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How should he deal with it

Lin Qiye furrowed his brows, pinched his knuckles, and fell into a deep ponder.

He thought for a moment and obtained the public record of the Son of the Netherworld using his special authority from the Demon Hunter Forum.

“He once destroyed a city but was hunted down by the champions of Project Sky

“It seems that a majority of his main forces have been destroyed.”

“Many of the zombies were killed, and he disappeared without a trace.

Therefore, he should be used to relying on zombies to fight, and he wont act rashly.

This time, the purpose he went south was to find corpses and refine them.

“And the places with the most corpses are cemeteries and mass graves…

“If I were the Son of the Netherworld, I would definitely go to those places and secretly refine zombies.”

Lin Qiye put himself in the Son of the Netherworlds shoes to think about his possible actions.

“Ha… You want corpses, do you If you dont have corpses, can you still refine zombies” Lin Qiye suddenly sneered.

A thought arose in his heart.

“Since you need corpses to recruit zombies, Ill first destroy all the corpses in the vicinity of Jiang City! Without corpses, what can you do”

Lin Qiyes gaze burned.

Doing evil things

He will be worse than the villains.

If he did everything the Son of the Netherworld wanted to do in advance and left them with nothing, wouldnt that be enough

Lin Qiye thought of a solution.

And so, for the next few weeks, Lin Qiye took advantage of the time when his parents, uncles, and aunts went out to work.

He put on a mask and sneaked out of Jiang City, then spread his wings and flew like lightning outside the city.

With Jiang City as the center, Lin Qiye swept the corpses within a 300-mile radius.

Mass graves, cemeteries, and battle sites.

Lin Qiye visited all of them.

He didnt even let off the ancestral graves someone had visited recently.

He dug out all the corpses and used lightning to annihilate them into ashes.

He even sneaked into a few thousand-year tombs that had been protected and dug out the rotten remains inside.

He turned them into nothingness.

“If you feel offended, take revenge on the Son of the Netherworld!”

“If I dont take action in advance, youll become his slave puppets when that guy comes over.

At that time, all of your descendants will be victims.”

Lin Qiyes face was cold.

He whispered a few words and then disappeared without a trace.

His talent had reached 75%, and he sneaked into villages to dig graves again.

Therefore, three days after he had finished all the digging work, his actions were discovered by others.

“Not good! All the graves near Jiang City have been dug up!”

Within a few hours, all the residents soon found out that their ancestral graves had been dug up.

Curses flew everywhere, and even the Jiang City commander was alarmed.

The situation escalated.

The commanderwas stunned.

“How can this be Ive been patrolling the area recently.

Why didnt I find anything”

Cold sweat broke out on the commanders forehead.

How could he have known that Lin Qiye had super intuition Lin Qiye could perfectly avoid his detection and the patrol team!

It wasnt something that Jiang Citys commander could understand.

He felt his heart numb and immediately video-called his superior at the Southern Alliance.

“Sir, I… All the tombs within 300 miles of Jiang City have been dug up!”

“What!” Xiao Li, wearing a uniform, was stunned.

“Thats not right.

There arent many tombs in Jiang City.

Why would he target Jiang City Could it be that theres a thousand-year tomb near Jiang City”

Xiao Lis expression was solemn.

However, the commander felt a little awkward.

“I discovered that the corpses were all destroyed.

Furthermore, the surroundings cracked with lightning.

Lightning seems to be able to restrain zombies.

Based on this situation, I think an expert is sabotaging the plan of the Son of Netherworld.”

As he said this, the commander suddenly froze.

He realized that he had let the cat out of the bag.

Xiao Li, on the other hand, was keenly aware of the commanders subtle expression.

He roared andused the interrogation method.

His roar contained his supernatural talent.

“You seem to know this expert! Speak! I will be lenient if you confess!”

The commanders heart trembled.

“I… I do know him, but Ive never met him before.

The reason why I could kill the Scale-skinned Demon was that this mastermind was secretly commanding me.

He knows all of the Scale-skinned Demons actions…”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Lis brows were tightly knitted.

His heart was in turmoil.

“Theres such a mysterious expert If hes so powerful, why didnt he enter Project Sky Why didnt he show himself Is there some secret behind him”

“Xu Xiaoshuang! If we come into contact with this mysterious man again, we must recruit him.

Our country needs such an expert! We can give him any benefits he wants!”

Xiao Li reminded seriously.

The commander hurriedly nodded.

“Alright, monitor Jiang City properly.

Im also in charge of the overall situation here.

As long as the Son of the Netherworld appears, Ill immediately send reinforcements!

“However, you have to be extremely careful.

After all… the enemy has an SSS-Grade talent.

His talent is strange, and he is cunning.

I have no idea which city he will appear in! I can only wait for him to appear before sending reinforcements.”

“I will, Officer Xiao!”

On the other side, the Son of the Netherworld had already reached Jiang City.


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