take care of her body first.

In the blink of an eye, a few months had passed.

No one expected the childs development rate would be much faster than normal.

In half a year, it had already matured and was about to be born.

The woman was unprepared and gave birth to a boy in her yard.

This matter quickly spread throughout the village.

The woman, who was already criticized by others, attracted a group of middle-aged women to denounce her.

They called her a vixen, shameless whore, junk, and so on.

She was bombarded by unpleasant words.

The woman couldnt take it and finally had a mental breakdown.

She threw the child into the river and drowned him.

And after that, the woman disappeared.

The child who had drowned was Lin Qiye, who turned into a ghost in the end.

“Thats all.

After the Wang family patriarch learned of this, he was worried that you would harbor resentment and turn into an evil spirit.

He sent an urgent message to me, asking me to come and purify your soul.”

“…” Lin Qiye was speechless after hearing the fat monks words.

He didnt expect himself to be the child of thegreat philanthropist in the village and that his fate would be so melodramatic.

“So Why arent you ferrying me to the afterworld now”

Lin Qiye looked at the fat monk in confusion.

“Amitabha,” The fat monk said with a benevolent expression.

“I can see that you already have the innate Qi to protect your body.

I believe that you have already restrained the erosion of evil thoughts and will not degenerate into an evil spirit again.”

Lin Qiye remained silent.

Indeed, he had been cultivating the Immortal Consciousness Soul to resist the intrusion of resentment.

And because his mental power had been strengthened, the Dao Repository Technique could circulate on its own.

Even if he did not deliberately cultivate, he could accumulate innate Qi easily.

Lin Qiye couldnt help but rejoice at the thought.

It was a good thing that he had started cultivating early.

Otherwise, he would have been purified to the afterworld by the fat monk a few days later.

“I wonder what your next plan is” The fat monk suddenly asked.

Lin Qiye was a little confused.

This monk seemed to be paying too much attention to him.

There were thousands of evil beings in the world, and it was strange that the monk was wasting so much time on him.

He replied casually, “What else can I do Do more good deeds, accumulate more virtue, and strive to achieve a positive outcome as soon as possible.”

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