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“Reincarnation! Its the power of reincarnation!”

It was only at this moment that the messy-haired elder finally understood the demons intentions.

His face was filled with pain and hatred as if he had recalled something unbearable from the past.

The world returned to silence.

The black clouds in the sky also disappeared.

If not for the ruined scene before them, everyone would probably think everything was just an illusion.

“It… Its over”

“What about the Celestial Immortal What about Lin Qiye”

Looking at the ruined scene outside the city, the group of Diamond Level Practitioners felt a little dazed.

Just now, Lin Qiye was still fighting against the Celestial Immortal.

But suddenly, the Celestial Immortal began to sacrifice itself, and Lin Qiye was also sucked into that strange vortex.

In contrast with the Diamond Level Practitioners, who were at a loss, the few Immortal Level experts were all in shock at this moment.

“Thats the power of reincarnation.

Lin Qiye has been sucked into reincarnation!”

The fear on the luxurious mans face had yet to dissipate, and he still couldnt believe what he saw.

He came from Ideal Island, and his knowledge was much better than that of an ordinary noble family.

Just now, when Lin Qiye was sucked in, he also felt the power of reincarnation together with the messy-haired elder.


I didnt expect Almsgiver Lin to be so envied by the demons.

Im afraid hes doomed this time.” Xiao Cibeis face was full of pity.

The messy-haired old man didnt say anything, but his face was as dark as the night sky.

The demons who sacrificed themselves today were a horrifying force!

Forty-nine Immortal Level demons and a Celestial Immortal! They completed the self-sacrifice to pull Lin Qiye into the cycle of reincarnation

“I didnt expect Lin Qiyes talent to make the demons fear him to such an extent.

They didnt hesitate to sacrifice so many Immortal Level demons and even a Celestial Immortal to get rid of him.”

Some Diamond Level Practitioners sighed.

Although everyone felt sorry for him, most of them were glad they had survived the disaster.

Lin Qiye was dead, but they had survived.

The crisis in Star City had also been resolved.

Only three Immortal Level experts looked at each other.

They all knew that if the demons only wanted to get rid of Lin Qiye, they could have the Celestial Immortal kill him directly.

They didnt need to pay such a huge price.

Their ultimate goal wasnt to kill Lin Qiye but to devour him!

They wanted him to become a puppet of the demon race and host their supreme being!

In this battle, the human side suffered a crushing defeat.

Not only did they lose a genius who had the potential to become a supreme being, but they also sent a future supreme being to the demon race!

The Star City residents rejoiced at the fact that they had survived the calamity.

Was Lin Qiye alive Was he dead No one knew.

In the chaos, there was a faint rhythmic rhythm.

It seemed to be a beating heart.

Pushing away the chaos, on a huge spacetime egg, there was an aura clinging to it.

On the egg, there was a faint shadow that made peoples hair stand on end.

At the same time, in a large city in the southern region, a few Immortal Level experts were respectfully standing beside a middle-aged Celestial Immortal man in a luxurious manor.

“Theres a reply from Star City.

The matter is over.

That youth has been dragged into a nightmare simulation, and theres no way hell be able to make a comeback.”

In the darkness, a voice rang out, but nothing could be seen.

“Dont be careless.

That kid is tough.

I cant feel at ease until I confirm his death.”

“If something goes wrong, hell become a major threat to my sons rise in the future!”

The middle-aged Celestial Immortal narrowed his eyes slightly, his expression solemn.

“Dont worry.

Ive already performed divination just now.

The results are chaotic.

This time, he definitely wont survive!” The voice in the dark said confidently.

“Thats for the best.”

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