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At the same time, the Cultivation Academy and Technology Academy were open to the public free of charge.

The minors were guaranteed three meals a day and free accommodation.

As long as they were minors, they could enjoy compulsory education.

In just ten short days, Jiang City had changed completely.

It had become a vibrant, harmonious, and modern type of city.

Martial artists did not dare to stand high above and oppress the commoners.

The commoners lived and worked in peace and contentment.

They worked hard and used their hands to become rich.

Fifteen days later, Jiang Citys factories were on the right track.

The light industry began to provide daily necessities, while the heavy industry produced firearms facilities and transportation tools.

The entire Jiang City was thriving and developing rapidly.

There were high-rise buildings, commercial streets, giant squares, giant projection screens, public transportation, highways, and new residential areas…

A portion of the hundreds of billions of wealth Lin Qiye took from the gangsters had created a perfect modern city.

For the first time, the citizens of Jiang City felt safe.

They no longer had to worry about being beaten by martial artists like animals.

They could walk on the streets with their heads held high.

The citizens of Jiang City loved Lin Qiye very much!

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Of course, Lin Qiye had done all these things to win the peoples hearts casually.

Lin Qiye himself didnt stay in Jiang City.

Instead, he kept searching for spiritual springs and spiritual herbs nearby.

As long as he spent some movement points, he would be able to find the location of the spiritual springs accurately.

Therefore, in just half a year, Lin Qiyes cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds, all the way to the Tenth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

Ji Qinghuan, who was following behind Lin Qiye and getting his leftovers, had also reached the Fifth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

However, Lin Qiyes ability at the Tenth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm couldnt be measured with common sense.

He had the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body, a divine spine, and his Dragon Elephant Phantom was at 70% power.

Although his cultivation was only at the Tenth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm, he could easily defeat a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator.

It was not a problem for him to run amok in this world.

“Its just that… Against the Celestials, it might not be enough!”

Lin Qiyes eyes darkened.

He slowly walked out of the cave.

He handed a small bottle of spiritual liquid to Ji Qinghuan.

“This is your reward.”

“Thank you, Brother Ye.

You are so nice!”

Ji Qinghuans mouth became sweeter, and the way she looked at Lin Qiye became more intimate.

She carefully took the jade bottle and held it tightly in her hand.

“Report to me.

How is Jiang City”

Hearing this, Ji Qinghuans expression became slightly serious.

She put on a look that said she knew everything.

“The entire Jiang city has upgraded!”

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“Ten million citizens are registered.

We have finished developing the slums, and Grandma Lin moved into the city.

The commoners all have jobs.

Our light industry, heavy industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, and mining are all developing.”

“As for cultivation, within half a year, Jiang City had 763 more young people who had developed a sense of Qi.

Their combat ability was enough to sweep away martial arts grandmasters, but they had yet to reach the First Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.”

“Of course, there were also 17 cultivators who had reached the First Level of the Qi Refinement Realm!”

The more Ji Qinghuan spoke, the prouder she looked.

Her entire body was emitting a radiance, which represented how proud she was to serve the people.

“Brother Ye, with the strength of Jiang City, we can totally crush all the vassal states, end the chaos, and build a peaceful country!”

Ji Qinghuan could not help but suggest.

If they could destroy the vassal states, there would be countless people living and working in peace.

Hearing this, Lin Qiye smiled faintly.

“Those who have not reached the First Level of the Qi Refinement Realm will still be afraid of guns and armored vehicles.

If we attack rashly, the losses will be huge.

However, we can wipe out all the vassal states near Jiang City.”

Thus, Lin Qiye brought Ji Qinghuan along to wipe out two vassal states and seized fifty-seven cities.

They seized gold, silver, jewelry, real estate, mineral veins, forests, pastures, warehouses, and other properties.

They gained a total of eight trillion angel coins!

When they saw the total, Ji Qinghuans eyes were extremely cold.

“These vassal states are blood-sucking vampires.

They have been extorting the people for decades.

Even if they only used a small part of this money for infrastructure, investment in schools, research institutes, and factories, there wont be so many slums outside the city!”

“We must get rid of all these vassal states.”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“When there are more cultivators in the First Level of the Qi Refinement Realm, we will be able to wipe them out.”

“Arrange a lord for each city, and let them rebuild the cities.

Use Jiang City as a model.”

“Okay, Brother Ye.

You are amazing!”

Ji Qinghuans tone was cheerful like a little fangirl.

“Oh right, Brother Ye, when I went out this morning, the commoners I met on the way all stopped and bowed to me…”

“That kind of feeling makes me want to cry.”

“I think that all the commoners in Jiang City will love you more as the City Lord!”

“You are a person with great qualities!”

Ji Qinghuans lips curled into a smile, and her eyes that looked at Lin Qiye shone with admiration.

Lin Qiye smiled and turned to the next spiritual spring like an ascetic monk.

Ji Qinghuan watched Lin Qiye leave.

Confusion appeared on her face.

“Brother Ye is like a monk.

Why is that so”


Ji Qinghuan could not figure it out and could only return to Jiang City to choose the new city lords.

“No matter what you want to do, I want to be able to help you.”

Ji Qinghuan gritted her teeth.

She did not realize that she had gone from a subordinate forced to submit to a subordinate who worked voluntarily every day.

Now, her feelings for Lin Qiye had slightly changed.


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