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Jiang Lianyi did not answer.

She stared at the figure in the video and was so excited that she was a little absent-minded.

“Its really him…”

A strange light flashed in her eyes.

After a moment, she returned to her senses and looked at Father Jiang.

“Father, you just said this is a distress message from Star City Is he in Star City now”

Although Father Jiang was a little puzzled by Jiang Lianyis reaction, he still replied, “This happened yesterday.

The youth in the video is called Lin Qiye.

I dont know if it is true or false.

“I think this video is a fake.

How can a teenager from the countryside have the strength of an Immortal Moreover, he can fight against so many demons simultaneously.”

The elders of the Jiang family scoffed at the videos content.

They didnt believe that a young man from the countryside could have such strength either.

However, Jiang Lianyi didnt pay attention to what they said.

She looked at Father Jiang and said determinedly, “Father, I want to go to Star City to support him!”

“What did you say”

Father Jiang couldnt believe his ears.

“Are you alright Star City is currently surrounded by dozens of Immortal-Level demons! Even the City of Sea doesnt dare to say they can withstand them!”

Jiang Lianyis expression was firm as she looked at the figure in the video.

“I must go! He saved me back then.

I cant stand by and watch!”

“No! Youve just advanced to the Immortal Level, and your strength isnt stable yet.

Even if you go, you wont be much help!”

Father Jiang rejected her sternly.

As for saying that he had saved Jiang Lianyi, he didnt care about it because they were facing dozens of Immortal Level demons over there!

Going there was the same as sending herself to her death!

Jiang Lianyi bit her red lips and had a stubborn look on her face.

When she saw the elders cold expressions, the anger in her heart couldnt be calmed.

She stomped her feet on the spot and turned her head to rush out of the door.

The people did not have the time to stop her.

They only heard her leave a sentence and disappear without a trace.

“This time, I must go!”

Ever since she had returned from the last trip, theyouth called Gu Shaoshang had always been on her mind.

When it was quiet at night, she would remember every detail of the past.

The more she could not see him, the more she would miss him, especially after advancing to the Immortal Level.

She wanted to pursue him, to find the person she had been dreaming about.

Now that she suddenly saw his news, it was the moment when he was in danger.

How could she ignore him

Jiang Lianyi ignored her familys objection and rushed to Star City.

At the same time, in the wilderness less than half a days distance away from Star City, a benevolent-looking young man in a monks robe held his palms together, standing amidst a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

Beneath his feet were the remnants of demons and occasionally the remains of a few humans.

The hideous and terrifying remnants of limbs piled into a mountain, and pitch-black, sticky blood soaked the earth like oil.

The young man in a monks robe raised his hand to wipe away a trace of blood on his cheek.

He chanted a compassionate and merciful Buddhas voice.


Under him, the dirty blood churned, and a figure that looked exactly like him but completely black crawled out.

The figure opened his mouth wide, revealing his fangs.

He did not hurt the monk-robed young man but turned around and gnawed at the broken limbs on the ground.

The monk-robed young man chanted the Buddhas dharma.

Waves of echoes reverberated in this world, provoking the pitch-black figure to let out a shrill scream.


The figure covered his head and let out a strange cry, glaring at the monk-robed young man and roaring.

“Hypocrite! Dont you like this feeling very much

“Killing is the best dharma in this world! Only by slaughtering everything can this dirty world be purified!”

The figure roared and pointed at the monk-robed young man.

The young man was unmoved.

His face was still full of pity as he kept chanting the dharma.

Everything in front of him was his sin.

Be it demons or humans, as far as he could see, all living things were buried under his hands.

As the chanting became more and more concentrated, the figure could no longer hold on.


“Bald donkey! Sooner or later, you will definitely drop your disguise!”

The figure held his head in pain and knelt, quickly turning back into a puddle of black water.

The world fell into silence again.

The monk-robed young mans face still had a look of compassion.


Almsgivers, this little monk will go to Star City on your behalf to complete your unfinished mission.”

The monk-robed young man glanced at the human remains on the ground, then turned around and headed in the direction of Star City.

At this moment, in the depths of a cemetery in the southern region, an old man with unkempt hair and a callous expression was leaning against a tombstone and looking into the distance.

Another middle-aged man seemed to have said something to him, then sighed and turned around to leave.

After the middle-aged man had left for a long time, a glimmer of light appeared in the eyes of the messy-haired old man.

At that moment, the space around him faintly trembled.

He staggered to his feet and looked in the direction of Star City, muttering.

“Is it starting to destroy another city

“Perhaps its time to go and take a look.”

In the conference room, Lin Qiye sat on the main seat and calmly listened to everyones reports on the situation in their respective defense zones, as well as the replies to their requests for reinforcements.

“Currently, the reinforcements from the various great families have been blocked by the demons.

They wont be able to arrive in a short time.”

“The Immortal Level experts sent by Ideal Island have already charged out of the demons encirclement and are rushing towards Star City.

They should be arriving very soon!”

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