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Most of the replies were not good news, but Wen Shuhong received a message from an expert from Ideal Island.

“Has someone broken through Thats great!”

The Diamond Level Practitioners were all delighted.

Since one person could break through the encirclement, the others should be able to do the same.

It was a matter of time.

“Theres another piece of news.

The support team from the southwest has also arrived at the outskirts of Star City.

There are Immortal Level experts among them! However, weve lost contact with them, and theres still no reply.”

Upon hearing this news, the group could not help but become nervous.

The reinforcement had arrived at the outskirts of Star City, but they had suddenly lost contact.

“Did anything happen to them”

Right now, the city was filled with demons.

Even if the reinforcements arrived, they would have to break through the blockade before entering Star City.

If it were the other defensive lines, it would be fine.

Most of them were just some demons below Diamond Level.

They would not be able to stop an Immortal Level existence at all.

However, if it were the South Gate, no matter who the reinforcements were, they would have to face the forty-nine Immortal Level demons!

Not everyone was as strong as Lin Qiye.

A few people couldnt withstand such a battle.

Therefore, when they heard that the team coming to support them had lost contact, everyones hearts were at their throats.

“Report! The Immortal Level demons outside the city seem to be fighting with someone!”

Just as everyone was nervous, a messenger suddenly ran into the meeting room in a hurry.


Everyone stood up immediately.

What they were afraid of came true.

At this time, who else could have a conflict with the Immortal Level demons besides the reinforcements

“It might be that support team.

What should we do”

Everyone turned to look at Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye tapped his finger on the table and looked in the direction outside the city.

There, he discovered three Immortal Level auras belonging to humans.

He slowly stood up and looked at everyone.

“Ill go take a look first.”

Before his voice fell, Lin Qiye disappeared from the meeting room.

Outside the defense line of the South Gate, more than ten Immortal Level demons gathered.

Their huge bodies were like mountains, shadowing the three tiny humans in the center.

One was a young man in monk robes; one was an old man with disheveled hair and a dirty face; the other was a middle-aged man in luxurious clothes.

The three stood with their backs facing each other.

The man in luxurious clothes raised his head to look at the group of demons, beads of sweat appearing on his forehead.

“Little monk, I see that your strength seems to have a restraining effect on the demons.

How many can you deal with”


This little monk is lacking in strength.

I can temporarily hold them off for a moment on behalf of both of you.”

The monk-robed young man had a compassionate expression on his face.

He did not say how many he could deal with.

However, from his tone, he seemed to be able to block all the demons in front of him within a certain time!


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