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“Hahaha, Brother Ye, this time, I am going to surpass you.”

Chen Fan clenched his fists.

His face was filled with pride and joy, and he couldnt suppress it.

“Where is Brother Ye How can I not show off in front of him after I obtained a heaven-defying opportunity and my cultivation level has skyrocketed

“I have to put on airs in front of Brother Ye!”

Chen Fan murmured to himself.

He couldnt help but imagine Lin Qiyes frightened expression.

At this moment, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

He couldnt help but feel an itch in his heart.

“Brother Ye!” Chen Fan shouted.

He arrived at Lin Qiyes villa as fast as lightning.

“Where is he Is he hiding because he saw me getting stronger”

Chen Fan cracked a smile and tried to sense his surroundings.

“He is here…”

Chen Fan arrived in front of Lin Qiye in a flash.

“Brother Ye, long time no see.

I miss you so much.” Chen Fan chuckled andsized up Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye had concealed his aura a long time ago.

Therefore, Chen Fan didnt notice anything amiss.

“Brother Ye, how did your strength increase during this trip”

Lin Qiye smiled faintly.

“Not much.

What do you think Do you want to spar with me”

“Of course, Brother Ye! You have no idea how much fortune I have gained during this trip.

I am so confident now!”

Chen Fan landed in front of Lin Qiye andcouldnt hide the joy on his face.

“Third Level of the Incarnation Realm.

What do you think Do you want to try out the power of the Third Level of the Incarnation Realm

“Brother Ye, arent you going to say something Dont tell me you arent at the Incarnation Realm.

“If you arent, I will be bullying you.”

Chen Fan was so pleased that he forgot himself.

Behind him, Jiang Qingxue and Jiang Nian had also sensed the energy fluctuations.

They came to check out what happened.

When they saw Chen Fan, they couldnt help but feel surprised.

“Chen Fan Incarnation Realm Diamond Practitioner That powerful”

Jiang Nian raised an eyebrow.

She could understand that Lin Qiye had improved by leaps and bounds.

But how did Chen Fan improve so quickly too

Was Chen Fan also a freak

Why hadnt she noticed it before

Jiang Nian looked at Chen Fan as if he was a mysterious fog.

Jiang Qingxue was also surprised.

Her eyes darted between Chen Fan and Lin Qiye.

“How powerful is Lin Qiye Can you tell”

“I cant tell.

Lin Qiye likes to hide his strength.

I guess he has reached the Incarnation Realm.”

“I think they are having a duel.”

“It seems like Chen Fans opportunity is logic-defying.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have dared to brag in front of Lin Qiye.”

Jiang Nian and Jiang Qingxue analyzed the situation from the side.

Lin Qiyes expression remained calm throughout the whole process.

Seeing that Lin Qiyes reaction was calm, Chen Fans desire to show off grew even more intense.

“Brother Ye, are you scared of my strength Do you dare to fight me If you are not confident, you can say so.”

Chen Fan winked at Lin Qiye and rubbed his palms together.

Seeing Chen Fans funny face, Lin Qiyes expression changed.

“Are you sure you want to fight me”

“Yes, I want to fight you! I will not hurt you too much.

After all, you are my Brother Ye.”

Chen Fan held back his smile and promised.

Seeing that Chen Fan was afraid of hurting him, Lin Qiye couldnt hold back his grin anymore.

“Alright, lets have a spar then.”

Chen Fan finally cracked a smile.

“Brother Ye, it seems you have reached the Incarnation Realm too.

However, I dont think you are as strong as me.

“I am not bragging, but I am as strong as a genius from a big family.

I have defeated three powerful geniuses in my simulation!”

As he spoke, Chen Fans face turned sharp, and he exuded an unconcealable sense of confidence and dominance.

He looked like a peerless genius.

Lin Qiye shook his head and smiled.

“Cut the crap.

Come on.

Lets go to the training square and see how strong you are.

Dont let me down.”

Then, Lin Qiye landed on the floating islands training square as fast as lightning.

Chen Fan chased after Lin Qiye like a shooting star chasing the moon.

Jiang Qingxue, Jiang Nian, and Qi Baishi followed them from a distance.

In the middle of the square, Chen Fan immediately switched into a battle stance.

The dragon shadow behind him raised its head and looked down at Lin Qiye.

“Brother Ye, you have to be careful.”

“Cut the crap.

I want to see what trump card you have up your sleeve.”

Lin Qiye smiled and stood there quietly.

Chen Fan was speechless.

“Brother Ye, are you looking down on me” Hecouldnt help but complain.

The next moment, his energy surged and swept across the area.

At the same time, purplish-gold scales began to appear on Chen Fans skin.

Every time a golden scale appeared, his aura would increase.

His defense, lethality, aura, and power were increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Not long after, a golden armor appeared on his body.

There were hard bone spikes on his joints, and they glowed brightly.

At this moment, Chen Fans facial features were as sharp as a knife, and there were two illusory purple-gold dragon horns on his head.

A Dragon Tooth Blade moved lightly in his hand, and a crack appeared in the air.

Chen Fan hovered quietly in the air.

His body was tall and straight, and his posture was tense and relaxed.

He looked like a general standing tall and firm.

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