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Chen was in a mad state.

His dry fingers reached into his throat as if he wanted to scratch it open.

After a long time, he opened his bloodshot eyes and lay in the wheelchair.

“The truth that I discovered made me unable to sleep for more than 260 years.

“Child, Im a sinner.

Do you know Do you know how much Ive been suffering in my heart all these years

“I wanted to die at all times! But when I think of my dear brothers and sisters, who asked me to protect the human race before they died, I didnt dare to.

“I cant live, but I cant die either!”

The wrinkles on Mr.

Chens face squeezed together.

“When I escaped, my seventh brother was already out of his mind.

He wanted to fall off the cliff, but I pulled him back.

In the end, I found that his flesh had been dug out by himself.

“Only then did I realize that for me to survive, my eldest brother, second sister, third brother, fourth sister, fifth brother, sixth brother, and seventh brother had all cut off their flesh and fed it to me!

“I was able to survive by eating all of them! I ate the people who loved me the most!”


Chens body was covered in a cold sweat.

He could never forget it when he discovered the fact.

When he came back and closed his eyes, what he saw were familiar faces and smiles covered with blood.

He was so afraid that he did not dare to close his eyes again.

He wanted to end this once and for all.

He wanted to die right away.

But he picked up the knife, and what appeared in front of his eyes was still a bloody voice and smile.

They softly shouted his nickname.

“Little Mouse, you cant die.

You have to live.

You have to protect the human race.”


Chens tears streamed down his face.

He covered his face as he broke down.

Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuheng both felt sorrowful.

Anyone would break down if it happened to them.

The comrades by their side, for the youngest and most talented child to survive and give the humans a glimmer of hope, did not hesitate to cut off their flesh and secretly feed it to the child.

To avoid Mr.

Chen from finding out, they would fall off the cliff and shatter into pieces, leaving no traces behind.

But the last brother might have been on the run for too long and roasted the flesh of his closest comrades-in-arms.

His rationality had lost its balance.

He might have thought he would have to cut off his flesh and feed it to Mr.

Chen for a longer time to give him a greater chance of survival.

He was exposed.

The child found out about this.

Hence, it caused Mr.

Chen to live for 200 years without sleep or rest amidst guilt.

Were Mr.

Chens teammates wrong


They cherished Mr.

Chens talent and viewed him as the hope of humanity.

After being surrounded by the demons, they did not hesitate to cut off their flesh to pave the way for Mr.

Chen to live.

Even if they had to die, they had to give humanity a ray of hope.

It was also because of their act that Mr.

Chen survived.

He relied on the Law of Speech to support humans for two hundred and sixty years.

But was Mr.

Chen wrong


Chen was only nineteen years old and was called Little Mouse by his closest teammates.

He must have been a timid little brother.

His teammates kept it from him and fed him their meat.

At first, he did not know what meat he was eating.

In the end, he realized the fact that made him break down.

They were not in the wrong.

The world was wrong.

The demon invasion was wrong.

However, Lin Qiye could reason and analyze, but he could not comfort Mr.


Because it was Mr.

Chen who ate his closest relatives flesh and blood.

Only he knew the pain.

No comfort could appease the self-blame.

Lin Qiye could only sigh.

Beside him, Zhu Yuheng was in tears.

Although she had never experienced it before, she could feel her heart cramping and her two hearts aching.

It was so painful that she could not breathe.


“Child, I wanted to be free as soon as possible, even if it was just a second faster.

But if humans are still in danger, Im willing to continue living.

“Otherwise, I wont have the face to go down and see them.”


Chen was dispirited.

Lin Qiye nodded.


Chen, you have to hold on for a while longer.

The demon race and the Winged Wolf Tribe are nothing to be afraid of.

If war breaks out, we can destroy them in three years.

“However, behind the invasion of the demon race and the Winged Wolf Tribe is a supreme-level Painted-skin Demon.

“The Winged Wolf Tribe and the demon race are only a part of it.

“Whether its the Wind Emperor, the Demon Emperor, or the Son of the Netherworld, they can all fuse into its body.

After fusing, the Painted-skin Demon will be the strongest.

“Its even said that the Painted-skin Demon can devour other geniuses, such as the SSS-Grade mental-type powerhouse I killed previously.

For example, Zhu Yuheng was once its target.

“Once it devours her, the world will be destroyed!

“It is the true enemy! Ive destroyed many of its plans before and after, and I can finally force it to come out.

“Dont worry.

It wont be long before youre free.

“But you must remember.

You must save your Law of Speech.

Although I dont know why you cant use it on Zhu Yuheng right now, you might be able to use it once her Thousand Face Reincarnation is 100% perfect.”


Chen looked at Lin Qiye with a complicated expression.


I will…

“However, the two of you have been working hard to protect Country Hua, so you have to rest properly.

You must take care of the people around you and leave some good memories behind.”


Chen looked at Zhu Yuheng with a complicated expression.

It seemed like there were some things that he didnt say out loud.

Of course, Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuheng thought that Mr.

Chen was still immersed in sadness.

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