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Chen Fans performance had given everyone hope, but it was as fragile as glass when faced with an Immortal Level demon.

Even their best fighter could not defeat this demon, so how could they have any chance to fight back

More and more people fell into despair.

The Giant-toothed Demon ignored them and walked toward Chen Fan.

It seemed that something on Chen Fan had attracted the attention of the Dragon Clan.

Therefore, the Giant-toothed Demon was determined to get rid of Chen Fan.

He would not allow such a person to survive.

However, how was he going to cover this up

The Giant-toothed Demon frowned.

At the same time, it unleashed its ultimate move.

It was going to turn Chen Fan into ashes.

In the sky,black fog rolled.

The energy waves surging in the city grew stronger and stronger.

Chen Fans face turned pale.

He knew it.

This time, he was doomed.

Even though Brother Ye had refined the Ancestral Dragons blood essence for him, and he had gained many benefits in his previous life, he was still powerless against an Immortal Level demon.

“I dont know your relationship with the Dragon Clan, but your life is over.

“I will let my races demon dragon take your place.

“Your clan will not find out about this.”

As it spoke, the ultimate move that could erase everything and leave no trace was completed.

However, just as the Giant-toothed Demon raised its claws and prepared to kill Chen Fan, a lightning bolt suddenly struck.

It struck the spot where the Giant-toothed Demon was standing.

The looming danger interrupted the Giant-toothed Demons chanting.

Then, itused all its power and disappeared from the spot.

However, the lightning struck the spot where the Giant-toothed Demon had stood and turned all the demons within a 10,000-meter radius into dust.

Even the peak Diamond Level demons were not able to survive the lightning.

“Who is it!”

The Giant-toothed Demon escaped the attack, its eyes filled with shock.

It stared at the sky where the lightning had landed.

There was terrifying energy there!

“Did you enjoy the fight just now You dare to attack my brother.

This is your grave.”

An indifferent voice sounded.

Then, Lin Qiyes figure appeared.

He was tall and had a strong presence.

Although he was merely standing there, the aura he gave off made the Giant-toothed Demons scalp numb.

What made the Giant-toothed Demon even more terrified was that a ten-thousand-meter-tall Thunder God Aspect opened its eyes behind Lin Qiye.

Countless thunderclouds turned into clouds and surrounded the Thunder God Aspect as if floating among the mountains.

The magnificent aura was spectacular!

Compared to the towering statue, the Giant-toothed Demon was as small as a puppy.

“Its… Its Lin Qiye! Its Lin Qiye!!!”

“Lin Qiye has returned!”

The moment they saw the Thunder God Aspect, the city erupted with earth-shaking shouts.

Even the people who had sunk into despair roared at this moment.

“He broke through to the Immortal Level! And I dont feel the slightest bit of instability in his realm.

Hes powerful!”

Chief Zhengs hands trembled slightly.

The surrounding Diamond Level experts also widened their eyes and gulped.

They knew that Star City was saved!

The Giant-toothed Demon raised its head and looked at Lin Qiye, who was inside the Thunder God Aspect.

The terror and disbelief in its eyes could not be concealed.

“You are Lin Qiye No way! This is impossible!”

When it received the news, Lin Qiye was still at the peak of the Diamond Level.

How did he reach the Immortal Level in a few days

Lin Qiye glanced at the Giant-toothed Demon anddug Chen Fan out of the rubble.

Chen Fans body was full of broken bones.

However, Lin Qiye noticed that the wounds on his body were healing at an incredible speed.


Chen Fan coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood, and his consciousness became clear.

“Ye… Brother Ye…”

He squeezed out a smile.

“I, I didnt embarrass you, did I”

“You did a good job.

Leave the rest to me.”

Lin Qiye sent Chen Fan to the city.

Then, he turned around.

He looked down at the Giant-toothed Demon, and the cold murderous intent in his eyes made the demon feel a chill down its spine.

The Giant-toothed Demon subconsciously took a step back.

After it came to its senses, it felt annoyed and looked directly at Lin Qiye.

They were both at the Immortal Level.

Why should it be afraid

“Youve just advanced to the Immortal Level.

I dont believe that you can master your abilities yet!”

The Giant-toothed Demon seemed to be comforting itself and was about to launch an attack on Lin Qiye.

It twisted its body and charged toward Lin Qiye.

Its speed was so fast that the Diamond Practitioners in the city could not help but exclaim in surprise.

“Be careful!”

Lin Qiye merely silently looked at the Giant-toothed Demon.

No matter how fast it moved, his eyes firmly locked onto it.

The coldness within was like ten thousand years of ice, causing the demons soul to almost freeze.


This is just my illusion.

How can he keep up with my speed”

One of the abilities that the Giant-toothed Demon was proud of was speed.

It did not believe that Lin Qiye could lock onto it.

“I have the Sacred Kings ultimate weapon, enough to kill an Immortal Level warrior instantly.

He must die with this attack!”

Ignoring the fear in its heart, the Giant-toothed Demon continued to charge at Lin Qiye, secretly mobilizing its energy, intending to activate the ultimate weapon to launch a fatal attack on Lin Qiye.

However, Lin Qiye looked at its actions, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a sneer.

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