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“Thats right.

“I saved their lives.

Its normal for them to pay for it.”

Lin Qiye looked as though it was a matter of course.

“But this is too much.”

Qi Baishi was dazzled.

Even now, she still felt that it was unreal.

That was two diamond-tier and 550 platinum-tier weapons!

In a short while, the other party had agreed easily.

They even promised to send 200 platinum-tier weapons every year in the future!

She would die of happiness.

Qi Baishi felt dizzy.

“Are you happy Youve never had such a wonderful experience, have you In the future, these weapons will be handed over to you.

Train your talent properly.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

Qi Baishis talent was weapon smithing.

Even if she had 550 platinum-tier weapons now, it was still far from enough.

Of course, it was enough to let Qi Baishi grow by a large margin at this stage.

It was perfect.

“I will have all of them” Qi Baishi widened her eyes and looked at Lin Qiye in disbelief.

Happiness came too suddenly, making her feel like she was in a dream.

Seeing her dazed look, Lin Qiye smiled and shook his head.

He casually placed a list on the table.

Not long after, the Science and Technology Association hurriedly sent all the weapons over.

The shining weapons made Qi Baishis heart beat wildly.

She took out each of them and wiped them.

The smile at the corner of her mouth could not be suppressed.


Lin, the weapons are here.

Please count them.”

Lin Qiye glanced at it and handed the name list to the chief executive officer of the Science and Technology Association.

Chief Zheng looked at the name list and subconsciously felt his heart skip a beat.

“There are so many”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“You are the Science and Technology Association.

Your combat strength is not outstanding.

Moreover, the demons have made you their main target of infiltration.

Naturally, the number of demons is many.

“Lets go.

Ill go with you guys.

Ill catch the demons that are hidden deeper.

“Then Ill have to trouble Mr.


Twenty minutes later, Chief Zheng used a special immortal weapon to envelop the entire Science and Technology Associations territory.

No one could escape unless they fled in advance.

At this moment, the Science and Technology Association was in a panic.

“I hope my family and friends arent infected by the demons.”

“I heard the Science and Technology Associations situation is grave”

“Im scared.

I dont even know if Im a demon or not.”

While everyone was waiting for the inspection, Chief Zheng arranged the law enforcement team.

“Have you gotten the list”

“Ive got it!”

“We have to act quickly.

Capture them immediately!”

As his voice fell, thousands of law enforcement members lined up and rushed out of the tall building.

“I was wronged!”

“He made a mistake! He must have made a mistake! Im not a demon!”

“How can he decide our identity with one sentence I refuse to accept it!”

Lin Qiye had heard the cries of injustice for the past two days.

The big shots present had followed Lin Qiye around a few times.

Naturally, they had seen this scene before.

No one paid attention to their shouts because they knew Lin Qiye had never made a wrong judgment.

Half an hour passed in a flash, and the law enforcement team brought back nearly 7,000 suspicious people.

All of them were imprisoned in the sky prison.

Looking at the densely packed demonic horde, the powerhouses of the association couldnt help but be alarmed.

Many Platinum Practitioners, and even peak Platinum Practitioners, were among them.

They had infiltrated the various departments of the Science and Technology Association.

“How terrifying! It makes my scalp tingle!”

“So many demons are hiding around us, yet we know nothing about them.

If we let them erupt, wouldnt Star City fall immediately”

At this moment, no matter how strong they were, they all felt a lingering fear.

They couldnt help but secretly rejoice that Lin Qiye had appeared.

Fortunately, they had seized the time to invite him over.

Otherwise, if things dragged on, they did not know how much losses the association would suffer internally.

“Chief, everyone on the list has been captured! Also, all the Diamond Practitioners are summoned.”

A man respectfully reported the situation.

Chief Zheng sighed slightly.


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