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After some clashes, a spy from the demon race received this letter.

It was an important letter that involved a huge secret.

“So… Thats how it is!”

“How hateful! I was wondering how stupid humans could discover our traces.

It turns out that the Wind Emperor is behind this!”

“This is too big a matter!”

“I must! I must hand the letter to the Demon Emperor intact!”

The spies gnashed their teeth with gloomy eyes.

Finally, a demon sped up and sent the letter from the human countries.

It was then spread out in the hands of the Demon Emperor.

Unexpectedly, the Demon Emperor was a girl who looked almost like a human.

She had a plump figure and fair skin.

However, a triangular green scale was in the middle of her forehead.

Resentment and evil energy flow within the scale, causing ones scalp to turn numb.

The Demon Emperors red triangular eyes were particularly strange.

“So thats how it is… The mastermind of the human race has never appeared.

Its not that he has never appeared, but he cant because the mastermind is the Wind Emperor of the Winged-Wolf Royal Family.

If he appeared, wouldnt that be terrible”

There was no doubt that the Demon Emperor believed 80% of the letter.

She smiled and ordered coldly, “Get the spies in the Winged Wolf Tribe to gather intelligence and investigate if the Wind Emperor is building a strange pyramid altar.”

Two months later, the spies gathered in front of the Demon Emperor with their reports.

“The Wind Emperor is building a 1,000-meter tall pyramid near the capital.

Under the pyramid, four squares can accommodate tens of millions of people to sacrifice at the same time.

Its true.”

The Demon Emperor narrowed her triangular eyes slightly, and the sharp teeth at the corner of her mouth twitched.

“Ha, theyre really building a pyramid, arent they Interesting!

“Last night, the Wind Emperors emissary sent a letter saying they wanted to join hands with us to destroy the human race.

What a joke!

“What a good plan! Wind Emperor, what a good plan!”

The Demon Emperors lips pulled into a sharp sneer.

She was like a poisonous snake, looking down from the throne.

“If thats the case, let me bite you back!”

The Demon Emperor suddenly stopped smiling.


Tell the Wind Emperor that we have agreed to their request!”



A month later, the Demon Emperor and the Wind Emperor held a meeting and discussed the matter of jointly exterminating the human race.

The news quickly spread to Country Hua.

The upper echelons of the Demon Hunter Alliance were shocked and gathered all experts from Project Sky.

Dark clouds hovered above the experts, making them feel like they were suffocating.

For a moment, the human race fell into despair.

Even the experts of Project Sky were pessimistic.

“Whether its the Winged Wolf Tribe or the demon race, just one of them alone can exterminate the human race.

Now that the two are working together, theres no chance for the human race to survive!”

“Even if Old Chen uses the Law of Speech, he wont be able to turn the situation around.”

“Then what should we do”

“What can we do We can only fight to the end!”

“Even if we die, we have to use our bodies to block the invasion of the two clans!”

The human experts gritted their teeth, and orderswere issued from all sides.

They had already decided to lead the humans to fight to the death.

If they couldnt stop it, the entire human race would be destroyed.

However, the only good news was that the demon race needed time for meetings, discussions, and the ordering of troops.

In a flash, another three months passed.

At this time, Lin Qiye was almost four years old.

The demons and winged wolves were constantly transporting troops on the border.

Their unity was like a long knife hanging over Country Hua.

Lin Qiye frowned.

“Whats going on Why isnt there a fight Did I miscalculate”

He was curious.

At this moment, they should be infighting between the winged wolves and demons.

However, the two races were getting along harmoniously.

On the contrary, the humans were already in a state of panic.

Some cities were in turmoil.

Even the Jiang City commander and the Gu couple were so anxious that they couldnt sleep peacefully.


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