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“Lord Commander!”

“Father, what happened to mother”

“We died a long time ago.”

“Its the Empress who has been saving us…”

The people looked up at the sky.

They seemed to have understood everything.

“We died 14 years ago.

The Empress used her ability to maintain our lives and souls.”

“She allowed us to survive for some time in the ashes and give birth to new lives.”

“Humans were extinct.

It was the Fated Empress who allowed so many new lives to appear in this world.”

“Humans must live forever!”

“Child, you have to remember our suffering.

Remember everything…”

“Kill the alien race! Kill the alien race! Kill the alien race! On the day of the alien races extinction, dont forget to tell me!”

The children looked at their parents, grandparents, relatives, and elders, who were gradually disappearing, and they cried until their hearts were torn apart.

“Demons are the enemies of mankind.

We will not rest until all of them are extinct!”

In a few seconds, hundreds of millions of humans turned into specks of light and vanished into thin air.

Lin Qiye turned his head to take a look at the villa.

His parents souls lingered around Lin Qiye.

“Child, take good care of your sister.”

“Were leaving…”

“Live well.

When you exterminate the alien races, remember to send us a message.

We love you, Little Yuheng and Xiao He…”

Father and Mother Gu smiled at Lin Qiye.

Like a drop of water entering the ocean, their traces disappeared.

Lin Qiye frowned.

He turned his head to look at Zhu Yuhengs soul.

“I felt that something was wrong with this world.

So this is what happened…

“It was you who used the Thousand Face Reincarnation to save the world.

Youve already spent half of your soul.


Chen cant use the Law of Speech with you because youre already dead…

“Youre saving the world, but what can I do to save you”

Lin Qiye wanted to keep Zhu Yuhengs soul, but he realized that Zhu Yuhengs soul could not be touched.

Even if Lin Qiye used his Immortal Consciousness Soul, he could not hold that weak soul.

Suddenly, Lin Qiye thought of a treasure.

He quickly took it out.

“Why didnt the Yin Yang Harmony Jade Pendant take effect Wouldnt it protect you if I am not dead yet

“But why are you only left with your soul now”

Zhu Yuheng shook her head.

“I only have my soul left in the beginning.

I created this thing because I wanted to protect you.”

Hearing that, Lin Qiye used his flawless Immortal Consciousness Soul to examine the jade.

Only then did he realize the jade pendant was really used to protect him.

Lin Qiye: “…”

“Half of my soul has already been infected by the demon.

I cant implicate you.

Im already dead, but…

“I held on until you came to save me.

“Im happy.

“Its just that… I couldnt put on the wedding gown when we took the photos that day…”

Zhu Yuhengs soul became more transparent.

Lin Qiye opened his Deduction of Genesis.

Just as he was about to deduce,the supreme-level Painted-skin Demon madly devoured the soul energy and life force of the Empress Universe in the sky.

A pitch-black demonic rain poured down, and itsaura continued to rise.

A wave of sinister laughter resounded throughout the universe.


“A scum is a scum.

So what if you destroyed my plans time and time I am a supreme being.

Fated Empress, Im still drooling over the remnants of your soul.

“And you, are you a Practitioner When I transform, I will have my clansmen in the main world look for traces of your people and wipe out the city you are in!”

As it spoke, the strange eyes in the sky became even brighter.

They were like evil stars, shiningdown with starlight that made ones scalp go numb.

“Quickly kill the Painted-skin Demon and save the children.”

Zhu Yuhengs soul suddenly solidified.

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

At this moment, Lin Qiye could faintly feel that the supreme-level Painted-skin Demon was hiding in the darkness and was rapidly approaching him.

It wanted to ambush him.

Its concealment ability was indeed unusual.

Lin Qiye couldnt sense it, as if it didnt exist!

Even the flawless Immortal Consciousness Soul couldnt sense it!

“How strange.

No wonder the experts of the main world couldnt sense your existence…”

Lin Qiyes face was solemn.

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