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At this moment, Lin Qiye could not help but look at Zhu Yuheng in surprise.

Zhu Yuheng also met his gaze and stared at him quietly.

She had changed.

The heroic spirit between her brows was even more intense.

Her chin was slightly raised and revealed a sense of pride.

However, when she faced Lin Qiye, that pride was like melted ice, turning into a clear spring that seeped into her heart.

The Empress in Lin Qiyes memories of his previous life gradually overlapped with the girl in front.

However, it also appeared to be completely different.

The two of them looked at each other.

It was as if a glance had passed through their past and present lives.

“Have your memories returned”

Zhu Yuheng was stunned.

“Yes… A part of them.”

“Do you remember me”

“I dont.”

Lin Qiye was a little stunned.

“Then why are you suddenly so enthusiastic”

Zhu Yuheng said, “Didnt you ask me to live a happy life

“Im doing as you asked.

Im going to the amusement park today and looking at the flowers, and Im going to the center of the lake to drink fish soup.”

Zhu Yuheng moved closer to Lin Qiye and counted with her slender fingers.

“Anything is fine.” Lin Qiye thought that it was a sudden whim of the little girl and nodded in agreement.

It was Zhu Yuhengs first time at the amusement park.

To be honest, she didnt really like to play with these things, but with Lin Qiye by her side, she felt that every type of facility was interesting.

“You should scream on a roller coaster.”

Zhu Yuheng mocked.

“But I can fly.

There are even more dangerous moves than this.”

Zhu Yuheng, “…”

“You should still put on an act, but dont scream on the merry-go-round.

Dont act on this!”

Zhu Yuheng wiped the sweat off her forehead.

“Racing! Lets play racing.

It is a two-person race.

If we break the record, we can get a prize.”

Zhu Yuheng was eager to try.

Under the staffs arrangements, Lin Qiye ordered Zhu Yuheng to wear a helmet, armguard, leg guards, and a seat belt.

They sat in the drivers seat and drove around the venue to familiarize themselves.

When they were back at the starting point, they began to prepare for the race.

Seven opponents participated in this round.

The other seven were hand-holding, cheesy, and clingy couples.

Zhu Yuheng turned her head and smiled at Lin Qiye.

“Were going to break the record! Well be more cooperative than them, arent we”


A gunshot rang as the cars rushed out.

Zhu Yuheng and Lin Qiye rushed out of the track.

However, it was obvious that the other seven fellows were more skilled and immediately surpassed them.

Zhu Yuheng stared unblinkingly at the opponent in front of her.

Her heart was filled with nervousness.

She used all her strength to cooperate with Lin Qiye.

However, things didnt go as planned.

Not only did they not break the record, but they also didnt even get first place in the team.

Zhu Yuheng took off her helmet andlooked depressed.

“Sigh…”Lin Qiye said, “Do you want to do it again”

“Its okay.

Its not a big prize anyway.

Lets go to the botanical garden to see the sea of flowers.

Most of the flowers are blooming at this time of the year.”

Zhu Yuheng did not hesitate much.

Anyway, shes satisfied that Lin Qiye accompanied her.

Hence, the two of them came to the botanical garden.

As the weather today was clear, the grass was green, and the birds chirped, there were more visitors to the botanical garden.

There was a family of three coming and going, couples walking, and groups of students.

The children ran along the sea of flowers, letting out carefree laughter.

The voices mixed with the sunlight had a special fragrance.

Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuheng walked along the cement road.

In front of them, in the sea of purple flowers, there were a few couples taking photos.

Perhaps because Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuhengs looks and temperament were too eye-catching, the couples all looked at them in unison.

“Theyre taking wedding photos…

“Theyre getting married…”

Zhu Yuhengs line of sight skipped over the brides.

Some wore pure white wedding gowns, while others wore phoenix crowns and wedding gowns.

They stood gracefully in the sea of flowers and bloomed to their hearts content.

Lin Qiye nodded lightly.


Zhu Yuheng suddenly froze andwatched from the side.

A female photographer saw them and walked to them.

“Are you taking photos, handsome Look at your girlfriend.

Shes even more beautiful than a flower.

You must take a few photos as a souvenir!

“You can develop the photos after ten minutes!

“Our studio has suits, wedding gowns, and other clothes.

Do you want to try them on”

Zhu Yuheng was stunned.

Her face was slightly red.

She tentatively met Lin Qiyes gaze.

“Why dont we take some photos We dont need to take wedding gowns…”

Lin Qiye thought about it.

“That works too.”

And so, Zhu Yuheng happily walked to the studio and changed into a new set of clothes.

The two stood in front of the flowers, their shoulders pressed together.

Even the wedding aura of a few newlyweds could not hide their eye-catching looks.

‘Click! The photographer pressed the shutter.

Her expression was a little excited.


This is art.

Its too beautiful.

If I put this outside our studio, it would definitely make us popular!”

The photographer muttered to herself.

Following that, Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuheng kept changing their clothes.

The photographer took dozens of photos.

“How about we try the wedding photos at the end The two of you are too compatible.

Why dont you try it”

The photographer could not help but suggest.

If she could not take their wedding photos, she would feel regretful.

However, this sentence made Zhu Yuhengs face suddenly turn red, and the light in her eyes seemed to melt.

“No… Theres no need…”

Zhu Yuheng bit her red lips, shook her head, and took the photo album.

She flipped through the photo album again and again and finally held it in her arms.

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