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This incident would erupt when he was three years and three months old.

In other words, less than six months remain before the disaster.

Within six months, if Lin Qiye did not raise his strength to a certain level, he would not be able to defeat the Son of the Netherworld.

In fact, Lin Qiye might not even be able to defeat his zombie army.

After all, every Alp-level demon-hunting squad had been wiped out in three days.

Even the Jiang City commander was heavily injured!

Although he was only an S-Grade talent, his development rate had already exceeded 95%, and he was infected.

It meant that the Son of the Netherworlds development rate would at least exceed 90%.

It was already tough to deal with an SSS-Grade Awakened with a development rate of over 80%.

Furthermore, the Son of the Netherworld could control zombies.

Lin Qiye definitely wouldnt be able to hold him off! His talent development rate was only 60%.

Although he had a 10% Talent Quality Enhancement Card, using it at this time was a loss!

Lin Qiyes gaze burned.

“I must hurry up and train.”

He knew he couldnt use someone else this time.

He could only become stronger and fight against the Son of the Netherworld!

However, a thought flashed through Lin Qiyes mind before he started cultivating.

“Should I first deduce the position and identity of the Fated Empress to protect her in advance”

With this in mind, he silently activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“Deduce her identity for me!”

[This deduction involves the most important target of the Empress Universes Heavenly Dao.

It requires two million movement points.

Do you want to proceed]

Two million points… Lin Qiye was speechless.

He only had a total of 2.45 million movement points! Lin Qiye was definitely unwilling to empty his points.

After all, he would only have confidence if he had more movement points!

Therefore, he could not perform the deduction.

Otherwise, even if he found the Fated Empress, he could not guarantee that he would be able to protect her.

Moreover, the Fated Empress was protected by the Heavenly Dao.

She had her luck, so she should not die easily.

Furthermore, he had been defying the heavens and changing his fate.

To a certain extent, he could be considered to have indirectly protected her.

Hence, for the time being, Lin Qiye didnt need to worry about her safety.

Hence, Lin Qiye kept his thoughts to himself.

He buried his head in training!

In the first month, his talent development rate rose from 65% to 70%.

At this point, Lin Qiye could feel that the difficulty of developing his talent had increased significantly, especially for SSS-Grade talent.

Because of its high potential, it was six times more difficult to develop than an S-Grade talent and twelve times more difficult than A-grade talent.

Even if Lin Qiye had a cheat skill and his talent was outstanding, Heavenly Thunder Annihilations development rate had only increased from 70% to 75%.

It was the result of his training day and night madly and with the help of three million worth of Evolvement Crystal!

If it were anyone else, to develop 2% in two months would be a matter of gratitude to the heavens.

However, in Lin Qiyes view, it was still not enough!

“At this rate, if I want to reach an 80% development rate, Ill need at least another five months!” He let out a breath.

What he lacked the most was time.

If he couldnt reach 80% on time, then even if he used the 10% enhancement card, he wouldnt have the strength to contend against the Son of the Netherworld!

“But, do I really need to use the card” Lin Qiye shook his head.

The enhancement rate of that card was fixed at 10%.

If he used it now, his development rate would only increase to 85%.

It was still far from the Son of the Netherworld.

It would be useless.

And if Lin Qiye used it at 90%, he could rush to 100% and fly through the most challenging phase, saving five years of development time!

That way, it would be the most cost-effective and perfect usage.

After all, there were too many potential dangers in the Empress Universe.

Time had become the most precious resource.

From 90% to 100%, if he didnt use the card, it would take five to six years!

Lin Qiye didnt want to waste so much time.

Of course, another reason he had to use it at that time was that his intuition told him that in this world, there were many exquisite existences in talent ability.

For experts above SS-Grade, it was a new world when their talent development reached 100%.

Furthermore, there were many ways to use talents, and Lin Qiye had many blind spots.

For example, the Son of the Netherworld.

He could control zombies and spread the infected virus.

Compared to other Awakened ones, his ability was too strange.

Whether it was a human or a demon, they could be transformed into zombies and controlled by his ability.

The structure of a human and a demon was different.

How did the Son of the Netherworld manage to control both completely

Moreover, the Life Lantern Gem also mentioned that he had turned the entire Jiang City citizens into zombies.

Was it because of his terrifying spiritual power or his talent

His control ability was so exaggerated… It could be said to be heaven-defying.

One had to know that Jiang City had a population of ten million.

Ten million people had all turned into white-haired zombies, and there were even red-haired zombies.

Just thinking about that scene made him shudder.

In addition, the most threatening matter was that he could control a zombie army.

If he got hold of a God-level expert, would he be able to rely on a God-level army to kill an SSS-Grade Awakener

Those zombies did not know fatigue and were not afraid of death.

Lin Qiye frowned.

The danger was right before him, but his talent development rate had only reached 75%.

If he were to face the Son of the Netherworld head-on, he would definitely die!


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