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“Of course, if our Winged Wolf Tribe suffers heavy losses in this battle, prepare to receive the Doom Arrow.

No matter what, your race will be suppressed by me.”

The Wind Emperor laughed coldly.

However, the Demon Emperor was unmoved.

She waved her hand indifferently.

The black mass of the demonic army clashed with the Winged Wolf Tribe.

A battle between experts was like missiles colliding, with nuclear bombs rising from time to time.

The battlefield instantly turned into a meat grinder.


Flesh and meat danced in the air, and blood flowed freely.

Blood clouds soared into the sky, and the nauseating smell of blood seemed to turn into a howling gale.

Regardless of the demon race or the Winged Wolf Tribe, the slightest carelessness could turn them into a pile of minced meat.

Shouts, roars, and sorrowful wails reverberated across the sky.

Even thousands of miles away, the humans who relied on the city walls could clearly feel the power of the battle between the two races.

The human experts were dumbfounded.

“Whats going on”

“What happened Why did they suddenly start fighting And its infighting!”

The humans top brass was stunned.

They stared at the fire and red clouds soaring into the sky.

Under the red clouds, metal and weapons clashed!

“Kill! Chop these five poisonous monsters into minced meat!”

“Charge! Kill all these bats for me!”

The battlefield was in a stalemate.

The demon army and the Winged Wolf Tribe had completely merged.

High in the sky, the Black-Winged Wolf King and the Demon Emperor stood quietly.

Perhaps the smell of blood was too strong, but the two of them were affected, madly clashing against each other.

In the Empress Universe, the two strongest warriors clashed slightly, causing the skies to crack and the world to shake.

In the pitch black night sky, two suns lit up the world.

Meteors were thrown out from the suns, flattening the mountain range within a 10,000-meter radius.

Without a doubt, those meteors were the aftermath of the battle between the two.

And with the falling of themeteor shower, a terrifying explosion resounded in the sky.

The battlefield seemed to be illuminated by huge flashlights and searchlights.

When there was an explosion, countless experts of the two races were affected and turned into a bloody mist.

Sensing the casualties below, the Demon Emperor and Wind Emperor frowned at the same time.

Then, they quickly separated.

Of course, they knew they couldnt do anything to each other.

If they fought again, they would only hurt their own elites.

And so, the two fell into a stalemate again.

Below, the God-level experts who sensed that the Demon Emperor and Wind Emperor had stopped all breathed a sigh of relief.

“Theyve finally stopped.”

“These two emperors have already surpassed the Gods.

The aftershocks of their battle can even kill God-level experts!”

“Im glad that they only exchanged a few rounds.”


“Kill those f*cking winged-wolfs!”

The two leaders stopped and let the demon clan and the Winged Wolf Tribe kill each other.

Five million versus five million.

Thanks to courage and valor, once their eyes became red from all the killing, there was no way to retreat.

The Demon Emperor and Wind Emperor naturally understood this logic, but they didnt stop it even if the meat grinder below could kill tens of thousands of experts every minute!

Time passed slowly.

An hour later, the casualties on the battlefield had already exceeded one million.

Both sides had lost 500,000 men.

The Wind Emperor looked at the Demon Emperor quietly, who floated in the air carelessly.

An hour later, both sides had lost one million men, and the blood flowed like a river into the distance.

The Demon Emperor frowned but did not speak.

The Wind Emperor didnt speak either.

The third hour had arrived, and both sides had lost one and a half million men!

At this time, the Wind Emperor was still calm.

The Demon Emperor, on the other hand, frowned.

Her long tongue licked her eyes, and her expression was extremely strange.

The fourth hour had arrived, and both sides had lost two million men.

At this time, the two seemed to have reached a tacit understanding.

The Demon Emperor snorted and raised her arm while the Wind Emperor flapped its wings.


The armies of both sides separated like a tidal wave and retreated.

The demon race fled hundreds of miles away, and the Winged Wolf Tribe rushed towards their territory.

The Demon Emperors triangular eyes flashed with green light.

“The Wind Emperor is much more ruthless than its father.

Its very calm.

“It must want to shoot the Doom Arrow for the demon race.

I have to think of a way to destroy it.”

The Demon Emperor narrowed her eyes.

Unfortunately, she couldnt find a way to break the situation.

The two armies quickly disappeared at the northern border of the human race.

The next day, when the human experts went to check it out, the battlefield was so tragic that it made their scalps numb.

“How could this be”

“Arent they here to destroy us, humans Why did they start fighting”

“Moreover, they seem to have lost more than four million men.

Four million elites were killed here.

Its terrifying!”

The experts of the human race were dumbfounded.

They even found signs of God-level experts corpses.

“What happened”

“Werent the two races close when they joined forces”

“Why did such a fierce battle break out overnight”

The human powerhouses didnt understand at all.

It was baffling, as if they had been possessed.

What had happened last night that caused the allied forces of the demon race and the Winged Wolf Tribe, which had been harmonious for six months, to fight against each other It would become a mystery…

But no matter what happens, one thing is certain.


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