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Both sides had a tacit understanding.

Upon seeing the demons retreat, the Star City guards morale was greatly boosted.

The citizens also raised their flags and cheered.

They survived this battle!

Lin Qiye single-handedly turned the tide, fighting forty-nine Immortal Level demons and killing one, causing everyones knowledge to be refreshed.

Of course, they didnt know that the demon wasnt actually dead.

But even if they knew, it didnt affect their admiration for Lin Qiye.

After all, he was facing forty-nine Immortal Level demons back then!

With such a battle record, even if the geniuses of Heavenly Court Island came, how many people could compare to Lin Qiye

While everyone was celebrating, Lin Qiye wasnt happy about it.

He gathered the core members of the major forces to attend a meeting and told them about the situation they were facing.

“This batch of demons has a perfect configuration.

Some have excellent defensive abilities, and some have regenerative abilities.

In short, even I cant kill any of them.”

After hearing Lin Qiyes words and seeing his unusually serious expression, everyone present was speechless.

Listen to him.

Was this what a human said

Calmly facing dozens of Immortal Level demons seemed to have become a regretful and unreconciled matter to him.

“Little Qiye, when you say it like that, its quite a blow…”

Wen Shuhong revealed a bitter smile.

Among everyone present, only he dared to call Lin Qiye little Qiye.

“Thats right.

It isnt your problem.

That bunch of demons are too unscrupulous.”

The other Diamond Level Practitioners also echoed.

“But I didnt expect your strength to be this terrifying.

With you around, I believe those Immortal Level demons wouldnt dare to approach without caution.”

“Thats right.

Dont make a move rashly now.

Save your strength and deal with those Immortal Level demons.

Leave the rest to us.

Even if we die, well definitely hold them off!”


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