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“I must find the location where the demon beasts and demons are hiding…” Lin Qiye frowned and muttered to himself.

After all, the Heart-seizing Spore Demon in Jiang City would spread throughout! It would kill all the 10 million citizens and cause the entire city to fall within a short month!

This disaster was classified as the alarming White Disaster.

Its level was second only to the Black Disaster!

Although Lin Qiye had the Life Lantern Gem to illuminate his fate and knew the danger ahead of time and could also use the Deduction of Creation to accurately calculate the time when the disaster happened to escape Jiang City… Escaping would not solve the root of the problem!

The reason was simple.

His main mission in this world was to save the Fated Empress.

At this stage, the Fated Empress was only about one year old and did not have any ability to protect herself.

If Lin Qiye did not escape with the Fated Empress, she would die tragically in this White Disaster.

Then, he would practically say goodbye to getting a high grade in this simulation.

Not to mention that he could not obtain S-grade, and Lin Qiye might not even reach an A-grade.

If Lin Qiye couldnt get an SSS grade on a simulation, it would become meaningless because he couldnt take any top-notch treasures back with him.

He might as well commit suicide!

As his thoughts came to this point, Lin Qiyes gaze was heavy as he quickly racked his brain.

‘I must find it! I cant keep hiding here and there.

Theres no such thing as a flawless plan in this world or an unsolvable problem.

As long as I put my heart into it, I can definitely solve this situation!

Lin Qiyes eyes sparkled.

According to his intuition, there would be a fatal disaster every three months.

There was no way to avoid it.

He must pluck out the roots!

“But how do I find it”

“Where is the Heart-seizing Spore Demon hiding”

Lin Qiye racked his brain.

Finally, he activated the Deduction of Genesis.

[This deduction will cost 500,000 movement points.

After consumption, there will be 1,710,000 points left.

Do you want to consume 500,000 movement points to carry out the deduction]

“I need to consume 500,000 movement points Am I clueless about this deduction Or does it involve more than one evil demon or demon beast”

Lin Qiye, who was already familiar with the mechanism of the Deduction of Genesis, immediately realized the problem.

He was required a huge amount of movement points by the Genesis of Deduction because there was something completely unknown hiding behind him.

“The consumption is too high.

I have to know more about it first, or I wont have enough movement points.”

Lin Qiye was cautious and conservative.

“The danger level of simulating in this world is not on the same level as my previous three lifetimes.

There will be more crises in the future.

Its best to keep the points.”

Lin Qiyes intuition told him to avoid squandering too many movement points!

Even if he had 2.21 million points, he had to use them sparingly.

After all, the difficulty level of this world was heaven-defyingly high.

Having spare points was the best way to deal with emergencies.

At this stage, the Heart-seizing Spore Demon would only appear three months later.

Lin Qiye had ample time to understand, guess, search, and research the few evil demons that might be hiding behind Jiang City.

After learning about them thoroughly, he could deduce and save hundreds of thousands of movement points!

With careful thought, Lin Qiye gave up on spending 500,000 movement points to use the Deduction of Genesis.

Instead, he tried to come up with an idea.

Suddenly, Lin Qiye had a flash of inspiration, and his eyes lit up.

“Could the Red Winged Wolf King have come out from the sewer There are millions of residents in Jiang City, and the citys main sewer can even allow trains to pass through.

The Winged Wolf King could totally enter the city through the sewer system!

“In other words, some demon beast has dug a tunnel underground.

It allowed the Red Winged Wolf King to enter the inner city and become the foundation for the invasion of the Heart-seizing Spore Demon!”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows and immediately began to search for all news related to the sewers in Jiang City.

He filtered out the wordsAccident,Demon Beast,Mutation,Bizarre,Casualties… and so on.

A series of news caught Lin Qiyes eyes.

[Two children threw firecrackers into the sewers, resulting in a methane explosion.

They died on the spot.]

After seeing the first article,Lin Qiye smiled, and his eyes quickly looked down.

[Shocking! A deformed rat crawled out of the western sewers.

Its nine tails were tangled together, and it had nine heads.]

Lin Qiye was curious.

He immediately clicked in to take a look.

The video was clear.

In the video, a one-meter-long hairless red-skinned rat lay on the ground.

Its nine heads tangled together, and pus kept flowing out of its joints.

Its nine tails were even wriggling like octopus tentacles.

It had no hair, and its body was red.

Green blood vessels bulged and squirmed, and eighteen scarlet rat eyes made ones scalp numb and shudder.

Fortunately, it didnt have the ability to spread a plague and was also weak.

It was burned into ashes by a fireball from an Awakened with fire ability.

“Its basically impossible for that mutated rat to dig a tunnel…”

Lin Qiyes gaze quickly landed on the next piece of news.

[The stray cats in the sewers have fallen into a semi-demonized state.

Theres a tragic case of peoples eyeballs being dug out and eaten.

The Jiang City guards have already organized people to hunt them down!]

“Demonized stray cats They have nothing to do with the Red Winged Wolf King and the Heart-seizing Spore Demon…”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

[Today, a White Head Church member sneaked into Jiang City and cast a demonized crocodile in the sewers.

The blue-robed priest and the demonized crocodile have already been killed!]


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