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Similar to it was the Resentment Immortal Eye.

The Eye was definitely more effective in suppressing resentment than the Immortal Consciousness Soul.

However, his only regret was that it could not strengthen his soul.

In addition, the Possession technique and the Soul Cultivation Technique might also have some use.

After all, Lin Qiye was reincarnated as a spiritual being in this simulation.

Techniques that involved the soul were likely to come in handy.

Of course, he remembered his movement points.

In the last simulation, he had made a bloody profit.

Up until now, he already had 55.89 million points!

With so many movement points and the Deduction of Genesis, why would he need to worry about encountering problems he couldnt solve in the future

Although he was confident, Lin Qiye didnt show any signs of neglect.

After all, even the main world had warned him to be careful during this trip.

Apart from these things that might come to great use, he has countless other treasures.

For example, the Blade of Ruins, the Dragon Turtle Armor, and the Explosion Elemental Pearl.

He had numerous armor and weapons, and consumable items were also stacked, causing ones eyes to be dazzled.

These items were all given to him by the various large factions.

As for whether they were useful, one would only know when they encountered a situation in the future.

Just as he was thinking, a ray of light suddenly enveloped Lin Qiyes body, pulling him into a new spacetime.

[Entering simulation.

Your special life is beginning.]

On a nameless river, a woman with a numb expression threw a baby into the river.

The baby cried and struggled.

As soon as he entered the water, he continuously choked on river water into his lungs.


Its so uncomfortable.

In the swaddling clothes, Lin Qiye struggled and cried in pain.

But because he was still too young, he couldnt control it.

Under the fear of death, he instinctively cried out loud.

Soon, he rolled his eyes.

When Lin Qiye opened his eyes again, he suddenly felt suffocated.

He widened his eyes and desperately kicked his legs and waved his arms, trying to run toward the light above.

One inch.

Two inches.

Three inches.

The unprecedented pain made him throw everything to the back of his mind.

At this moment, he only wanted to touch the light.

It seemed that as long as he reached it, he would be able to get rid of this pain.


He did not know how much time had passed when hefinally touched the light.

After taking a deep breath, Lin Qiye began to cough violently.


He lay on the shore, his short hands tightly holding onto the weeds by the river so that he would not be flushed away by the flowing water.

Fear surged in his head, causing his consciousness to become blurry, and his mind was on the verge of collapse.


A fish suddenly jumped out of the water and hit his skinny body.

It pushed him onto the river bank.

“Im… Im saved…”

Lin Qiye lay on the bank covered with weeds and panted heavily.

The feeling of having survived the disaster finally made him regain his senses.

As his memories flooded in, he finally got rid of his fear and realized his current situation.

“Is this my new life” Lin Qiye looked at his translucent arm and shuddered.

Before he could think about it, the scene of him being abandoned suddenly appeared in his mind.

The womans face was numb as if she resented him.

When he choked on the water, the pain felt as if it would tear his heart and lungs apart.

Just thinking about that scene, Lin Qiye could not help but spit out the river water, appearing to be in excruciating pain.

As a drowning water ghost, he would always bear the pain of it.

“What mother would be heartless enough to drown her own child in the river!”

Lin Qiye vomited out the river water in pain, and his translucent body continued to struggle on the river bank.

The womans heartless eyes kept appearing in his mind.

A sense of resentment attacked him, causing his eyes to glow red.

“Damn it! A woman like that doesnt deserve to be a mother! She deserves to die!”

Voices filled with hate rang out in his mind.

Yes, she deserved to die!

Lin Qiyes expression became more and more twisted.

A brutal and bloodthirsty look gradually appeared in his eyes.


At this moment, a fish jumped out and spat a mouthful of ice-cold river water onto his face.

He doesnt have a body, but when the river water came into contact with him, it drenched his entire face.

Lin Qiye suddenly shivered, and his consciousness instantly became much clearer.

“That was close! I was almost controlled by the resentment!”

He looked at the ripples on the river surface with lingering fear and subconsciously took a step back.

The drowning had left trauma on him.

Because of this, the resentment had a chance to take advantage of him.

“No, my current condition is horrible.

I must first think of a way to resist the erosion of the resentment.”

The crisis came without any warning.

Lin Qiye finally understood why the main world had reminded him.

He hurriedly sat cross-legged and began to recall the cultivation method of the Immortal Consciousness Soul.

To resist the resentment of being abandoned and drowned, one had to have strong mental strength.

“That fish in the river seemed to have saved me twice.

I think that should be the main worlds special care.”

Lin Qiye flipped through the cultivation method of the Immortal Consciousness Soul while recalling the situation just now.

It was this simple distraction that caused endless resentment to invade his sea of consciousness once again.

“Youve been abandoned! Your birth mother murdered you! You must take revenge! Go and kill her! Everyone deserves to die!”

The resentment kept bewitching Lin Qiye, scaring him so much that he hurriedly steadied his mind and began cultivating according to the law.

Strange halos that couldnt be noticed by the naked eye flowed into Lin Qiyes soul.

The resentment was gradually stripped away, turning into a black mist that lingered around Lin Qiyes soul.

It attempted to invade Lin Qiye again.

However, those strange halos formed a faint membrane of light on the surface of his soul, blocking its invasion.

The membrane of light emitted a weak fluorescence.

Every time it blocked the black mist, it would become dimmer.

However, as Lin Qiye continued to inhale, more and more halos surged into his body.

The light membrane struggling to hold on became thicker and thicker.

It even emitted a pure and holy aura.

The black mist attacked again.

When it hit the light membrane, it immediately let out a shrill scream.


This time, the light membrane did not weaken.

Instead, it became stronger.

When the black mist collided, it immediately became much thinner.

It quickly retreated as if it was afraid of the light membrane.

At this moment, Lin Qiye suddenly opened his eyes.

The blood in his eyes had disappeared, and two beams of holy light shot out, charging toward the black fog.

“Ah!” A scream sounded.

The black mist was destroyed on the spot.

“Phew!” Lin Qiye looked at the black fog that had been destroyed and let out a long breath.

That attack was the purest energy he had gathered by mobilizing his spiritual power.

Evil beings were not only afraid of masculine things but they were also countered by the purest of all.

“I managed to escape this time, but I still cant let my guard down.”

Lin Qiye sat cross-legged on the ground.

His expression was not much relaxed.

He cleared the resentment, but he could feel that there was still a new resentment brewing in his body.

If he stopped cultivating and strengthening his soul, he might not escape the fate of being eroded by resentment.

“A pure soul is still too weak.

The energy in this world is mixed.

Although I can strengthen my mental power, I will also attract evil beings when I absorb the energy.

“It seems that cultivating my mental power alone is not enough to solve this problem.”

Lin Qiye analyzed the situation.

“I have to find a way to reconstruct a body and rely on other talents.”

To Lin Qiye, the Immortal Consciousness Soul was the best way to strengthen his mental power and soul.

However, it was not enough to completely eliminate the erosion problem.

Therefore, he had to rebuild his physical body to cultivate other abilities that could restrain resentment.

For example, the Resentment Immortal Eye, immortal Qi, and immortal bones had to have the support of a physical body to reach their maximum effects.

Otherwise, they would be severely weakened.


It seems that I have to work hard in this life.”

Lin Qiye sighed as he lay on the grass.

He thought he could easily pass this simulation with many treasures and movement points, but he still couldnt get rid of the hard work needed.

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