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But was Lin Qiye afraid for his life

Could anyone threaten him

They couldnt!

Even if the Painted-skin Demon merged with the Demon Emperor and Wind Emperor and took control of the two races, it wouldnt cause much of a stir.

The reason why Lin Qiye felt ominous definitely wasnt on him.

“Its Zhu Yuheng.”

Lin Qiye thought of the key point.

“The goal of this simulation is to save Zhu Yuheng.

“It seems like in the future, Zhu Yuheng will encounter a huge crisis.

I need to use the SSS-Grade talent Law of Speech to save her.

“Why didnt I sense any danger from Zhu Yuheng

“Thats not right.

I might have sensed it, but I need to reach 98% of the Immortal Consciousness Soul to sense it fully.”

Lin Qiye connected all the recent clues and organized them.

His brows relaxed.

“Little Wei, comfort Mr.

Chen first.

Tell him that no matter what opponent comes, they wont pose a threat to me.

“Also, tell him I have an important use for his Law of Speech talent.

I hope he wont use it casually.

It is related to the fate of humanity!”

Lin Qiyes tone was stern.

Little Wei was stunned.


Gu, arent you going to let Mr.

Chen use it”

“Of course, I cant let Mr.

Chen use it! Hurry up and do this! Ill leave for Yanjing immediately!”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye hung up the phone and informed Father and Mother Gu.

Then, he immediately brought Zhu Yuheng and rushed to Yanjing.

For the SSS-Grade rating and to bring back all the benefits he had obtained, he had to stop Mr.


No matter what happened in the future, Lin Qiye did not care if the Painted-skin Demon had to sacrifice its heritage to drag him down with it.

He was not afraid of death.

He was afraid of not getting the SSS-Grade rating!

As his thoughts came to this, Lin Qiye flapped his wings and flew like lightning!

Zhu Yuheng lay in Lin Qiyes arms at a loss.

Her two hearts raced.

One day later, in Yanjing, the highest level of the Alliance headquarters.

When Lin Qiye found Mr.

Chen, Mr.

Chen lay in his wheelchair while Little Wei massaged his temples to relieve the pressure he had been under for many years.

At this moment, Mr.

Chen was already in the training room.

He didnt eat or drink for a long time.

As he heard Lin Qiyes footsteps, Mr.Chen tilted his head.


Gu is here.

Little Wei, you can leave first.

Without my permission, no one is allowed to enter this room.” Mr.

Chen instructed his secretary.

Little Wei nodded.


As she spoke, she left the training room and stood guard outside.

In the room, Lin Qiye led the somewhat fearful Zhu Yuheng to Mr.




For a man who has guarded the human race for 200 years, Lin Qiye had great respect in his heart.


Chen raised his head.

His tired eyes sized up Lin Qiye.

Though Lin Qiyes breath was restrained, the temperament attached to him by his talent cannot be concealed.

“Well, thats good.

Sit down, child.

Sit down there.”


Chen looked at Lin Qiye and nodded repeatedly, his eyes filled with love and admiration.

However, when he saw Zhu Yuheng, Mr.Chen was stunned.

“You have SSS-Grade talent too!”

Zhu Yuheng looked at Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye nodded and spoke, “Her name is Zhu Yuheng, dual SSS-Grade talent.”


Chen was stunned.

“Dual… Dual SSS-Grade talent!”

“How amazing, child.

With a powerhouse like you, theres hope for the revival of the human race!”


Chen patted his wheelchair andlet out a long sigh.

“The matter of protecting the human races fate will be in your hands.

Your strength is outstanding, being able to suppress two SSS-Grade talents at the same time! Your strength is worthy of being the first in hundreds of years!

“Moreover, your luck is rich, and you have a little girlfriend with dual SSS-Grade talents by your side.

You are the savior of the human race.”


Chen sighed.

Zhu Yuhengs cheeks turned red.

Her beautiful phoenix eyes looked at the ground, and the redness spread to her ears.

Lin Qiye glanced at Zhu Yuheng and then at Mr.


He didnt deny Mr.

Chens words and looked at him seriously.


Chens tone just now was strange.

He was filled with excitement and hope for the future of the human race.

However, Mr.

Chen was like a person on the verge of death, filled with tragedy and sorrow.

Noticing Mr.

Chens strange state, Lin Qiye finally could not help but speak.


Chen, you are exaggerating.

Im afraid you will have to help me a little more in the great responsibility of saving the human race…”


Chen nodded.

“I invited you to Yanjing to burn my remaining oil.

Ill use my Law of Speech to ensure you dont die for a hundred years!”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

“Youll have to burn your lifespan to ensure I dont die for a hundred years, right”


Chen didnt answer directly.

He merely looked relieved.

“Alright, lets cut the crap.

Ill use the Law of Speech to protect you now.

The future of the human race will depend on you! Child, its all up to you.”

As they spoke, Mr.

Chen was about to unleash his talent.

After seeing Lin Qiye, he understood Lin Qiyes character and combat ability.

He trusted Lin Qiye very much and did not have the slightest bit of misgivings.

However, Lin Qiyes mental power suddenly shook and interrupted Mr.

Chens casting.


Chen was stunned.

His eyes were filled with disbelief.

“You can stop me

“Your mental talent has surpassed the SSS-Grade level Its much higher than the SSS-Grade level!”

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