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At the conference table, the atmosphere was oppressive.

The group of Diamond Level Practitioners all felt a little breathless.

It was not just the oppressive aura but also the mental pressure brought about by the siege of the demons.

“Its a good thing that they arent attacking.

If we delay for another two days, perhaps the reinforcements will arrive.”

Some people were optimistic.

However, none of the people present relaxed because of this.

The power of the demons had long been sufficient to crush Star City.

If they did not attack, it could only mean one thing.

They must be planning some terrifying conspiracy.

Lin Qiye, sitting at the head of the table, finally stood up when he saw the Diamond Practitioners panicking.

“No matter what those demons want to do, we must not lose our footing first.

“Ill go and investigate.

Dont act rashly.”

Lin Qiye was not the type to sit and wait for death.

He planned to probe the situation first.

Everyone had no other way.

Just as they were thinking of coming up with a suitable plan, an urgent message suddenly appeared on the big screen in the meeting room.

“The East Gate is under attack! Requesting backup!”

“Theres a demon invasion at the West Gate! Requesting backup!”

Bad news came one after another.

A few defensive lines were all attacked by the demons without any warning.

“Whats going on Are they going to launch the final attack”

The group of Diamond Level Practitioners immediately panicked.

This time, it was different from the previous attack.

The leader was a group of Immortal Level demons! Any one of them was enough to crush everyone except Lin Qiye.


Everyone instantly calmed down when they heard it.

It was a pacification that contained spiritual power.

Lin Qiye glanced at everyone present, his expression calm.

“All of you immediately go to the various defense areas to provide support.

As for that group of Immortal Level demons, their target is me.

As long as Im here, they wont go anywhere else.”

Everyone was nervous.

However, they had an inexplicable trust in Lin Qiyes words.

“Everyone, return to your own defense zones! We cant let even a single demon enter the city!”

Under Chief Zhengs lead, the group of Diamond Walkers quickly returned to their respective positions.

Lin Qiye, on the other hand, guarded the South Gate alone, looking at the demons from afar.

He wasnt worried that an Immortal Level demon would be attacking the other defense lines.

Over the past two days, he had confirmed that the Immortal Level demons had placed all their focus on him.

As a result, even when the forty-nine Immortal Level demons arrived, they did not attack rashly.

Instead, they gathered and stared at him all day long.

“Are they afraid of me”

Lin Qiye looked up at the clouds, his gaze incomparably profound.

As soon as this thought came out, he could not help but shake his head.

His strength was indeed much stronger than the ordinary Immortal Level Practitioner, but that was not enough to make the tens of Immortal Level demons fear him.

“But if they surround us and dont attack, our reinforcements will arrive sooner or later.

What are they after”

Lin Qiye was puzzled and finally decided to test the demons to confirm what they were up to.

“That brat has started to attack the seal.”

When Lin Qiye rushed out of Star City and attacked the seal that enveloped the city, the demons on the clouds noticed his actions immediately.

“Trying to escape”

“Stop him.

Dont let him get away with it!”

Among the demons, more than ten Immortal Level demons swooped down.

When Lin Qiye attacked the seal again, the clouds suddenly broke apart.

Some demons swung their long tails and smashed down on Lin Qiye.

A few more demons charged faster and landed at the South Gate of Star City, surrounding Lin Qiye.

The demons attacked at the same time, sealing off all of Lin Qiyes escape routes.

“Are they finally willing to show up”

Facing the attacks of the demons, Lin Qiye did not panic.

Lightning suddenly appeared on the surface of his body.

The Thunder God Aspect tore through the black clouds and landed, shaking the earth violently.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The demons attacks landed on the statue one after another.

However, other than setting off an energy storm, they could not even break through the armor on the surface.

“What a powerful defensive technique!”

The pupils of the demons constricted.

Although the attack they used was not their proudest move, it was definitely enough to kill an Immortal Level existence instantly under their combined efforts.

However, Lin Qiye, within the statue, withstood all the attacks without even the slightest ripple.

Lin Qiye looked at the demons and mocked, “If this is all you have, Ill have to leave.”

As he spoke, he acted as if he wanted to break out of the blockade.

However, he did not intend to leave Star City and escape alone.

Instead, he wanted to take the opportunity to probe and find out what the demons were up to.

The hearts of the demons tightened.

Regardless of whether Lin Qiye really wanted to escape, they didnt dare to be the slightest bit negligent.

“Quickly come and help! If we let this guy escape, everything will be in vain!” A demon shouted towards the sky.

Immediately, rumbling sounds came from within the clouds.

Bodies that spanned thousands of meters descended.

The sky above the South Gate was filled with the bodies of demons.

At this moment, Star City residents had witnessed the abnormal changes in the South Gates defensive line.

Even though they were tens of thousands of meters away, the terrifying pressure made it difficult for them to raise their eyes and look at the demons directly.

“Theyre all Immortal Level demons!”

Someone muttered as they looked at the demons in the sky in a daze.

“This is the end.

Its over… Its all over…”

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