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The demons became restless.

One had to know that if a Diamond Level divination demon paid the price of its life to perform divination, even an Immortal Level existence would not be able to escape the prying eyes.

Only some heaven-defying existences, whose fate was obscured by the main world, would make it challenging to perform divination.

In the demons eyes, Lin Qiye was that type of person.

Amidst the clamor, a demon remained silent.

After a long time, it walked out resolutely.

When it appeared, the surrounding demons instantly quieted down.

All the demons gave way to a space, and their gazes couldnt help but fall on it.

The demon that stood out was an Immortal Level divination demon.

It had lived for countless years, and its contribution to the demon race was immeasurable.

It had a lot of prestige among the demon leaders.

“Let me perform the divination myself.”

The Immortal Level divination demons voice was low and slow.

However, there were demons around who wanted to stop it.

“Sir, the fate of that human is immeasurable.

Its too risky for you to do it!”

“Thats right, Sir.

We already know of his threat.

Next, we only need to send an army to kill him.

Isnt that enough”

The demons were shocked by the actions of the Immortal Level divination demon.

That demon could perform detailed divination on an Immortal Level expert easily.

As long as it wanted to, even if it was an Immortal Level expert, it could calculate how many times they went to the toilet every day.

And most importantly, the cost of divination on an Immortal Level was not too huge.

After each divination, it only needs to rest for some time to recover completely.

The group of demons knows that they would definitely see through Lin Qiyes background if the Immortal Level divination demon made its move, but theyre afraid the price would be immeasurable.

Now that they knew Lin Qiye was a threat, they only needed to send out an army to destroy him, and they would be able to solve this problem.

There was no need for such an important figure to risk their life.

Upon facing the dissuasion of the demons, the Immortal Level divination demons expression was solemn.

It shook its head and looked at the demons.

“I have been unable to calm down for the past few days.

Recently, I even had nightmares in my dreams.

“Now, it seems that it is because of the human named Lin Qiye.

“He is not comparable to the human geniuses we have killed in the past.

If we do not make full preparations, he will most likely escape even if we send out an army to kill him.”

The Immortal Level divination demon voiced its concerns.

From the beginning, the demons that targeted Lin Qiye had never held back.

Whether it was the Half-Immortal demon that attacked first or the Immortal Level demon that followed, they didnt hesitate at all.

The forces attacking Star City were enough to flatten several cities of the same level.

But even so, they were all neutralized by Lin Qiye time and time again.

From this, it could be seen that if they didnt have a more detailed understanding of Lin Qiye, a similar situation would likely occur.

Moreover, looking at Lin Qiyes growth trajectory, the speed at which his strength increased could be said to be heaven-defying.

If they could not kill him shortly, it would give him a chance to develop.

Then, the human race might have another supreme beingin the future!

“Therefore, I must see his future.”

The Immortal Level divination demon made up its mind.

It would only know how much power was needed to cut off Lin Qiyes path of survival after confirming his background, making it impossible for him to escape.

The group of demons fell into silence, realizing the graveness of the situation.

No one tried to dissuade it.

They only looked at the Immortal Level divination demon with a solemn expression.

The Immortal Level divination demon held a thick cane and slowly walked toward an altar in the center of the group.

It came to the altar and inserted the cane into a hole in the center.

Mysterious and indescribable energy spread out from its body.

Soon, it triggered the altar, causing monstrous Demonic Qi to gush out.

The two energy gathered, fusing and tearing, continuously shuttled through the body of the Immortal Level divination demon.

The demon suddenly raised its head to the sky and roared.

The dark energy current instantly shot up into the sky like a fountain from its mouth.

The energy current covered the clouds and the sun.

At this moment, the entire spacetime in the demon territory was frozen.

All the demons froze on the spot as if a pause button was pressed.

After breathing, the Immortal Level divination demon weakly knelt on the ground.

It raised its head to look at the sky with difficulty.

A few images flashed.

As they reflected in its eyes, it instantly spat out a large mouthful of black blood.

Spacetime began to collapse.

Its vision turned black.

When it opened its eyes again, everything around it returned to the moment before it stepped onto the altar to perform divination.


The altar suddenly shattered and disintegrated.

The Immortal Level divination demon suddenly came back to its senses.

The few images it had seen just now appeared in its mind.

Its expression immediately changed drastically, and it rolled down the altar.


Seeing this situation, the group of demons hurriedly stepped forward.

They saw the Immortal Level divination demons face filled with terror.

While blood continuously flowed out of its mouth, it was still screaming desperately.

“How could this be How could this be”

The group of demons was greatly shocked.

They had never seen the demon reveal even the slightest bit of fear.

But now, not only was fear written on its face, the feeling conveyed through its words was even more bloodcurdling.

“My lord, what did you see” A demon stepped forward to ask nervously.

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