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On the other side, at the Southern Alliance, a group of high-ranking officials gathered in a hall.

Xiao Li, wearing a military uniform and had a bleak aura, stood in front of the conference table.

“Youve all heard the news, have you The Scale-skinned Demons hiding in 26 cities have been captured.

“Moreover, the mastermind behind the scenes has never appeared in the process.

“That is to say, the mastermind is hiding in the dark, but he can do everything.”

Xiao Lis expression was a little strange.

There was disbelief, but more than that, there was reverence.

To capture 26 Scale-skinned Demons without making a sound was truly terrifying.

Humans had never done such a feat before.

One could only say that the mastermind was an expert.

At the meeting table, all the higher-ups felt their scalps go numb.

“If this expert is an ally, he is a huge help.

If he is an enemy, he is a nightmare for humans! He is probably a hundred times harder to deal with than the Son of the Netherworld.”

The higher-ups of the Southern Alliance came to an agreement and looked at each other.

“He managed to find the Scale-skinned Demons hiding in 26 cities at once.

He is not a devil like the Son of the netherworld.

As for why he did not show himself, it is quite strange.

Could it be that he is fighting with someone else”

“Or his target is the Winged Wolf King or the Demon Emperor”

“Are there really humans who can fight against these two emperor beasts without burning their lifespan”

“Thats impossible! The mastermind has not revealed himself for so long.

It makes me feel uneasy.”

“Should we search for him”

Hearing that, Xiao Li snorted coldly.

“I advise you not to do anything stupid! That experts strength is unfathomable! Judging from his current actions, he is at least friendly to the human side.

If we offend him, it will be a loss for Country Hua.

Lets wait for him to show himself.

The temper of an expert is still unknown, so dont act rashly.

“If I find out that any of you dare to act recklessly, Ill wipe out your family.

“Dont blame me for being ruthless.

This matter involves the future of the human race! Even if the higher-ups of Yan Jing came to play tricks, I would still kill them!”

Xiao Lis words made the group of higher-ups suddenly break out in a sweat.

For a moment, they were submissive and didnt dare to have ill intentions.

“Yes, Sir.” They answered seriously.

Xiao Li nodded with a faint smile.

At the same time, in the western wildernesss black fog, dozens of strange-looking demons gathered.

“The chess pieces our race painstakingly arranged were uprooted easily! Its a heavy loss…” The sinister voice made people shudder.

The voice came from a snake-like Scale-skinned Demon.

Its voice was restrained, but it was on the verge of fury.

“The concealment methods of our race can be said to be flawless.

Since the other party could accurately find every hidden one, they must have terrifying insight.”

“Thats right.

I saw the Emerald Lake Incident in Jiang City and the king-level Scale-skinned Demon incident.

It was all that guys doing!”

“When did the human side have such a powerful expert”

“We must report the recent situation in detail and dig him out! I must pull out his tendons, skin him, and dismember him into thousands of pieces!”

The leaders of the demons were shocked and furious.

They didnt expect the human race could produce such a terrifying expert even after the Heavenly Dao had been devoured.

“From all sources, that guy should be hiding in Jiang City.”

“Investigate! Send someone to investigate immediately!”

“Although the Heavenly Dao has been destroyed, that guy is likely to be a variable.

We must not let him live no matter what!”

The demons looked in the direction of Jiang City from afar.

Over there, Lin Qiye was like a mastermind controlling the world from behind the scenes.

He hid in the darkness, making it difficult for people to see his face and what his next move would be.

The morale of humans soared, and their confidence grew.

The demonic clan also restrained themselves and no longer sent their clansmen here to die.

The situation on the human side was bright.

It was as if they were about to enter a new era.

In the blink of an eye, another three months passed.

Lin Qiye, who was wholeheartedly training, had developed his unique talent to 80%.

“Ive finally entered the Incarnation Realm! If I get an SSS Grade, I can enter the Incarnation Realm in the main world! However, I dont have enough movement points.

I need to obtain a top-tier treasure and sell it in the main world.”

Lin Qiye nodded to himself and stood in the training room.

The power in his body circulated in his meridians, blood vessels, limbs, and bones.

“My current strength is enough to destroy a city with ease.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

The thunder surging in his body was huge.

It was comparable to Emerald Lake.

Of course, it was not the real fighting strength of the semi-god level as the suppression of the Empress Universes laws was too great.

Lin Qiye was like a mage now.

His combat strength was equivalent to a nuclear bomb.

He could be Godly by relying on his strength alone in the human camp.

However, his defense was still a little weak!

Therefore, Lin Qiye did not think that he was invincible.

After all, in the Empress Universe, it was too easy for a God to fall!

Moreover, Lin Qiye was only at the initial stage of the semi-god level, and his strength was not enough to crush his opponent.

Therefore, Lin Qiye did not relax.

“This world has already lost the protection of the Heavenly Dao, and the level of danger has risen sharply.

Even if one develops their talent to 100%, they could still be killed.

After all… The strength of the physical body is limited.

Humans cannot compete with demons in terms of physique.

A weak physical body has always been a disadvantage for humans.

Once one is attacked by a large number of God-level demons, even if ones realm is several levels higher, theres still a risk of death.”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

Of course, he could solve this fatal flaw because he had the Thunder God Aspect!

As long as he could develop it to 100%, he wouldnt have to worry about defense.

If the sculpture wasnt broken, his physical body would not sustain any damage!

However, his plans with the Thunder God Aspect had to be delayed a little.

At the current stage, Lin Qiyefocused on attacking.

He had to develop the Heavenly Thunder Annihilation to 90% and then use the enhancement card to increase it to 100%.

It was also to lay the foundation for the Thunder God Aspect.

After all, he would only have enough energy to support the Thunder God Aspects consumption when the power of thunder was sufficient.

“Next, I only need to train madly and develop my talent to 90%…”

Lin Qiye made his goal clear, and his fighting spirit rose.

However, in the next second, a notification sounded in his mind.

[Life Lantern Gem Notification: You are four years old.

You have passed six months safely, but an even bigger storm is brewing.]

[Because you have changed history several times, the demonic race and the Winged Wolf Tribe have decided to launch a final attack! They have reached an unprecedented consensus on immediately exterminating the human race.

Thus, the two races have joined forces!]

[Note: This time, the Winged Wolf Royal Familys genius crown prince has awakened from his four years of slumber.

He has reached a perfect consensus with the demonic race.

The two races have put aside their differences and launched a war of extermination against the human race.]

[The pillar of the human race, an SSS-Grade powerhouse, used his talent, Law of Speech, and gave up twenty years of his lifespan.

He risked his death and extended the human race by one year.

A year later, the human race was exterminated.]


Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

“Am I too heaven-defying It led to the collaboration of the Demon Emperor royal family and the Winged Wolf royal family.

They want to flatten the human race…”

Lin Qiye frowned deeply.

According to the original plot, the humans had two external enemies, the Demon Emperor and Winged Wolf Tribe.

Each of them alone could destroy the human race.

However, the battle between the two parties was obvious.

They hate each other even more than they resented humans.

However, Lin Qiye did not expect that because he changed history, the two sides joined forces.

His gaze became slightly solemn.

“Three months Its still difficult for me to crush them in three months…”


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