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In three months, it was impossible to rely on Lin Qiye alone to resist the combined forces of the Winged Wolf Royal Family and the Demon Emperor!

Before the Thunder God Aspect reached 100%, it would be a dream to be able to fight them.

Even if he reached 100% of the Thunder God Aspect, it was no easy task.

After all, the demon race and Winged Wolf Tribe were too strong.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that in the Empress Universe, no one could solve the situation if the two races worked together!

The SSS-Grade talent Law of Speech sounded exaggerated, but was it useful

Exhausting all of his lifespan only delayed the disaster by a year.

Lin Qiye shook his head slightly.

“The Law of Speechs talent user must have used his talent many years ago and bought some time for the humans to catch their breath.

“However, the demon race and Winged Wolf Tribe also know the consequences of this ability, so they didnt oppress the humans too much.

Instead, they slowly devoured us like boiling a frog in warm water.

From time to time, they would kill a few geniuses and then wait for the expert to die.

“Now, my appearance has made the demon race and Winged Wolf Tribe more vigilant than ever.

Disaster has arrived.”

“The alliance of the two races is really fierce and unstoppable.”

Even Lin Qiyes expression was somewhat solemn.

For a moment, he couldnt think of a way to change this major event.

It was too difficult!

Whether it was the demons or the Winged Wolf Royal Family, the humans would be annihilated if they were to single-handedly attack.

Now, with the alliance of the two races, it would be easier to destroy the humans!

Lin Qiye shook his head slightly.

He never thought that changing fate one after another would cause its counterattack to be so fierce.

Thinking carefully, such a heaven-defying change of fate would indeed cause it to collapse.

At first, the Emerald Lake Incident resolved the plan of the demons to attack Jiang City from within directly.

Then, the king-level Scale-skinned Demon hiding in Jiang City was dug out and killed.

And then, Scale-skinned Demons hiding in 26 cities were uprooted.

It was clearly telling the demons and the Winged Wolf Royal Family that there was an unprecedented genius rising from the human side.

If they didnt get rid of him, he would become a huge problem!

One had to know that Lin Qiye, the mastermind behind the scenes, didnt leak a single trace of his whereabouts from the beginning to the end.

He did not even come into contact with the demons.

Even so, the plans that the demons had been preparing for a long time to devour the humans strength were still easily foiled.

During those successive events, the humans did not lose much of their combat strength, but they lost many of their elite Scale-skinned Demons.

Facing the mysterious mastermind behind the scenes, whether it was the demons or the Winged Wolf Royal Family were all a little restless.

Of course, it didnt mean that the two races were afraid of the human side.

They were worried that when they fought each other, the human race would take the opportunity to develop.

At that time, the humans would reap the benefits from their fight! Thinking of it was disgusting!

Therefore, with a common enemy, the two races would unite.

Guessing the motive for the two races to unite, Lin Qiyes brows furrowed deeper.

“At this stage, my development of the Heavenly Thunder Annihilation has reached 80%, and my Thunder God Aspect has reached 25%… I am unable to resist the armies of the two races.”

Under the alliance of two strong races, the humans had no chance of winning!

“There are only six months left.

I have to think of a solution quickly.” Lin Qiyes gaze was deep.

The situation was grim.

Time was pressing!

He had to think of a solution as soon as possible.

It would be best if the two races fell out and fought each other.

It would buy humanity enough time.

Otherwise, Lin Qiye could not take away his control over lightning.

The Thunder God Aspects heaven-defying ability would also be left behind here.

To bring the treasures back to the main world, Lin Qiyes thoughts spun rapidly.

“I have to know my enemies inside out first in order to defeat them.

First, Ill investigate the Winged Wolf Tribes situation…”

In war, information was crucial!

When facing an enemy, one was most afraid of not even knowing the enemys strengths and weaknesses.

Thus, Lin Qiye swiftly began to gather detailed information about the Winged Wolf Tribe.

This time, he used the Deduction of Genesis to get access to Country Huas top-level confidential information and searched everything about the Winged Wolf Tribe.

One by one, documents and videos flashed in front of him.

Lin Qiye analyzed the information.

The hierarchy of the Winged Wolf Tribe was clear.

The strength of the blue-winged was probably equivalent to the Golden Core Realm; the ones with red wings were the Nascent Soul Realm; the white wings were the Embodier Realm; the black wings were the Incarnation Realm.

Apart from that, Lin Qiye noticeda special message.

Although the message was short, it was serious.

The most talented Black-Winged Wolf King of the Winged Wolf Tribe, the Wind Emperor, had just woken from its slumber.

“Woke up

“Did it sleep for three years because of insomnia”

Lin Qiye opened the image of the Wind Emperor andstudied it carefully.

The Winged-Wolf Tribe had fleshy wings with the same structure as bats, covered with diamonds.

As the Black-Winged Wolf King, it was also a God-level expert.

The Wind Emperors wings were the darkest pitch of black.

It folded its wings and squatted on a mountain.

It looked at the person filming the video from a distance, and its murderous gaze seemed to pierce through the persons chest.

The video was trembling, and the tremendous pressure made ones scalp go numb.

However, Lin Qiye frowned.

“Why does this gaze give off a familiar feeling”

Lin Qiye felt like he had seen this guy somewhere before.

There was a baffling sense of familiarity.


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