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On the skull, there were densely packed symbols flickering on it.

If one looked carefully, one would discover that its bone structure was delicate and twisted.

Just a glance was enough to make one fall into a trance!

“It should be a mental power talisman.”

Lin Qiye looked at the symbols flowing on the surface of the bone and felt a wave of excitement.

Although he knew very little about mental power, he could clearly feel the power contained in the pocket-sized Immortal Skull.

The talisman flowing on the skull definitely contained a talent related to mental power!

In other words, an Immortal Technique!

As long as Lin Qiye could fully comprehend the talisman, he would be able to obtain a brand new SSS-Grade talent or an Immortal Technique!

As his thoughts came to this point, Lin Qiye couldnt wait any longer.

He sat down cross-legged and held the pocket-sized skull in front of his eyes.

He took a deep breath.

“My surroundings are filled with crystal lodes that can temper ones mental power.

It will definitely be helpful for my enlightenment.

The Destroyer wont randomly choose a location.

“Right here, Ill take down the fifth SSS-Grade talent in one go!”

Lin Qiye heaved a sigh of relief.

Without hesitation, he activated the enlightenment opportunity that came once every two years.

In an instant, cool liquid flowed in Lin Qiyes mind, making it exceptionally clear.

Meanwhile, Lin Qiyes consciousness was thinking a hundred times, a thousand times, and ten thousand times faster than before!

Once he activated the enlightenment state, the talisman that had caused him to be in a daze was dissected.

They were incomparably clear and displayed in front of Lin Qiye.

Although it was still complicated, it was not that he could not understand.

Lin Qiyes spirit was roused.

He quickly focused his attention and conquered the hardships within.

One hour.

Two hours.

Three hours.


Four hours.

Lin Qiyes expression was getting more and more excited.


He was almost done!

Lin Qiye was ecstatic.

The talismans disintegrated in his mind and turned into immortal talismans in his body.

They condensed into a new talent.

As the enlightenment progressed, Lin Qiyes head seemed to have been knocked open by a mysterious power!

Mental power circled within, and there was even a rumbling sound that rippled around Lin Qiye.

More than one lotus flower condensed from mental power bloomed in the surroundings.

The pure white lotus petals drilled into the bodies of the five mental-type powerhouses recuperating not far away.

It made their minds have strands of refreshing energy!

It recovered their mental power damage and improved the quality of their mental-type talent.

At this moment, the five peoples bodies trembled.

Although they were shocked, they were unwilling to wake up.

The five of them felt like they were in the immortal realm.

Amidst the clouds and mist, they could faintly hear the melodious chimes of bells.

The mountains surrounded them, and the spiritual beasts danced.

The peaceful and tranquil aura could not help but intoxicate them.

They roamed in the realm, and all their fatigue and injuries vanished into thin air.

There was also a mysterious power that strengthened their abilities.

Two hours later, Lin Qiyes enlightenment came to an abrupt end.

He frowned slightly.

“Theres only a little bit left, but my enlightenment state stopped…”

Lin Qiye shook his head slightly.

He didnt open his eyes.

Instead, he persisted!

He knew that without his enlightenment state, it would be extremely difficult to continue comprehending.

However, he only had one chance.

If he didnt comprehend it, he wouldnt be able to devour the energy in the Immortal Skull!

If he failed, he could not obtain the SSS-Grade mental-type talent!

Lin Qiye didnt want to make do with it.

If he wanted to Awaken, he had to awaken the best!

Hence, Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

“Ill continue.

Ill take advantage of whats left of the enlightenment state!”

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