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Lin Qiye smiled as he rubbed the girls head.

“Its too less.

You have to have a bigger appetite.”

“Too less”

Qi Baishis large and bright eyes were filled with doubt.

“Then how much is appropriate

“Will they be willing if I ask for too much”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“It is not a matter of whether they are willing but whether I am.

“Come with me.”

As he said, Lin Qiye led Qi Baishi to the warehouse and walked to the weapon chest.

“What do you think of a weapon of this grade”

Lin Qiye opened the gift from the Science and Technology Association.

The weapons radiance shone in Qi Baishis eyes.

“These… These are all platinum-tier weapons!”

Upon seeing the 50 platinum-tier weapons in the warehouse, Qi Baishis mouth hung wide open.

“Great! These are all amazing!”

Qi Baishis eyes sparkled with stars.

She could not put down the weapons in front of her.

Lin Qiye pointed at the weapons box.

“How many of these quality weapons do you need Is 300 enough”


Qi Baishi shivered.

She was so frightened that she almost threw the weapons in her hands to the ground.

“Isnt it enough” Lin Qiye smiled faintly.

“Enough! Brother Ye, isnt 300 pieces a little too ruthless Actually, 100 pieces are also fine…” Qi Baishi sighed deeply.

In her heart, the Science and Technology Association was a giant.

If Lin Qiye were to ask for too much for her sake and offend the Science and Technology Association, she would feel bad.

Regarding this, Lin Qiye did not care at all.

“Then its 300 pieces.

Theres no other way.

Im the only one who can help them now.

If they want to beg me, they have to show a humble attitude.”

Qi Baishis heart jumped.

“But isnt 300 pieces of weapons as a reward a little too exaggerated Will the Science and Technology Association agree”

Lin Qiye smiled indifferently.

“Ive said it before.

This is not a matter of whether they agree or not.

“The decision is up to me.

If they agree, I might not accept it.

If they give too less, I wont help.

Wont they still have to come and beg me”

Lin Qiye was arrogant, his face full of confidence and a light smile.

“Brother Ye is really amazing!

“My Master came to look for me twice and was very respectful to me.

In the past, I didnt enjoy this kind of treatment.”

“I thought it was the limit.

I didnt expect Brother Ye to be able to make the Science and Technology Association humbly beg you…”

Qi Baishis eyes shone with admiration for Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“In a while, the chief executive officer of the Science and Technology Association will come to look for me to negotiate.

At that time, you can watch from the side.

If you cooperate with me like this… Lets try to squeeze the most out of them.”

Listening to Lin Qiyes plan, Qi Baishis innocent eyes were filled with shock as if her young soul was corroded.

“Youre evil, Brother Ye.”

Lin Qiye smiled but didnt say anything.


At this moment, the Science and Technology Association had already received Lin Qiyes notice.

In the conference hall, the chief executive officers expression changed, and he was ecstatic.

“Lets go and negotiate with Lin Qiye.

We must ask him to catch all the demons before today.”

The chief rose to his feet, brought a group of strong men, and headed to Ideal Island.

Although its in an hour, the group would rather wait for half an hour outside Ideal Island to show enough respect.

“Show them in.”

Lin Qiye asked a Gold Practitioner to bring them in.

Not long after, the chief executive officer smiled warmly and respectfully.

“Hello, Mr.

Lin! My name is Zheng Ding, the chief executive officer of the Science and Technology Association.

Ive heard a lot about you, Mr.


Lin Qiye shook hands with the chief executive officer of the Science and Technology Association and then signaled him to sit down.

“Chief Zheng, whats the matter Im planning to rest today.

Im exhausted.”

Lin Qiye rubbed the space between his eyebrows and pretended to be tired.

Zheng Ding was shocked.

If Lin Qiye rested for one more day, they will be sitting on needles!

Chief Zheng hurriedly spoke, “Mr.

Lin, youve worked hard.

Ive come this time to ask for your help.

Can you help our Science and Technology Association catch the demons now

“Dont worry, We can discuss the remuneration.

As long as youre willing to step in, anything is fine!”

Lin Qiye held his teacup and pretended to take a sip.

Behind him, Qi Baishiimmediately came up and massaged Lin Qiyes temples.

“Brother Ye, are you tired You were so weary when you came back last night.

“If you cant do it, rest for a few days.

Even if you want to save Star City and serve the country and the people, you must take care of your health!”

Qi Baishi was heartbroken.

Chief Zheng: “…”


Lin is not feeling well”

“Yes, every time I catch a demon, I have to expend a large amount of mental energy.”

Chief Zheng rolled his eyes.

He took out a stalk of spiritual herb from his storage space.


Lin, I have a top-grade heavenly treasure that comes from the depths of the karst cave.

It can relieve and refine mental energy.

Take a look.”

Lin Qiye glanced at the spiritual herb.

It was something that looked like a Tai Sui.

It gave off an extraordinary spiritual fluctuation, making Lin Qiyes Immortal Consciousness Soul shiver in comfort.

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows and accepted it.

Then, he coughed twice.

“Thank you, Chief Zheng.

I can finally have a good sleep tonight.

How about this I will help your Science and Technology Association find the demons the day after tomorrow.

“After all, I have already promised the Seven Cities Alliance Army.

“I have to keep my promises.

A promise is worth a thousand gold, right”

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